The Russian Indictments

The Mueller Investigation



Written Feb. 16 3:30pm EST


   Mueller under pressure from the deep state to find something on the Russian Collusion released indictments as he realized all is not what it seems. In the report you are told this organization was set up in 2014 with 1.25 million US dollars per month budget that employed over 100 operatives to create decisiveness in the election process only Hillary was known to attempt to run at that time. This was established when she demanded the Secretary of State position for 4 years to support Obama in 2008 and distance herself in 2012 as a platform for 2016. Trump did not declare his candidacy until June 16 2015 and no one thought he would win, especially you in the media.

   The point the Russians follow the same CIA script of creating dissention among all sides. They placed ads on Facebook and Google, infiltrated chat rooms pretending to be a voter with an opinion. They created rallies protesting and supporting various candidates as the goal was to make the democratic process suspect. This is common as the CIA used this same tactic with me on God Like Productions early in the 21st century when debating Nibiru aka the 12th planet.

   What did the Mueller investigation release? It stated the Russians pretended to be Americans so it does not involve those alleged meetings at Trump Tower. It states American contacts were unwitting, Thus did not know they were dealing with the Russians again no knowing of collusion. It stated the outcome of the election was not changed due to ads or processes put in place by this group. Hillary just plain lost. These are the facts. Did Russia try and cause dissention yes they always do. The 2016 election was no different from the past except that the deep state did not have control of Trump as they did with all others.

   What Mueller does not know, is that the Russians that carried this operation out was financed by the deep state with the approval of Putin as both work for the same one. The finances and tactics were only to go public if Trump won to discredit him. Again with Hillary put in place by the deep state ww3 was to be limited and sculpt global population in the Western world and crushing the third world for their land already divvied out. Trump on the other hand would completely crush the Russians and Chinese where the elite would lose their grip on the world population and banking systems. This is the current plan.

   Mueller wanting no part of this agenda that betrays this country released the truth and you the media now know also. Your bosses will tell you to continue the narrative attacking Trump with false collusion. You will try and corner him in to stating the Russian threat was real, he will say there was no collusion, which is true. And avoid informing the public that bringing a charge against someone who will never go to trial as all are innocent until proven guilty, the indictment is nothing but a ploy as a guilty plea will never come. Thus again you are innocent until your day in court which Mueller knew would never come. This was his plan and way out. To the media, your plan to bring experts to say there could be witting participants is a ruse, did Mueller state this. As for sanctions is there a guilty conviction or accusation that you base this on? I thought punishment is given with proof and conviction of a crime, which has not come. continue to pursue this and you will pay a severe price from the Almighty whether disclosure of your private past, just spiritual removal by the Author of life or even better financial links to those indicted Russians and the DNC finance committees. We will not lose souls as they are influenced by your twisted words of deceit. Heed the words as I am just a messenger.


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