Political Snap Shot


Written Jan. 9 11:59 pm EST

Update Jan. 20 5 pm EST


   Many questions abound with the Speaker of the House vote, but all is not what it seems. The Democrats held to one leader, showing solidarity (party first, America second) and the Republicans were seen as divided. When McCarthy failed to get the vote in many rounds before the 15th. What was Jordan and Gaetz trying to achieve and why did Trump get involved?

   The rogue group of Republicans counter to how the media paints were patriots. You were told the new world order has infiltrated the highest levels of your governments, churches and industry. McCarthy, Pelosi, and many others are in the grips of those who do not have the best interest of our country. Some brave representatives put in a clause that the House leader can be recalled with other demands to draw attention away from this prime request. Our House leader is held accountable for his actions everyday and can be recalled at any time, not in 2 years. This was the goal. What you did not know is those behind McCarthy planned the vote defeats by design. McCarthy knew the votes he had and those he did not yet, but went ahead with the vote leading to defeat. He can count. The goal was to paint McCarthy as more of a centrist, as he fought the far right. Were those on the far right in on it? Watch their appoints for the truth.

   Those that lead your country, are out of control. Few of you want to give 100 billion to Ukraine when almost half is stolen by your politicians. The weapons never arrive, but are sold on the black market. Nobody is watching. Condoleezza Rice op ed on Ukraine is correct, thank you. They are not winning, as your eyes do not lie with the destruction seen. It will collapse as soon as US money stops. End it now. Social Security we can cut that for Ukraine. When Russia took Crimea and the Democrats were in control no one cared. Ukraine was a Russian state and half the population is still loyal no matter what you think. Corrupt politicians who sell out to the West for money (Hunter got paid) or Putin? Pick your poison.

   The EU, well they expect you pay their bills, as they may have contributed 30 billion between all of them. And the threat is on their land. Paid foreign fighters have been waging war inside Ukraine for the last year, not their own army, who has on the most part deserted. Your quality of life has declined by design. Your leaders will offer housing to those who break our immigration laws while your homeless die on your streets. Where is the respect? Asylum is not granted for escaping domestic violence or poverty. Yet your eyes do not lie. The Biden Administration and the media is lying to you and you need to ask why? New York and Chicago can not handle 15,000 yet over 2.5+ million per year that they admit to (under counted, got aways) flood this country.

   An illegal immigrant doing a low paid job that Americans will not do, is not worth the dependants they comes with, a non working wife and children and they get a tax refund, as they make below the poverty line. But rich Democratic donors need cheap house maids, nannies, gardeners and labor for their factories. Plus they do not pay workman compensation or unemployment insurance or offer Obama care. Your leaders lie as they exploit the weak with no voice.

   Those who revolted against a new world representative, wants the true control of the House to represent the will of the people instead of a party or a global agenda. After reaching a compromise before the 14th vote, Gaetz sent a message even though an agreement had been reached, you can not roll on us. The mainstream Republicans saw this as defiance and hope to punish them with a lack of committee assignments outside of the public eye with media suppression.

   Trump pushing for the swamp (McCarthy) shows his intent by actions, not words. I told you that he has been recently compromised by the global plan. This is just the beginning of the awakening. For those in power heed, all that is rotten will fall. I have told you so many times. There are no white hats or black hats, it is just those who push against the global plan and from what I see, no one is now stepping up to the plate. What good are white hats if they carry out the same agenda? You are being herded. What seems wrong is right and what seems right is wrong.

   What about Biden going to the border and his new plan? Biden now has no choice due to Republican control of the House, but to shut down the border that was left open by design. It divides the nation just like measures put in place under the guise changing racial policies pushed by the death of Floyd. Blacks in Chicago kill more than ten times of their own in just one city than the entire nation of policemen with unjust murders. That is how warped your leadership is BLM and it is pathetic, because you are all about the money. Six million dollar home for meetings when you can rent a hall in the hood and return some money to the people even if it less than a thousand dollars or free. Yes they are financial geniuses. The Republicans will go after those in charge of the border, but the Democrats hope to lessen the blow by taking action now. The general public has a short memory and the 2024 elections are around the corner, Democrats are counting on this.

   Will Biden run again? No, those in the Democratic party are already planning his political demise and will not stand in the way of the Hunter investigation. So will Hakeem rise to the top? As of now he is wafting between standing up for America or answering to the new world order. Obama is still fresh in the minds of America and was seen as weak. His own are still not educated properly in the inner cities and obesity is still rampant killing tens of thousands. No change in the hood. The thought of another Black president has left a bad taste in the mouths of some Americans including his own. Another will rise, as for Trump all of you see few are talking about his campaign, which is perceived as dull. This is by design. All in place for Americans to consider a global leader, an elegant, intelligent man who’s hidden soul belongs to the antichrist. But few in America consider what is below the skin, though it is increasing as time goes by.


Update Jan. 20 5 pm EST


   Many have questions around the classified documents found at several locations belonging to Joe Biden. You were told that all is rotten will fall and this is just the first step. You were also told the Democratic party does not want Biden or Harris leading their ticket in 24‘. They do not want Biden to be removed, as that would put Harris in as an incumbent. So what happened?

   Many in the Obama administration knew Biden was taking home and to his office classified material much of it very sensitive. He was suppose to return the documents, as it was not with in his rights to possess them outside of term of vice president. What was found in his office by staff was unexpected and representatives of the DNC searched the office. They found documents in various parts of the office as if they were forgotten, which they were. The Democrats in charge made a mistake here, as never letting a crisis for Biden go to waste. They leaked the story to the press to embarrass their own leader. Then pretended to do damage control. What forgot was to scrub other locations like his home before going public. Documents were found everywhere in other locations and the staff secretly gathered all and placed one batch in the garage, as if they were placed there by staff. When another batch was found, they scrub every location. The cover excuse was a locked location in a box that no one would notice. Who goes through boxes in a garage at a personal home? They would have been sealed in an unmarked box. So who would take that authority to open and read? Would they first check with Biden, as to what the documents are?

   Conventional thinking, the nation must not know, anyone could have seen the classified documents, as Biden stored them everywhere without concern. This is what you need to know. You saw how the media treated the same exact crime with different results. Biden does not have the authority to declassify documents. Possession of them to where another party could obtain them, would be considered treason. Those that had access to Biden’s office and home are considered loyal insiders or family members. They dropped the dime instead of going to Biden. Planted, by who that could pass the security systems. By Harris, she is not that smart. She is hoping Biden resigns or just dies. His staff is compromised. You also see party members threw Biden under the bus by releasing the date that is before the elections, as they could have scrubbed this, destroyed the documents and you the American public would be none the wiser. This is the level of deceit that abounds in the halls of your government backed by a bought and paid for media.

   Bradley P. Moss, a national security lawyer, stated, when you find classified documents you immediately notify the government and turn them over. Biden's team did exactly that. No they did not, they held the discovery of the documents until after the election, which is a violation of the law. It was aids that packed that office, not lawyers. They only reviewed what was found and held a conference on how to lessen the blow in politics. Biden had no input. That was the consensus on the delay to the media by design.

   As for who may have leaked the Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion, those investigating have no interest in finding the responsible party. You only have to look at, who has the most to gain, as the one behind the leak. If you truly want to find them, start with the former senior staff members of the late Judge Ginsberg. They still have a back door access to the servers of the Supreme Court and  access to all briefs and opinions without leaving a digital footprint. No one would think to investigate them.


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