Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 9 2am EST

   So Trump spoke last night addressing the nation about our Southern Border. We heard this is a manufactured crisis, but that has existed for decades, only politics have changed as this is already pronounced in the media. 40 million are in this country illegally as no one in your government would reveal the true number. We hear that women and children fleeing along with single men are no threat, this is true. But with many without husbands, they cannot work or contribute to society as they must care for their kids. Jobs in the agriculture farms are left unfilled, as why sweat in the fields, when you can go to the cities paid for by the government. 80 percent of those fleeing Central America are men. This is a fact.

   Current consensus within the media states that fear is Trump’s agenda behind his speech. Revealing what crimes are connected to illegals was true, but your Democratic leaders suppress this, why? The numbers were true and this should alarm you, not one who did it, few have remorse in the land of opportunity as it is natural to them, but to those who allowed them entry. You have watched Democrats oppose illegal immigration in the past, so what has changed? Trump is not part of the deep state as of present, so anything he does will be opposed.

Democrats are trapped, as they after their win in their subtle Blue Wave are to crush the Trump agenda to prevent one world government. This is why, they push open borders in the EU and now here. The EU offers precursors, watch as the more people revolt against country after country expands. Migration was rampant and excepted almost all, how is that working out? The proposal by Pelosi and Schumer to open the government, and then we can talk, is a lie. Open the government and they will offer few options, you will never be agreed too. The media will present a spin, as you refuse to compromise, and the details are not fully revealed. Nancy’s behavior in your private meetings have not been reveal, if it was, you all would know.

   Pelosi, your body language showed me a lot, as you know I was watching. Nervous about being the party’s fall woman? You should be. Do not let the Almighty, make an example out as you try to protect the new world order agenda. Last chance, resign, and give the speaker of the House to another. I do not bluff as we need to save your soul.

Manufactured crisis as all of you are on record. To the Republicans, the Almighty has told me as His spokesman to run the ads of Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Bill, Obama all talking about a need for border security as TV ads, start with Pacs. No need for a response today, as all will come to their own conclusion, more effective. This will be the best money, you will ever spend. Almost all will see Democrats as liars.

   So your leaders on the left, laugh at the idea that there is a crisis at the border. You lose 250 billion dollars every year to illegal immigration. You lose 500 billion dollars due to lost productivity and cost related to drugs flowing over the border, not to mention ten of thousands of lives and this is your leadership? Yes, much of illegal drugs are caught at ports of entry, as they are those are new in business. The pros exploit the border. Look at the vast numbers to support America’s drug habit by design. What is seized at the point of entry is a small fraction that gets in to this country through other means. They are lying.

   Look at the numbers, anything is better than the scenes you see. They just jump the present walls. Words from your inept politicians means nothing. As nothing has changed in decades. Oh, they will say more are due to overstaying their visas. Again this is a lie as all who over stay are documented 100%, but only a fraction that cross the border are caught, is recorded. If caught 40 million would not be here. This is a fact.

   CNN presented a poll that America does not want a wall. So you are saying that we want all to come. So, we do not care if our loved ones are killed by force or drivers as it only takes one. So, we do not care to pay billions for healthcare, schooling, increased rent and you back this Democratic plan? Many live pay check to pay check in America. You are idiots, and call your selves leaders? You are part of the deep state and care nothing for America or its people.

   You have a choice. You hated the perpetual welfare system. This is a fact. But they where on the system where Americans were help or exploited. Now your politicians in their diluted wisdom is going to invite all on your tax dollars? This is crazy. De blasio wants to give 600 k free medical care and get this, on a unrealistic 100 million dollar budget.

Most families in corporate on average, coverage is 20k. Just how is that going to work when they are already sick with chronic illnesses, if companies refuse to treat, they cannot be deported for a precondition?

   A company that took your government contract will be bankrupt and the execs leave with their golden parachutes, before shareholders know, they were sold out. Did you think about this? No, and you think your rich friends will stay in NYC and pay your increased taxes as the poor and the middle class would be crushed. And there are almost 4 million illegals in New York City, good luck.

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