A Sign of Peace

International Control of Sarin Gas  




Written Sept 9


   As the world is offered a sign of peace, what is behind this latest action and proposal to the world by Russia, thus an immediate acceptance by Syria? The covert goal in Syria was to provoke a Western strike leading to unrest and escalating to the point that the world would be dragged into the conflict and thus brought to the brink, East vs. West. This was the plan and still is, but the dark side expected the United States to jump at the “this” opportunity when WMD was used and proof was obtained through redundancy. Knowing Obama will not go it alone and Congress would not authorize, a strike a new approach is being taken. This is what you are up against.

   You have been told the dark one is responsible for all negative thoughts and this can be removed from certain people of power for a short term defeat to present a long term win. So it was enacted. Within the power structures of Russia with the deceit of the dark one removed (the demon like spiritual suggestions to the conscience as if the ideas were your own) now leaders of the Kremlin have a clear picture as the spirit of God is not covered by a veil takes hold, when Kerry offered an option he thought this is an option that would never be considered, pride and arrogance consumed his soul. Why not, politician, as you are dealing with the master of all lies who has deceived this world. All of you who want this strike are working for the enemy as you suspect all is not right. Pretending to do the right thing under the guise of deceit is not your loophole, but it will be your responsibility for all souls that is lost, just like those that created this.

   Empathy for the Syrian people flowed through from Putin and the Russian government as one. This action to change a flash point in this world was and still is true. The dark one sees this as an opportunity as the fragile trust cementing all players could easily be smashed plunging the world into a deeper, darker abyss. This is the plan of the dark side now.

   If accepted as the Obama Administration will use this to slip out of a certain defeat in Congress on the hill. Obama in so many crafted words has said he will not go it along against the American public or without Congress. Now almost all of you know how this could this progress?

   Syria and Russia presently will give up all sites on paper to prevent US or International strikes, but this could change and the dark side has other plans to double cross not only those who work for them, but the West. In the confusion to relocate sarin gas stores, because of what is seen as an emanate US strike, launch systems and chemical stores have been relocated into “sensitive areas”, in the confusion created and anticipated, a significant portion has been stolen and hidden as the Russian offer was known to be coming.

   Here as the world watches, detection of outside sources of sarin gas provided by a Western nation is not needed when the risk of detection is so high. If the world chooses peace, Syria will give up all sites slowly to antagonize the West and build mistrust as they are following orders, but no proof as they are complying. With Russia now infused with the dark side again, that was absent at the initial decision, makes the Bear and Syria vulnerable to world opinion.

   Let’s move quickly to the Moslem world as this ploy was to influence them. The olive branch was initiated by the Moslem world backed by the power of Russia. This peace movement will be allowed to move forward instead of aggression, but the rebels seeing their chance to involve the world slip away will not settle. The hundreds of thousands that died as the West undercounted (lied) to down play the severity of this Middle Eastern conflict. For family, for the death of our brothers and sisters, for our homeland, Syria these words will ring out around the nation, thus inspiring all to action. Rouge units that have sarin gas will release it to point the finger of blame to Assad and the Russians.

   This time America and the world will feel betrayed and strike in anger as the point, pushed by the media. We have been deceived in the face of peace. No you were herded into a point where you would be seen as justified to strike. This is the goal as you were used. Know that the dark one is the source of anger and hate. This is the key if you as the human race are to learn.

   The Mid East will blow up through one plan or another and only by the grace of God through prayers of the faithful has this plan been slowed. Be thankful, as if the chastisements were to occur as planned on you heathens, you would not recognized your world and few of your loved ones would be alive. As I have said before, everyday it is here in America is another blessed day.

   Again this is a modified plan in place for the dark as it stands today, but may morph due to these words. All I ask is to watch and look beyond the façade to who benefits.


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