The Saudi Connection




Written Apr 25                               


   If you have no interest in what is called a conspiracy theory although is the Truth than read no further as I will not waste your time.


   In the early times of the Grant Chronicles (well over a decade ago) you were told that has transpired with 911, a tragedy for this nation is not what you perceive. To this nation a bunch of box cutting Saudis took over 4 planes and destroyed the Twin Towers and crashed into the Pentagon as if they could fly an airliner with a few flying lessons. So what is the truth?

   The Bush Administration was put in place by voter fraud in the Florida election by Jeb as the state police protecting the movement of votes before counting got lost and many votes were later found in the swamps, check it. Paper punch holes not aligned with the candidates, chaffs disqualifying others. This is known. A state predicted to go for Gore by the networks were told not to call a winner, as if there was new something. Papa Bush as head of the CIA was well aware of the earth changes coming and relied on a date proposed from a particular site and contact. So winning the presidency was a must for the family. The greed was unprecedented as the gold in Fort Knox was replaced with duplicates of a similar plated density metal, audit the vault, but you wonít. The goal was to control the Iraqi oil fields so the false flag event was planned with the Israelis and the Saudis were to provide the fall guys.

   You doubt it, as always all of you are denial. There is proof. Check the absentee records of the Bond firms for the Jewish traders at the top of the World Trade Center that day to the norm. Check the transfer of gold out of the vaults at the base of the Center just before the attack. Check the short trading and put options in place just days before the attack and the firms and traders who placed them. You will find a common theme.

   You now say this does not back a conspiracy. Many of you took pictures of the World Trade Center and caught that many of the steel beams were cut at 45 degree angles that were still erect 90 degrees to the horizon. Why was the steel gathered and not tested for thermite and just the focus on fragmentary body parts? Why was a Bush family member put in charge of security of the World Trade Center before the attack? What about the witnesses who heard explosions in the sub basement before the plane hit? Congress heard their testimony, but never acted on it.

   The earth changes will change humanity and the face of the earth beyond all reason and your leaders all know, but donít have the guts to tell you, cowards. The false flag event of 911 was about money. It was a call to war as agents of the terrorists groups allegedly brought down the twin towers and another not even hit with debris and the Pentagon. Analyze the attack. Bush was inept reading a book to preschoolers and did not move when told. Three planes were allowed to proceed to target with no interception. The fourth plane was shot down over Pa. by the orders rogue to the Administration. The story that passengers overcame the assailants and the plane crashed was a cover story. This is the Truth.

   The Bush Administration went to the Saudis to provide about 25 men for a test concerning airport security on four planes. They were told no more. The men boarded the planes and were given box cutters to test scanners. They thought nothing of it as they passed through. There was a certain group in the military loyal to Cheney enforced by Rumsfeld made sure the interceptors were unarmed. This will not happen again unless the current Head of the Joint Chiefs is eliminated by the new world order. Radar picked up the planes without transponders as their direction, altitude was known. They were allowed to hit the targets. Cell phones blocked except for the few that would not give details.

   You ask if the Saudis did not fly the plane, who did? All of you are familiar with the drone program and how the military releases technology decades after being in service. They were controlled remotely and piloted into their targets. Did the Bush Administration betray this nation, yes? Will this be released, yes shortly and during the Warning? It is here the State Department, Congress, the Bush and Obama Administration for continuing the cover up will pay a price.

   The Saudis are pissed that America is allowing them to be the fall guy. Obama who has finally been given the Truth will veto the law suit to the dismay of the media and the families who lost loved ones. The 28 pages reveal nothing that pertains to events that transpired. To do this would reveal to the nation our own brought down the towers.  So what is the point of this knowledge?

   So America you rallied around an Administration who wanted control of the oil fields and the earth changes would cover their tracks. The false flag killed about 3 thousand of those they vowed to protect. Thousands more died in Iraq to hold the fields. Trillions of your money was wasted and now you have a deficit. Oh and their friends on Wall Street blew up the mortgage market and your hold strategy dropped your investment to 40 cents on the dollar. They lied, killed your loved ones in a useless war, foreclosed on your homes, destroyed jobs and your retirement and you still believe your politicians are working for you as so many go to jail around you. For every one caught there are 10 in hiding. Your leaders are inept and will not protect you shortly unless changes are made.

   Putin and the Chinese have been flexing their muscles. Fly bys, incursions into nations, island advanced bases, North Korean subs with sea launched missiles and they all preach peace. This is the key. The leaders in EU that push for peace as the Russians build up in the Ukraine are your traitors. The US is prepping for this and will send a token force as NATO continues to leach. With a collusion of delays in response to a border incursion with NATO countries that they know is coming as ten leaders of the EU are part of the new world order. This is what is meant by the ten headed beast in Revelations.

   Putin will call for peace as he builds on the Ukraine border being the world to the brink. He will withdraw some as an olive branch and all will preach peace to the world to their relief, but it is a lie.  Many armored divisions minus personal are already in place hidden in the Ukraine who you think is their enemy. The staff needed to drive the mechanized army will be seen as regular foot soldiers of no threat. When NATO pulls back by design it will be the Americans that will take the brunt of the attack. It will sudden and without provocation. They will die like heroes protecting the EU who are traitors. This will allow the Russians to advance quickly into old Eastern Europe. At that point a nuclear strike is out of the question and the Russian are counting on this. This is why world leaders do not want Trump as he may strike strategically as the citizens in those eastern countries are seen as traitors to the Russian Empire. Thus to protect the fall of Europe and delaying the plans of the new world order, the option is to hit the Ukraine minutes after they cross the border. You can worry about a hundred thousand civilians that will be slaughtered anyway except for the good looking woman and children to please the Russian army or save Europe. Then let the CIA eliminate the traitor leaders. This is the plan that will shock the world.

   Your leaders will hesitate upon a launch of nuclear weapons as they have been told to stand down and millions in this nation will die. The problem you face is that they will. As you have been warned so many times you are dealing with satan incarnated as a man who has no mercy for the children of God. What is so sad is that they picked and agreed by certain leaders in this nation as acceptable losses. The targets are many and I will give 3 Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Diego some nuked, some invaded.

    Again you ask why those cities? Atlanta gets rid of the unofficial capital of black minorities. Philly is psychological as the birth place of the nation, but gives the perception that the anti missile system protected DC and New York. San Diego is overrun as an entry point to the West Coast and destroys our naval base joined by forces coming from Nicaragua. Many of your politicians have agreed to this and their part in the new world order. We need a general to stop this. Will anyone step up?


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