Season of Change





Written Dec. 14 2am EST


   As The Christmas season approaches, many in the United States will shortly succumb to fear as events in the world suddenly change from the quiet before the storm to destruction. Letís reflect on the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is why we celebrate Christmas as He died for your sins. As for the Jews I would not double down on your first mistake. The antichrist has plans for Israel after the Warning that will make Hitler look like a sane man as we all know he was a ruthless tyrant that orchestrated the slaughter of millions.

   You were given an ancient set of rules to guide your lives, but the dark one has influenced this nation and the rest of the world to the point sin is now ok, humanism. Now the pope is on board allowing divorce couples in adultery to receive Communion without serious repentance and consideration to the hurt of the family left. Children do forgive, and then Jesus does. Donít ask, donít tell in the priesthood is going to allow gays. How dare you, false prophet change the Laws of God. Revelations told you of these times and that few would be left when Jesus comes. Again only when your physical life is threatened due to life choices, you will consider your soul and cry out for God. Again so it shall be. As we, the Army of Light will do all that is necessary to save souls for Jesus despite the massive loss of physical life.

   You listen to womanís rights that may choose a kill a living child of God through abortion. This is murder, as if your arrogant race with limited intelligence of the universe can comprehend that which is life. The soul invisible to your science, but exists, attaches at the point of conception to form a symbolic relationship with the physical human brain stem once it grows from the initial cell. All of you have heard the saying that two becomes one flesh; the one flesh is your child. You have been told this, but choose to ignore. You promote same sex as this is an abomination in the eyes of God and all love comes from him. It is not the Almightyís love that you promote, but a lust love carefully masked by the dark one.

   All that has its source in evil will be sweep from the earth. The sad part is that many innocents and victims souls will perish with them. Prepare as the world after Dec. 22 will feel the Wrath of God. You left little choice as the physical flesh must be cleansed and most will refuse, so it will be destroyed and for some, their souls saved.


Technical Brief


   With Niribu closing the distance between earth, the magnetic pulses directed towards earth emanate from the Sun and Niribu north poles this will change in late December to being emitted from the south poles of both objects. Constant rocking assaulting earth from one direction now shifts towards another, the plates will fracture and earthquakes will crush this earth with intensity and frequency rising quickly. Why because Niribu is below the ecliptic and its south pole is pointed towards earth due to the magnetic repulsive force from the our sun. Another site will lead you to believe Niribuís North Pole is pointed towards us. If it aligns with the Sunís magnetic field only when it rises above the ecliptic then the north pole of Niribu will be pushed away and pointed towards earth. Then the world will know your government leaders and scientists have lied to you. They knew since the 50ís, but the timeline was unknown as it is today. Remember the point of change is Jan. 20. The media agreed to muzzle the story in order to save their own asses, but will be just worker slaves in the work camps they think offer protection and food.

   Social services and welfare will end as there will be a greater need. You will be told go to neighbors, family, friends or the church, but the cupboard will be bare. Those of you that rely on the government subsidies are f..ked. Housing will be destroyed especially along coast lines due to tidal waves or tsunamis and your safety now the walls of tents. Your own will turn on you as the culture you taught is to get over will crush you. They will rape children in front of your eyes, old ladies just shot for fun. Many men will run and abandon the family structure. Now what for women as they will attach to anyone, who will take them? No makeup or hair products and you will smell. Food shortages will reduce many to a skeletal frame, good luck with that look. Did you not think your lifestyles would come back to haunt the many? It will start in the minority areas first, then spread to whites that have no options. The way of the strong survives will fail as there is always another group more prepared until in fighting reduces the players to a few. Prayer can change or lessen this. After the Warning none of you in government will have a voice of authority to the people of this nation, they will be with us or with you under the control of the antichrist. This is the Truth.


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