The Shadow Agenda



Written June 11

Update July 9


   Some of you who are astute and the many working with the antichrist, for many without knowledge, in secret are being paid handsomely, cannot see the world falling under the control of one man who is presently unknown to the general population. So you follow orders and chuckle as you see no harm to this world or governments. Just collusion between separate countries all bound with a common cause, power and profit. So subtle are the moves, few of you see them for what they truly are, as these plans have been in place for centuries, carefully thought out by the dark one, the creator of lies and deceit. With the mortgage crisis crushing the financial sectors of the world, the push for austerity in EU countries, escalation of the war in Syria with the single goal to ensnare many nations, so what is next?

   With floods, crop failures, wild swings in weather, discontent will spread through the more stable elite European countries while the governments of Portugal, Spain then Italy implode due to civil unrest. This is why the beast rises in the 10 European countries in the near future. With the assistance of Russian troops, order will be restored and the dominant faith, Catholicism replaced by a pale replica dismissing Jesus. Some will ask how shall this entrap the United States? Remember how you were told that the Truth hidden from the world shall be known, but there is a plan, so devious it could only come from satan himself.

   The present goal which is constantly revised is to render the political leadership of this nation impotent. First destroy the Democrats with the help of the Republicans, scandals and media, and then turn on them. Many of the atrocities created by man were influence by the prince of evil as he knows all that is hidden, which was placed and maintained so many of your leaders and celebrities, in power would remain over decades. These secrets are now being revealed as an invasion of rights on one hand and treason on the other. Ask yourself why would someone go public knowing the threat to not just themselves, but family and friends?

   Were real secrets revealed or just the standard protocol to leak what is already known within the inner circles, which you thought was just another conspiracy theory. With the Guardian and Post contacted, the CIA would have traced all reporters and their destinations looking for a meeting. Registered under his name in Hong Kong, this is just too easy. As with Lazar, he was allowed to talk and have access knowing it would get to the press pointing scientists in the wrong direction for advanced technology. The American and media ran with it and the politicians shouted treason, thus planting a large seed we have been lied too and they do not have our best interest.

   These leaks are organized although it does not seem like it now, all were arranged through the shadow government you the educated refused to believe exists as the NSA is now reeling expecting heads to roll as fear sets in with no scapegoats to point to, were blindsided. What the NSA does not realize is that they are fed what they think is all access, but all internet companies are owned by proxy by one organization, the NWO controlled by one entity. So this information is already known and stored as proprietary.

   It was said we, the NSA as in humans did not listen to the conversations of Americans. They spoke the truth, which is twisted, but a computer did record, stored all and did not listen. Why not be prepared with available information with a certain set of key strokes instead of playing by the rules. This is the advantage of the powerful until caught, then bait and switch, blame towards the politicians as few see the tentacles of the NWO in place now for decades in this country.

   These tactics will herd public opinion against Obama and Hillary as scandal after scandal is released as if independent champions of society have come bravely forward. Do not believe the façade. The key here is to influence the brave independent whistle blower waiting to come forward and leak and then let the full weight of the law prosecute them as a lesson to others, while those who arranged approved leaks get famous and seem in some cases to disappear in an accident as a cover.

   The same republicans looking to point fingers with their canned media responses to destroy careers will now find after they accomplished their task, scandal will appear on their front door. With war brewing in the Middle East a political system riddled with corruption and deceit, coupled with disasters (cause still hidden from the general public when known will change your lives) and an economy in decline a man of hope will step up and you the citizens of the world will anoint him as a relief to the status quo of wars, financial depression and lies. Once you freely give up your sovereignty, change will occur slowly at first and the people of this nation shall be crushed, if you and the media fall for the plan. Look, connect the dots instead of sitting in apathy as nothing can change. The game has changed and you are the pawns, please make a move.

   Your morals have been destroyed, faith in God replaced with new age spiritualism as if yoga and mediation can bring you peace. Exactly who are you communicating with, as it is not God. Self expression, self enlightenment, self ascension, it is all about you. You have been told of these days and that most of mankind will be lost for when they learn of their mistakes it will be too late. This must change, all you need to do is put this information in the back of your head and watch the world like a child, where the influence of others does not pollute your true thoughts.

   There will come a time when the fools follow the antichrist, but it does not need to be all. Save your families, save yourselves, but more in important save your soul, which you will soon find out, exists at the warning. Let no man take what is yours from God away from you, blessed with a world void of hate, fear and despair, in its place love. No man!


Update July 9


    As events in this world quickly moves forward, the NSA leaks, which most of you have thought was the work of one man, now some of you realize he works for the New World Order. The Bear holds the power to enforce this and it is here refuge was given. Passport revoked, but travels between countries as a hero and the CIA which sees all could not take him out, really. Watch for an arranged death, but a body double in place that can not be identified is the current plan, although now that you know? The NSA spies on the EU and you find this shocking, fools as there is much more to come.

   The New World Order will control the world for this is written and the antichrist is its hidden leader until revealed. This is a fact. You see that Syria is unstable, now Egypt all of this was fore told. Shortly Israel and Iran will join in the war which seems to have separate agendas, but all have a common link. So what do you do as citizens of the world to take control of your destiny?

    You know these wars were arranged as the parties on both sides to their disbelief are funded and supported by the same source. Both are supplied almost equally. Both have an agenda, but see the other side as uncompromising, wake up, this is why you are power. You are pawns in an elite chess game to control the world. To the leaders of Egypt, they laugh at you and only care about the money they save by using the Suez Canal. In their meetings of smoke filled rooms in the UK, they call you stupid sand ni..ers unworthy of the knowledge they stole (I mean bought) from your library in Alexandria, burnt to the ground to hide the theft by the Romans and Greeks. And you think the world cares as if really your nation could gather 20 millions signatures to justify the actions of murder. This fools no one. If or more so when war breaks out it is your families that will die, is this what you want? Stop, think and move forward as a people for once instead of being herded by the rhetoric of the media. Stand up for your nation with out listening to the war drums.

   Your nation is the second step as Syria has basically fallen into war with Iran and Israel soon to follow. If the world is brought to the brink it is the Middle East that will be nuked first and all of you will die and suffer. This will not be like Japan with 2 cities hit, but the entire area. Life for the Moslem world will come to an abrupt end.

   Do you not see the hand writing on the wall? You were used. The United States, Russia and Canada through technology will have the world largest oil reserves. You will have little if the Shift never comes. But, do not count on it.

   Now all of you in Iran, Egypt, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations have been told, that if you join a common enemy will be destroyed. This is true for it is written that Israel will fall under the antichrist. Israel has been told the opposite as all western nations will stand by her. This is false, as the antichrist when given control of this nation, and will try to destroy God’s chosen race, where Hitler will look like a boy scout in the annals of history.

   All of you will see this unfold, but you do not have to accept the new world leader as your new hope. The wars are arranged, all that you despair in your country was planned to break you down to accept another. It is not about convincing all, but the few, the brave, enough to slow the process. Millions will be saved.

   You cannot change that which must happen, but you can be smart and not fall for the media and the hype. The media is controlled by the Rothschilds’ and almost all world corporations. Trust your gut, trust God. This mission started where few on this earth would graduate to the next level, but presently that number is above 7 billion. Jesus has stated He wants not one soul to be loss, to be fooled, to be deceived. This is the mission. This is what He wants. For us to bring home, at any cost, above any obstacle, for the love of the human race all souls on this world. Children of God are you with me?


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