A Short Glimpse

Into your Future



Written Jul. 20 1am EST

Update Jul 26 11:59 pm EST


   In these End Times polarization is in place. The great rains, floods, pestilence and locust plagues have started, yet few notice. Persecution of Christians in plain sight and the worship of satan with child sacrifice and rape occurring right before your eyes by stars, political leaders and clergy, but many dismiss this as conspiracy theories. It is this, along with out of control sin, that will bring this world to its knees.

   We are told of signs in the skies, but they will subtle as to not frighten the weak. Rogue high tides will wash inshore with little or no warning. Sunrise and sunset times will start to slow in change of shorter days and seem to come to a pause only to be notice by the general public in the fall. Your warning to great change will be when many bridges across the Mississippi, not just a few, start to fail, close for repair or collapse in the end, know a tsunami will scour over the UK from Wales to the Channel. The bounce back wave will wash miles inland along the East Coast of the United States. Millions will perish on both sides of the pond.

   Just know, all of your leaders know this (Trump is muzzled). This will happen before the elections wiping out much of the Democratic base. Race riots will break out as minorities and liberals fleeing the gangs and chaos of the cities is met with the backlash the media stirred up when they try to move inland.

   Seismic activity from late August on will be on the up tick with quakes constantly occurring at shallow depths less than 10 miles. Crete, Central America and Japan will be crushed along with our New Madrid fault. This is just the start, and your leaders could not even handle riots and Covid-19. Just know the Warning is right around the corner, and they (NWO) are planting the virus in public places just like they put Covid-19 patients in nursing homes by design in America. As you are none the wiser.

   A new request of mind has been granted by the Almighty. All that have received cosmetic surgery that are not children of God, will see their features degrade over a short time. It starts now 7/21/2020 1am EST. All is not what it seems.

Update Jul. 26 11:59 pm EST

   Much has been made about Portland and now Chicago. You have been told, that a race war will occur by design. This is written in the Bible. Did you not see armed minorities march and their counter parts mostly absent? This will change.  Lightfoot does not have a clue, but she speaks with authority. Hundreds are shot under her command, and nothing has changed in Chicago in decades. Can you, mayor control the deaths of children dying? No. Lightfoot, do you hear the words you are saying as the nation watches? You spout as a loyal Democrat, Trump will not bring in his storm troopers as Nancy quotes. Just know as a patsy, when things get out of control, the next Democrat, will throw you under the bus.

   For once step back as a person, and look at you city through the eyes you serve. To lead, and not solve the problem, is a Democratic curse. The truth, Cummings, Obama, Lewis, Jesse, the Rev changed nothing in 50 years, since King got Congress to secure voting rights. The sad part, most do no have a clue, as what is good for them as they listen and trust the media controlled by dark forces. All fold when hearing the word Hope. Obama promised change, yet racism hidden for decades, was released by the by media stirring the pot. Enough of the lies.

   In that your city is immoral, most leaders corrupt, and a sinful city, it has been targeted for destruction by quakes, when the New Madrid fault splits. The Almighty will cleanse your city, since you Lightfoot, choose to do nothing to change the plight of the common man. Is that not your job, to serve? This is on you, and as you know I do not bluff. There is time to change.


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