Same Sex Decision in the Supreme Court



Written & Updated Mar 27


   Again we are at the crossroads, as children in the spiritual realm contemplating the rights others who want freedom to choose; marry another of the same sex. So  this has stirred society to the point, it has risen to the Supreme Court of the United States, as if this group has power over the laws of God. Children in the family have testified, but know no difference as this is home. Exactly how do you think immature members of society would think when influence by others that control their lives? Comparisons made to interracial marriages of a man and woman in love, but this was hatred of race by men, not the laws of God. Not my daughter is going to married a Black or Chicano. This is popular, so is sleeping with under age women and boys does this make it right; don't lie about your nasty secret thoughts? I wonder; why Bangkok and Santo Domingo are so popular with men? Honey our firm is having our corporate strategy meeting in Thailand, stay home not much to see there except poverty. Its cheap that is why the company is booking it, yeah right.

   Civilizations have been destroyed by the fact of homosexuality, and now you, His creation choose to promote a new law to His children as a civil right. You have free will to choose your fate, but you do not have the right to change what is acceptable in the eyes of the Almighty. Marriage is a Holy Sacrament of the Almighty that binds a man and a woman until death on this earth. Do not blame this on how you where born as many have feelings towards the same sex at some point in your early lives as they learn occurs. This is natural, but most grow out of it quickly as a fleeting thought without acting on it, donít lie to your selves. Those who are weak succumb to the temptation; yes I said it for all men and women sin.

   All of you have love for another, brothers, sisters, friends, but they donít sleep with each other as an expression of love. Where is your restraint? Where is your self decency? Is that titillating feeling worth destroying your soul, which you will soon know exists during the warning? The Almighty speaks, ďMake no mistake justices, side with this and you will for surely see My wrath personally and then the nation. It is better you fear men than your God, the Almighty as your decision will influence millions of souls towards the dark side. I am the Law and My commandments where given to you by Moses.  The Commandments, which were written in stone, shall not change for all of eternity, only to be obeyed. It is my Son you will judge you, not your court of laws.Ē

   With free will you have a choice. It will not be acceptable that others approve of a way of life that promotes sin that influences your choice. The group mentality does not make it right as history has taught you. It is better to stay silent than agree to that which is against the laws of the Almighty. This was founded on the separation of church and state. This stands now, so justices do not make the mistake and conform. What you don't know is that key people have been told to change their opinions or else. Some have been compromised. A sudden shift in the opinion of conservative positions over the years, now change in a matter of months, why? They all magically have compassion for gay marriage as an important agenda when our country is in ruins? The key point when have democrats and republicans agreed on anything, but now they do? There is a grand plan that you cannot see now, but it is there.

   The Bible states love one another, but it does not promote fornication between same sex partners as this love. Each and every one of you seems to discount the Bible as out dated, does not change with the times. This was by design as the will of the Almighty is just, firm and forever. Love is between a man and a woman as dictated by God and mankind does not dictate the rules. How quickly you forget aids, the bath houses, exploitation of the pages, jail house sexual releases, forced incest among family members as a warning to all. The act of intercourse is an expression of love between a man and a woman where under the sacrament of marriage they become one flesh and the birth of a child is a gift, make a choice. No matter how you spin in the media, it is against God. Promote it and you are with them, stay silent as a choice.

   All of you have been granted time to make a true choice. As savvy you know when the public shift to one side the contrary opinion is right. This is you rule. The market is being inflated as to allow the rich to divest, but you will see it as a new opportunity. Whether the cowards announce the truth is not important, when you see with your own that which you have suspected all along, it will be too late. The object that will change all life on earth will present. Those still in control will present those acceptable to the elite to fool the public, credentials all back each other, but none were there to advise you a decade earlier and most will follow like sheep. There little comparisons to the Bible and Revelations for this book, is the Truth. Time is short as when decisions are firm, justice will be delivered. Again this is not a threat, but a promise. You better hope enough prayers were said to save your sorry asses



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