Political Snap Shot




Written Jan. 5 7 pm EST

Update Jan. 7 1 am EST


   As the Sunday shows progressed, we hear how the killing of a general labeled an assassination. We killed a terrorist. Your leaders do have a clue. If it wasn’t for Soleimani, Assad would not be in power, and 20 million Syrians would not be refugees and hundreds of thousand dead, a true human tragedy. Countless American soldiers killed under his command. Your answer under the previous administration, was to hand Iran 150 billion to fund terror and buy more centrifuges from the EU, and that was what they revealed. They destroyed Saudi oil fields on his command. And the answers we hear, why now, and why were we not consulted? You were not consulted, because you leak.

   The general gave a rare opportunity, as he was so sure his location could not be traced, due to secret talks to deliver a death blow to the US embassy in Iraq. Travel route was known by intel, an opportunity to be taken out without civilian collateral damage, present a very short window of opportunity, not because Trump wants to deflect impeachment, that has not been sent to the Senate.

    You are not that smart Warren and would have blown this opportunity as you consult with those who only seek power instead of decision that takes courage, and this is why you will fail in your Presidential bid. The Iran nuclear deal was abandoned, because classified space based neutrino detectors discovered enriched pockets of Uranium well above the dictates of the treaty, hidden in deep underground bunkers outside of view of UN inspectors. You are not a need to know. They were cheating, and still are. As they thought small amount could never be found. This is the reason, they have abandon the treaty, which was already broke. The sad part, members of the EU knew also, but continues to play the game in the media.

   Wars go on forever when just soldiers dies. When you eliminate those at the top, many start to distrust leadership, and the leadership runs and hides, as the cowards they are. This is plan. Warren as you whine again on Jake Tapper, you offer no vision. War with Iran is not a threat, they would be destroyed, but you look past the major enemies and treat them like friends talking peace when they prepare for war. You are a fool.

   A warning to all Democrats when you face Trump, you will have to explain why over a 150 million people have to give up their company paid health insurance, and then charge them a fee to support Medicaid for all. Are they going to be compensated for the lost of that benefit? Corporations will pay, but pass the cost onto consumers with higher prices. Drug prices capped, then there will be artificially created shortages. Medicaid for all only works in hospitals that can achieve a certain volume of patients, what about rural communities? Layoffs rampant in the drug industry, and you will have changed nothing. You be forced to redo our infrastructure as bridges fall and roads buckle.

   You have done nothing to protect the general population from the effects of the pole shift (climate change), and most that will die, many before the election, will be in the coastal cities. The finger of blame will point to you, as the deep state and many on both sides in government have muzzled Trump. When the public finds out the removal of Trump was coordinated, as to shut down all official information on the coming pole shift, they will erupt. Then finally they realize you want them to die, the primary goal of the new world order, reducing the population of earth by removing useless eaters. They will allow global population to shrink by any means necessary to near 500 million. You do the math. And ancestry kits such the popular rage, will give them all the info they need to pick genetically desirable women between 14 and 26. You ask how will they find them? That is easy with facial recognition, and I phones that trace your every step, plus your social media profile. They will be snatched off the streets going on now, those who are wrong will be sold to the sex trade. You set yourselves up by design and do not even realize. Watch as this unfolds before your disbelieving eyes.


Update Jan. 7 1 am EST


   As events in the Middle East increase volatility, you need to look at the Democratic leadership. Hundreds of our soldiers killed, and you fear the reprisal of a third world force. The Russians and Chinese are not ready to invoke WW3 as they need the cover of the pole shift, which is just starting final phases. Iran will get no support from the east, and are on their own. They will think, it is the absence of Soleimani, but Iran is being played for its oil. That is all. They are criminals and exploit a weakness in your American politician minds, as they hide behind Muslims that pose no risk, but you refuse to see this. So Bernie and Warren you think, when the say death to America, this may be a sign of peace if we try harder? You are idiots. The goal of their faith is to convert all in the world, and you seem to think making concessions will slow their plan. So you think diplomacy will calm the scenes now occurring in Tehran? If you were in power, and Americans were attacked, just know they would not stand down, empowering more, just like that 150 billion dollars Obama sent on the down low, until caught. Warren how much low income housing could have been built with that? I do not see you bring up that narrative.

   Let make this very clear to the clerics, Soleimani is in hell. He served satan as do most of your radicals. You were told that shall not kill, but you do as you think you represent Allah. Kill a Christian or Jew as that is the true faith, you create fear as the weak covert and answer to satan, but your minds are so clouded. The present and only pope francis represents satan and he is the head of the church established by Jesus to destroy it, as this was foretold in the Bible. I called out my own, can you? Your religion is no different, and all that is rotten shall fall.

   Many ask why Iranian cultural sites may be targeted, yet the deep state pushed back to the media release? The Iranian Military as the cowards they are, hide behind women and children as shields. Many military communication centers and weapon storage depots have been placed below cultural centers and mosques. When or if they are hit, the underground centers will be exposed for what they are. The Nuclear site will be hit with several super bombs that destroyed the caves in Afghanistan. Fear this. As for Trump, yes your refineries will be targeted, but also the wells in certain fields you run tankers of crude to Turkey, along with certain sections of pipeline hard to repair, due to terrain. Please hit our embassy or a tanker and you reap what you sow.

   Do you know the damage an elite force would do to your civilian areas as masked as terrorist, like you do? You do not want to go there? You will never see them. I say screw you, and those are kind words. Troops can leave Iraq proper, but the American embassy is America in Iraq, and all troops can stay there. Close the embassy and your nation will fall, as the wrath of Allah wipes clean the surface of your nation.

   Take heed as Australia will continue to burn and Indonesia sinks. This is a fact. You will join them. Again America with the destruction they unleash, will look like mercy for what the Almighty has granted for me to invoke upon your land. All evil will be wiped from the face of the earth. For what the common man sees as right is wrong, and that which is seen as wrong is right. There is one God in Trinity, God the Father Almighty (aka Allah), Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit, who incarnated Muhammad spirit into the body of a man. This is the time of satan until the point Jesus returns. This is written.


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