Nursing Home Scandal



Written Feb. 25 5 pm EST

   Today the NY State Assembly asked questions related to the nursing home scandal during a budget meeting with Dr. Howard Zucker, NY State Commissioner of Health. His key points related to the scandal were that, the nursing home staff was responsible for spreading Covid as asymptomatic in the homes, as it was already there. And it was the science, that backed the choice to place Covid infected patients back to the nursing homes, since it was already there. So was this an incompetent decision to back Cuomo’s March 25 executive order under the guise to increase hospital space to move infected patients back to nursing homes?

   You were told here months ago, that the staff of nursing homes were afraid to go to work, because of the returning Covid patients before Cuomo order was in place, which was not public knowledge at the time. You were told the Federal Government was paying Covid bonuses to hospitals and nursing homes, so there could be a profit incentive for some owners and administrators. Rumors from hospital staff in Elmhurst that patients without severe signs were being put on ventilators, as it paid more to the hospitals. Did the hospitals and homes collude to maximize profits? That is up to you to investigate that potential fraud and waste of taxpayer money.

   The science states, once you get Covid, you quarantine. There was no justification, to place infected Covid patients into a home, which the virus could explode, and it did. The Javits Center beds and Hospital ship were almost empty, as this is where they should have been sent due to science protocol in place, and still is in place today. You twisted science to fit your agenda, but it has backfired. This is not, what is practiced in a lock down, now in place. You closed restaurants on an if, but you sent infected into a home? So why were they moved? Nursing Homes and Hospitals are hemorrhaging losses and to divert patients away to government run sites is a huge loss in revenue. Was there pressure on Cuomo from the industry to push the executive order? No one is speaking.

   Cuomo is smart and the last thing a person would do is return infected into homes where the weak and vulnerable are housed without hepa air filtration systems and not quarantined with the proper PPP like the Javits center had. When the numbers came in, as the nursing homes took there time reporting the true numbers related to death, he may have been caught off guard, we hope. As a politician and vain you could report it and own it or bury it as need to know. He choose the latter and never expected a leak.

   Today Dr. Zucker lied, as if returning added infected would not affect an increase in infection rate and he calls himself a doctor. Random contact when being fed or bathed, the constant coughing into the air and the patients were not wearing masks. Open the door and the draft carries infected particles and adheres to surfaces for days. Any your answer is no increase of infection? Were the nursing scrubbing down every hour, no, labor costs. Even if one only died, it was one too many.

   He also lied about nursing home immunity, as he spun the questions towards the worker, but is hiding the fact, the law was to protect the assets of the owners and investors who could face law suits, if a potential scandal emerges, which it has. They hope it stops with just Cuomo, being thrown under the bus.

   What about the policy of how deaths are counted? They followed the same policy the US Military used in the Iraqi war. Not that the policy was correct. Once the patient is in the air from Iraq, on the way to a Military Hospital in Germany, they are not counted as war dead if they die, check it.

   Cuomo is the fall guy and has to accept some blame, as he did not see this coming, riding high on praise. Some see this as a prime opportunity for revenge under the guise of a scandal, be careful. It is not worth it. Follow the money and press Dr. Zucker on why he signed off, and you will find the true culprits, and the, “Why” behind this scandal. The nursing homes were infected by design, as the numbers and cover-up do not lie, like your leaders.

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