The Sequester

A Simple Explanation Piercing the Cloud of Deceit


Written Feb 25


   You have sent representatives who are suppose to rise above partisan commitments and stand for your rights. You have sent them to represent your vote and opinions to congressional branch of this government. You have sent them because they are familiar with the jargon and laws of this nation and by oath are suppose to do what is right for America. So what is the media and your elected officials leaving out in simple words that all can understand? Letís tell the truth.

   The sequester was proposed by White House Economic Council Director in response to the threats of the republicans who refused to raise the debt ceiling unless measures were taken to offset this in the future. The sequester which both Obama and Boehner agreed to reluctantly was a fail safe that cut will be in place in case the democrats did nothing. But it was not eitherís plan to put in place a series of cuts so severe that both parties would be forced to the brink. The goal was to negotiate in good faith to reduce the deficit or else. This was a tool the republicans wanted to force the democrats to get serious. Now the dark side has emerged as those aligned with the new world order are told to hold, such weak men. Those that are still American instead of global are resisting, but the pressure mounts on both sides of the isle. MAKE NO MISTAKE BOTH PARTIES HAVE BEEN INFECTED.

   Now you in Congress think Americans are just a bunch tax paying fools. To all that thinks these words are false look up the Budget Control Act of 2011 to see who lies. In any house where the debts are on the rise, no home discounts added revenue with spending cuts. You would work overtime for the family; you find new sources of money while cutting spending for the family. This is what a family does. This is what the American family should do. This is what you need to deliver to Congress by your vote. As they think America is something other than A FAMILY. There has come a time where some that represent you, truly represents another. This is not Europe, as austerity there has collapsed nations.  We need not follow that failed example. Do not be fooled by talk, agreement in media panels as they are getting fed what to say and then get paid. You on the other hand are losing your jobs. Think about it.

   Remember each and every one that talks about the debts your children will pay back because of the extreme spending in geriatrics. This never will happen as days are numbered and it is the fed that is stealing your hard earned tax dollars through crisis after crisis planned to separate you and your money. This is the anger they fear in Washington as many who are suppose to work for this nation work for the new world order. If finances collapse as the pole shift devastates the earth as the wrath of God, then why are they plunging our nation into turmoil on purpose?


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