Political Snap Shot




Written Jan. 3 3AM EST


   The US support in Iran for the protesters is only words coming from the Trump Administration. Food prices rising due to drought in the region and oil prices to consumption in China and subsidies for North Korea will continue to affect the general population. Shortly your oil fields in Iran will face a geological upheaval never before seen on earth during the past millennium. They will rupture your pipelines and precious rigs cutting your government flow of cash to a trickle. This is what they fear, not the protests.

   As for this government who would meddle in the politics of Iran from those in power in that country, the answer is none. Covert operations to contain Iran as a nuclear power were surprise by the spontaneous revolts. All is not what it seems. An opportunity surfaced as the population now distressed has reached the tipping point due to oppression. Only then did all jump on board as the media made it safe for the usual political cowards take credit. The Ayatollah owns this. Yes the youth were influenced by Western ideals by design from the new world order and there is no answer as your Moslem faith does not put food on the table or address social media. This is the Truth. Your religion is a pawn for war in the Middle East by the dark one, own this.

   The current goal of the nwo is to allow division to accelerate in the Middle East causing polarization between both sides where there only 2 sides and no peace. When revolution occurs, inspired by the dark one, the carnage will be shown to the world to discredit the West as most nations will do nothing to stop it. When thousands die the world will take notice out of shame, make short term changes to save face. This is their current plan.

   Romney is nwo, and will win Senator Hatch’s seat in Utah. This is by design, as Hatch was told to resign for a new purpose. As an old man, he walked upon the threat. The established GOP hopes that Romney will bring stability to the party, but the underlying agenda is to bring a solid candidate to oppose Trump in the primaries in 2020 incase Biden runs. This is the plan.

   California, your leaders have defied the laws of this nation under the guise of helping illegal immigrants when you fail to support those who elected you to stand up for their rights. Charity starts at home. The media spouts they pay taxes. Really, the many undocumented that work off the books for construction, produce farms, as nannies, and that is just the beginning. Dozens living in a single home that crush school systems based on property taxes for a family of 4. Health care subsidized by tax payer funds and you the Democrats think this is fair and more important sustainable?

   You current system will die shortly. I have asked the Almighty to make California an example for all. Since none of you realize the wrath of the Almighty with the wild fires, it will be brought to a new level. The innocent will die, but their souls saved. Wild fires will expand; drought and floods will wash away hillside communities on a new level.  when YOU’RE hearts harden, Quakes will crush California and bring it to its knees. This is a promise.

   Moving to illegals, most get paid under 30k per year and get a refund. They really only pay sales tax, as this is what the Democratic Party means. If you examine property taxes that support the school system it is based on a normal family with two children, not a immigrant home with over 20 in the residence to pay the rent or mortgage, and half are children. The average cost of education per child is above 8k and the property tax 15k on average. Six to above 12 children per residence bankrupts the system along with free health care. There is no contribution for illegal immigration except greed for those coming here to exploit the system and corporations exploiting the workers. This is the Truth. We are getting screwed on both sides, and the media narrative is a lie.

   When the first quakes come to California, there will be an immediate migration of high tech and military complex out of the state as they have been warned, but not you. This tax revenue loss will crush the dependant Ca. treasury, which will go bankrupt soon after the disasters.

   Moving to Baltimore as an example as you were told, your disrespect for the police will come back to haunt you. As the police stand back as you requested, the murder rate rises as this was your choice and you with many other inner cities will face no support during the disasters, as this is on you.


Update Jan. 3 6:15pm EST


   Many are asking why the Bannon bombshell was not part of the investigation, but released in a book? Many were privy to the content months ago, yet it is now going public. The statement treasonous is subjective from Bannon as what was said and carried out from this meeting is vague and shrouded with mystery. Could have Donald Jr. and Kushner be looking to capitalize on the power of the Trump presidency as most subordinates of all previous administrations did? Yes. Would they have betrayed this country, no as they are not new world order and that what makes them so dangerous to the status quo. Both were acting on their own interests as Trump did not need to know. Deals in your government are made all the time for when the political life is over. This is a fact.

   Those responsible for raping this government will shortly be prosecuted quietly as knowledge of the truth would destroy the fabric of our political and media system, only an impeachment and a Pence Administration will stop this. This is the primary reason most of your power players who took the blood oath of the Illuminati want him out.

   Many high profile ions will fall in disgrace while others just disappear. Your world will spin into chaos when Niribu appears in the sky with its many moons. Fear this, as the time of the dark one is now here.

   Some ask; why do I, keep referring to the new world order and the Illuminati? These shadow groups control your world through, power, finance and bribery and will eliminate any one that is in their way. Secrecy is their friend and like the devil, most refuse to believe they exist. You again ask; why am I alive? The answer, I am protected by God the Father Almighty and His Angels.

   The Masons had a mission, centuries ago to build this nation and protect religious, which was God sent. Over time with power, that power became absolute and corrupted into what you see today a stranglehold over the general population based on money, energy and food, the new world order. They answer no longer to God, but another and this is why, they shall fall. Mankind was given the chance to change and it has only got worse. It is not about accepting all, but it is about accepting what is right. You were told the End Times were about polarization that which right and just and what many see as right through mankind’s eyes as right, which the Almighty considers wrong. Your world will now be cleansed. YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO CHANGE.


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