Justice Scalia




Written Feb 14


   The political fabric, friends and family mourn the loss of a Supreme Court Justice. Already they are talking of his replacement as his body was still warm. A system so corrupt as it has changed the voting process in America, yet only the astute sees this as a major threat you the common man choice to choose his or hersí future.

   The Republicans are now showing you how divided this nation is as the want to withhold the nomination of a new justice. Now according to the law of the nation written in the Constitution, the president is given the right to choose the next justice within his term. The people voted for Obama for a full term with all powers. There is no cut off point, because you think you will win an election. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to life as Scalia is now in front of Jesus being judged on his actions during that affected millions good or bad as you do not know the secrets of his life, but only see his public facade. This is the Truth.

   You as an opposing party now want to stack the deck. You are saying that the people of the United States who voted for a president of a term 4 years will not be respected under any circumstances. You appointed yourselves as the only voice to choose who affects the Supreme Court with little regard of the votes that put the president of the United States, voted by the people shall be cast aside. Looking back in history this is one of the pre steps of removing power from the people as if they know what is right for you, be careful.

   You say how the abortion will prevail, yet you, the conservatives who have an edge of representation on the Supreme Court have not with your conservative advantage chosen to repeal Roe vs. Wade. Why is that? I ask all evangelical Christians, what have they done for you, except give lip service? It was the Supreme Court that passed Citizens United thus nullifying the voice of the people with hundreds of millions from Super Pacs. This is just a glimpse of the corruption of a selected few within the Supreme Court and the Almighty has called home one, thus bringing a balance.

  This is just a glimpse of the corruption hidden within the Supreme Court as money now controls the voting system through PACS on mansí or womenís decisions seems as just  part of a process that has an affect on the direction of this country. The choice is let the democratic process proceed if not remember it is the Almighty that controls life; let Him not equalize the situation again. The Conspiracy Theories are just that, non sense as the Illuminati fears that God controls their lives instead of the one who they worship. This will accelerate. This is your choice.  


Update on the Bushes 2/15


   W came out today Monday or yesterday for Jeb stating his aide informed him of the second World Trade tower falling. He was told when the first tower fell. Really a leader that continued to read to children in a crisis and you call this the person better than Gore. A leader who in his judgment felt the world trade tower attack not worthy of cutting short a child reading and this is leadership you proclaim Jeb.  Jeb you are right about one thing you made sure Gore did not lead this nation as your state removed votes to turn the election, but covered the chain of command to where it leads nowhere. Be fearful as I have asked the Almighty to go after those involve, reveal the truth or face Ö  Loyalty will go so far in the games you have played in the past as you will be held accountable for your brothers action with personal and family disgrace.

   For the media look past the layers and you will find who controlled renovations at the World Trade Center before 911 and the alleged Thermite placement on support beams revealed in certain photos after with there similar angular cut in the wreckage. Ask how did 7 World trade center collapse with out being stuck by serious debris. If so why did it not fall at an angle, but drop like explosive demolition? Again after the first tower was hit why was not the plane taken out to save thousands over the lives of a few, twice? Cheney gave orders to stand down and you say your brother was in charge? Jeb you call this leadership? Again you forget I was there against your bother in the past as I am against you. Your brother did not lead this nation Cheney and Rove did. Letís remind the world how your brotherís administration tried to plant WMD and many soldiers in West German hospitals came down with radioactive poisoning as the delivered package without knowledge of the contents, but removed, check the records or more important ask the families. Their greed wanted the Middle Eastern oil before the false passage of Niribu, which its visibility in 2016 along with the Blue Star will catch the present administration off guard as they think they have more time. Then you in the media will realize, you have picked the wrong side. This is what you face.


The Clintons


   As Black America seeks to move forward, consider what did the Clintons for the Black Caucus and you when Bill was president? He played the Sax and others. Meetings and promises did occur and were made, which did not pan out over 8 years. Now you rally behind Hillary who will or may be indicted by the FBI and you know it. You are so pathetic. She offered nothing to you. Was a cabinet position mentioned, no and you are so scared none of you brought it up. And you call your selves leaders? The Truth will set you free, believe in it.


Bernie Advice


   You have prayed to the Almighty for advice in South Carolina. The Black Community is hands on. They do not know you, so how can a commercial ask for a vote. Stop and rethink your strategy.  You have strength with the Whites as they have been following you from Iowa. The Blacks deal with trust and word of mouth. Change comes slowly and this is how the Clintons use them. Call churches to set up a focal point, a gathering. A simple local barbeque and local music will go a long way. It is all about the people and you start by creating jobs during your campaign. Cover a geographical area in sectors and bring your campaign into select multi church locations and deliver your message of the Truth. They will recognize it for what it is. You have a week.


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