Political Snap Shot





Written Nov. 14 11:59pm EST


   The embattled Alabama candidate is a pivot point for the balance of the Senate. With power, the dark side excises its control upon the helpless soul. In the case of Moore, he is being allowed to be exposed as to solidify his orientation. Pressure mounts from all sides. He makes choices to protect himself while spouting he is a Christian. As a true believer he knows God forgives all, but you have to admit your sins. He has not. The point, the general public hears the phrase God, but it is the sexual exploits of a man that diminishes God, which has no connection to him. This is the true goal with Moore. Many claim, but few behave as one of His children. Did he did creep after young girls as they were easy prey, this is up to a court of mankind’s law, but it is their word against his. Just like the predators that stand outside of women’s prisons when they are released.

   You will not use the Almighty’s name and your tepid belief to continue your pursuit of power. This is affecting the Lord’s faithful with filth. You know you preyed on the weak as many now in Congress. The Almighty knows your deepest thoughts and perverted desires. Yes you are the example, but will not be the last. I have asked the Almighty to expose all who condemn for their personal gain, first in Government and then in Corporate. Both men and women that did gave in, is making hard those who said no.

   Sexual predators exist every where, fathers on their daughters and sometimes sons. Predators in corporate America as women and again some men are offered a fast tract to advancement while those with integrity leave. In the media it is rampant now that the can of worms has been released, many will fall, fear this. What is little understood, almost 50% of men are guilty of some type of harassment against women in some form. But 10 percent of women give in to advance their careers or the hope of love in the wrong circumstance. Both are a problem.

   Moore will fail and ask why now the leaks come forward? It is the Illuminati behind this as to crush the Republican Senate as long as Trump is in power, if Pence replaces him as is the plan, this will cease.

   Many are wondering about Flynn. Was he approached by the Turkish government, yes? As their leader is part of the Illuminati and he was set up. Why would you offer Flynn 15 million dollars and then reveal it? When they could have removed a cleric by any mercenary for 100 grand and he would be gone. The conversation did take place without advanced knowledge by Flynn. This was turned down and so is not a crime, yet the media would have you believe otherwise. Yes it was unethical, but none of you in power would have revealed the meeting unless pressed. This is business as usual. This is the deceit of your media.


Update Nov. 15 11:59pm EST


   The media is now focusing on a yearbook and lawyers are calling for the hand writing to be examined on what seems to be Moore's comments to solidify a relationship of a weak teenage girl as solace. Moore allegedly banged hundreds in his day as this was a pattern and only a few have come forward. The mall does not ban a person without reason. The clue here is to examine the age of the page and see if the ink matches with all signatures as those who want comments in their yearbooks have a pen. If not, judge the age of the evaporation of the ink to match the timeline an if the insert was forced on her page. The stakes are high and deceit in the media is rampant.


Update Nov. 17 11:15am EST


   I told you that the revelations of sex scandals now popular in the media as courage for the weak comes only in groups. Not one came forward during the attack subjecting thousands to the same experience over centuries. I told you these events would come home and roost for many Democrats and Republicans that will be caught in this net. Al Franken is one of the first and many more will follow. Al stated, "he is disgusted with himself". Really, the picture tells the truth with a smile. He is disgusted in only that he got caught. Heed this members of Congress many of you will fall especially with the page boys. We are bringing it up a notch. You preach to America about your morals, but it is just lies. As for me I have sinned as all men and women do don't lie, sex is a lure that few can resist when it is thrown in your face, but I have been forgiven with years of penance and prayer and with my mission against the antichrist for the Almighty pushes me forward. Others now in the news had no few offers so they took it by force, because of power and money. No human is perfect and it happens again and again, but never lose focus on the Creator and His Son Jesus. This is the Truth.


Update Nov. 18 2:45am EST


    To the media, you have been told not to taint the public and now CNN has many woman that have accused the president of misconduct. He was not a politician and in some cases he was wrong and they told the truth. But you have sitting presidents like Bush groping. We have Bill Clinton putting is dick in the mouth of a 20 year old intern in the oval office and cumming on her skirt as he did not care where it dripped in his organism, because she would not swallow. We have Kennedy banging Monroe in the White House and when she bitches, and then she is dead. Your politicians have always abused women and now in the End Times the Truth is being revealed as both the Democratic and Republican parties since this country's founding are guilty. Since you want to play this game many more sexual secrets will be reveal and now some in the media will fall. You made your bed  and now you will have to sleep in it.


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