Your Scientists will Lie

Unusual Coastal High Tide Flooding



Written Jun 23 2am EST


   Global Warming has now affected this country and the effects can no longer be denied. What is unusual is that high tides are causing coastal flooding in city streets. Scientists will explain the rise of ocean levels to global warming as temperature rises in the ocean. Your first question is why the sudden rise without a distinct rise in air temperature. The ocean temperature rises slowly over time, but tides are rising measured in feet in certain areas. The rise in ocean temperatures does not match the rise in sea level. So what is going on?

   Many of your scientists are under a gag order enforced by death as to not reveal the truth of the upcoming pole shift. Nibiru is now within 25 million miles of earth hidden in the glow of our sun. The east coast of the United States is losing support as the Atlantic expands and the coastline is losing elevation, check it. Coupled with earth wobble, the oceans as the Great Lakes are sloshing causing unusual high tides when in sync. This will shortly become extreme and the key will be unsold expensive coastal property as a clue. The rich are fleeing. Your cities will be death traps and migration limited to specific areas as Clinton, Bush and Obama made little effort to prepare for your survival as all know what is coming. This is why Michele pushed starting gardens. This is what you face.

   As this nation celebrates gay pride remember The Almighty loves all souls, but expects all to follow His Laws and Commandments. Again I would heed this; He destroyed 2 cities for homosexuality & abortion and now will crush New York with an earthquake as a lesson along with the New Madrid Fault. You have time to change, but you won’t as you listen to another. This world would lose almost every soul if it continues on the same path. A warning is meant to change the behavior as no one listens until they are in jeopardy of losing their earthly life.


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