Seized Papers



Written Aug. 29 10:45 pm EST


   Over the past few years, I expected you to learn with the many examples of the Truth given to you by the Hand of God. I am just a messenger, but the Deliverer. I see few of you have learned little to anything. In my absence over the Summer, as I visited the lair of False Prophet in Italy, who was no where to be found. A cardinal walked by completely oblivious to the death that was hidden around them, but security was spot on like a shadow, as I posed no physical threat. Moving on.

   Most of you in the media seem to think, you have covered all angles regarding the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, but few are close to the truth. Yes, some in the media are correct there was a mis-justice, as Hillary who definitely violated the storage of classified material laws on her personal sever, then destroyed the evidence. Podesta gave the order to give Hillary deniability. This would be like Trump burning all the papers stored at Mar-a-Lago and get his chief of staff to do it. Plus, he had the right to declassify all that was at his home before he left office, but did not, why? All is not what it seems.

   All in the media knows Trump does not read the daily briefings, but skims it. And you think, he knew what was on the those papers stored in Florida? Lies circulated that names working undercover were on those papers that would compromise security. So what idiot would give a list of names to Trump that are meaningless? Trump did not pack those boxes, but someone else who knew government protocol did. Trump could care less of what was in the stored boxes, as he doesn’t read them or cares. This is a fact. Remember that you stated it many times, Rachel, Don, Brian and Chris. Words have consequences leading to dismissal. The sad part, you know this. This is why Trump never responded to letters, that is for his staff to take care of, but they did not by design. You were told, he could be part of the plan, beware. Good politician versus bad politician and you are the fool. We will see as this unfolds.

   You ask, classified and secret material that could put our nation at risk, really. What was in those documents for the most part, were transcription between foreign leaders and Trump talking about Covid restrictions, the possibility of energy shortages in Europe and the Chinese threat. All marked secret as the information would embarrass world leaders, but not threaten our security. The Democratic party feared a release of these documents and used the FBI to get them back. The Elite, new world order allowed this to proceed, as they knew this would further divide this nation. As this is the true goal. Not to prevent Trump from running again. I told you, the seeds planted are deep and if Trump is returned, valid or not, the nation could descend into civil war or at least a racial war. This is the wanted result.

   Take off your blinders, Biden or those who control him, gave the orders to the DOJ to allow the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago, hoping this would translate to votes in November as the obvious motive. The House is loss as it stands now, but the hope is to keep the Senate continues. Thus shutting down any investigation into the Hunter-Big Guy influence peddling scheme.

   Those in leadership are on board both Republicans and Democrats, as Biden has promised not to run and retire like Fauci. Pelosi as of now is in the process that Kamala gets passed over for any reason. Plus the Administration may declare martial law just after Thanksgiving before the New Madrid Fault breaks, thus locking out a Trump return out. They are now ready to reveal truth in order to stay in power, as the least of two evils. The cities can destroy themselves in a wave of crime, as they will die anyway. Troops will protect the suburbs. This is how they care about you and have written off the coastal cities. This is how, they expect you to die. This is the current plan after the Nov. elections, all by design.

   Few in power will speak or they disappear. The hope is broken bridges and roads, that will limit migration and dare not expect a Republican dominated rural landscape to welcome with your soft city hands with the hatred you have spewed. Money will mean nothing, but your fine women will, as they abandon you. Heed This.


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