Senate Bill S.1881



Written Jan 15


   You have been asked co sponsor, what is your motive in this Senate bill 1881 that the media with its limited coverage and American should know? This nation and others came to an agreement in Geneva late last year; do you not stand by your nation’s agreement to take affect shortly or is the Legislative body of this nation circumventing the executive branch? Any new sanctions would void the agreement and you senators know this.  Menendez have you been compromised and now lead others astray?

    The voice of the Almighty speaks to the world, “Do not be fooled by the actions of men and women given the right to lead your nations by your vote. Many serve another instead of the will of the people. You are being asked to look at their statements, not if, but when Israel attacks Iran a nuclear program in its infancy, this will create war to where this war shall affect your country and millions will die. This is the plan. All want solvency with Israel, but would you sacrifice your nation, your children, and your lives in a nuclear war to protect aggression on an assumption?”

   Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons made in the good old USA. Only a fool would attack hoping for one blow that would take out a nation. A primordial weapon would impact a small area if it can be delivered. A nuclear weapon in its crude form if developed would have been delivered by a plane for their missiles could not lift the weapon off the pad due to its weight nor would it have the accuracy. The best scientists made the initial weapon in the US in the forties. Look at the pictures and ask how long did it take to reduce the total mass of the bomb in order for it to be carried by a missile which Iran has limited capabilities and can be detected and shot out of the sky. You in the Senate Intelligence Committee have been told the US has real time satellites that can detect nuclear weapons on the ground from space including suitcase nukes. You say it can be incased in lead, but how would you lift the added weight? Any radioactive material can be detected from space as soon as it is on the ground. This is a fact. There is zero mission success against Israel and yet you are will to go to war if their leaders decide to attack to eliminate a foe for “other reasons”. Do you really think the Bear and the Dragon will stand idly by? Does not China need oil and you just took out its strategic supply. What would be the collateral results? Ask, if the US was attacked would Israel if offered survival, risk there nation in a no win situation for this nation? Nuclear war for any reason is a no win solution.

   Your vote considered or excised on this issue will affect the future of our nation, for if war starts in the Middle East due to your lack of understanding of the ripple effect, then you may bear the responsibility for the loss of life and souls. You never let another country dictate when or if we go to war and this goes for the House. Vote for it and consider you have crossed the line as your best interest is for another and not the consequences that may affect this great nation.

   Examine your conscience instead of politics and for once do what is best for this nation. This is why you were elected. This is about country. For once stand up for this country and know that this agreement may or will compromise our nation’s security. A plan has been laid senators who answer to another will you follow?


To the American People look at what your senator has put forth for a vote without consulting you.


Research Library of Congress



Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 (Placed on Calendar Senate - PCS)





These are the words written by a Senator, need I say more?


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