Shutdown 2013

US Government Default


Written Oct 1, 2013 12am

Update Oct 8


   You in Congress have failed to heed the Words of the Almighty as if you control this world. In the eyes of those in the universe, most of you are seen as arrogant children. Power to control life and death on this planet through your military mighty and financial strangle holds or so you think. Think back when 3rd world countries were pushed into debt and the World Bank made them slaves to interest rates as they sold off all resources, wakeup. As only the messenger, you have been told not to hurt this nation and Godís children under the protection of Mary, but you laugh. Most of you lie to the American people as this is about controlling Obama care as if I can not read your thoughts a gift of the Almighty. I am speaking to the American people; look at how your Congressmen want to revoke the healthcare of those who work for them. If they turn on their own staff, what will they do to you? It is not about the money, but it is about control.

   Boehner, you and Mitch were given orders to stop the health care, but even you two canít be that stupid. The goal is to undermine the financial stability of this nation by those pulling your strings. Just a little time to force change is what you have been told, but the damage is done. Ask yourselves, exactly who is that powerful that both of you listen without seeing? All of you parrot the same words, but none of you knows the source. Even 1 minute in default will affect the credit rating of this nation. And you think I can not see this. You can lie to America, you can lie to the President, but you cannot lie to me. Fix this, fix this now or as the destruction of the NWO bunker areas in Colorado on a small limited scale was granted and it struck fear in the respondents as will you experience later. Look back as you were told in advance. Do not let appearances presented by the CIA in closed door meetings influence you that the impact of my words can be dismissed as you are being given time and that time is up. The Almighty gives life and takes it according to His Divine will and no man needs to question. Know this He is Almighty and His power is absolute. As human you see the lost of loved ones, so does the Almighty but they are with Him with a love greater than any human could give.

   There is a greater picture and few loved ones would choose to return to earth after seeing the other side. Your home the Capitol Building will be hit with a minor earth earthquake as the District of Columbia shakes delivered by the Almighty with most damage on the Congressional house side while in session and minor damage in DC. Oh yes, you will fear God as you wet yourselves, pray that the news edits your panic. A word for the minority, I mean scapegoats that pushed this default. This will come home as an example for the world to see, because this was your choice. It is your family that will question you when all around them is in peril. Are you going to lie to them also?

   I have asked for no deaths only to send a message, but this could change according to your arrogance as it is in His hands. Now push a bill to fund this government as a compromise instead of threat, because if not. It is not about threat of rhetoric you spout, but a lesson that will be delivered by the Almighty. Take that chance or let this nation move forward so that all of Godís children participate, enough of the games.


Update Oct 3


   The situation in this nation has come to a point where the people you govern may lose faith in you to lead this nation, but the financial stability is in pearl. The need to eliminate health care is just a cover as you have suspected all along. Cruz who has been compromised leads blindly as the goal is to stall and you know I speak the Truth. Many of you in Congress have been given the gift of discernment by the Almighty so that you can see through the deceit that befalls this nation. I ask you to use it.

   I call out to you representative Peter Thomas King to finish what you started and save this nation from the fools in your party who are pushing an agenda that supports the NWO although many do not know what they are doing. An independent faction can change the stalemate as the minority forced this. Remember leaders are picked by their actions. Leaders are ahead of the curve. It is you job to represent what is good for this country. It is your job to represent the people who voted for you. It is your job to stand up for democracy and let no group, no matter who they are, that is in the minority decree change to this nation. Is so, we have shifted to a dictatorship where the will of the few influence all. Is this what you want? Am I alone out here fighting for this nation? Since when has this become a vote along party lines no matter what is the goal? All of you were sent to Congress to improve this country and now health care which is law is worth crashing the economy and pushing many families who live day to day out of work?

   In your souls, you know something is wrong and you acted on it, but changed when confronted, why? Where there threats, removal of public backing, a shut off from Republican National Committee funds, because I know you know something sinister has blocked your path. You have a choice, stand up for this nation or roll over and we will choose another.

   I told you the primary goal is to destroy the financial stability of this nation where many will look for new leadership. The earth changes will heighten the awareness of all. You lied to this nation over decades and now you offer a solution. Few will trust the government as again this is the secondary goal. Nothing you say will calm the people, because you are dysfunctional by design. This is how the new leader will be given the reigns of this nation by the choice of the people. Can you not see this? I ask again, where are the leaders or do I have to walk this narrow path alone among cowards?


Update Oct 8


   Boehner, I have told you many times and those that follow the dark side will never suppress the children of God although it may seem so, but you have mere days to make a final choice, yes heaven or hell. Oh, I am a child of God so I say, please grant me favor. Those words hold only if your Irish faith is true. You fool no one as the interest rates subjected to the American people will be permanent due to a default yet to come. The Fed controls interest rates and imposes this rate upon banks, but this is a private group, thus you are increasing their rate of profit under an engineered turmoil. This was the goal, do you blind man not see this? It is not about Obama care as this nation will see all interest rates rise on your inaction. Is this what you want? Are you, that much of a pawn to behave in the likes of Cruz? Where is your backbone to stand up for America? There is nothing, the new world order can offer you that surpass the power of the Almighty. This is your last chance before we caste you aside, as a nation may fall. Then you will have to beg for mercy from Jesus as all hell breaks loose on earth.


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