Signs of the End Times



Written Oct. 16 11:59 pm EST


   You were told, there would be Signs from God where your corrupt world, is going to undergo a severe total cleansing. That time is now, but few are listening. As foretold in the Bible, even the elect will be fooled. Now as the election looms in the very near future, you focus on, where you were pointed to look and debate, 2 men. It is about dividing a nation, shedding its military defenses by design, crush it in debt, as social programs have few sources of tax revenue. No matter who wins, their will be the same scapegoat of millions and you donít even see this. The new world order has tighten its grip on the US media and their bought & paid for politicians. They lie.

   Evidence has shown Hillary paid for and created the link to Russian interference. Yet you roll your eyes. It is known that Hunter collected millions in Moscow, Ukraine, and China, but instead of following the money, you state Putin pulls the strings of Trump. Now you have to be really stupid, if the Biden family, one or more received millions and almost 2 billion from the Chinese, why would they back Trump? They wouldnít, in any scheme you point the finger of blame to your opponent. Ask, why would big tech monopolies invoke censorship knowing they would get caught? That move makes no sense. All is not what it seems. The Almighty let you see, but you, His children are so blind.

   Covid was an act of God, but those who answer to another, continue to spread it, by design. You ask how, an infected diaper wipe on one side non permeable barrier on the other, applied to certain parts of the exit door of an establishment. Your body blocks the view from others following or the host. It spreads, the key the CDC traces people instead of examining the location for traces. A single source of contaminants left on a surfaces would be absorbed by a few. Sneeze or cough, all would move away. Once underway, then pick anyone as the source. It is about control and herding opinions. Fear of Covid brings you to your knees. Fear of death, that is no greater than any other disease, it has destroyed your economy. It is about dividing this nation. The elite use this as a tool to rid the earth of undesirables. As both sides fight, you the common man lose income, homes, autos and opportunity. Businesses have closed. Churches are closed. Wake up, there is no quick rebound. People die in car crashes, do you stop driving?

   You hear hope in change. The rich will be taxed. Corporations will pay their fair share. We will shift to green energy. Reality, the rich will move or create tax shelters. Corporations will down size and many employees will be kicked to the curb. The market will tank, as many public companies fail to meet their quarterly numbers. The present energy corporations will lay off millions and we will be taxed to retrain them and unemployment. Worse, they will pass the cost of tax increases on to the consumer or go out of business. Inflation roars back. Added overseas competition will gain market share, as our corporation are burden with high taxes and regulation, thus can not compete. Your 401s will be toast. And you call this help and leadership for the American people? You are blind.

   The Almighty will reveal your dirty secrets to all, cherish your place in power, as all that is rotten shall fall. Biden will not reach the Inauguration stage if he wins, as his health and the election is in Godís Hands. Many signs are given, few are heeded.

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