Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 10 5pm EST


   Today finally, Pelosi revealed, she is going to release Articles of Impeachment to the Senate next week. So what was her intent to holding it back, when there was a clear and present danger, that needed an immediate action? You were told, it was about the ability to call new witnesses in a Senate trial, but they had that chance during the process controlled by the House. McConnell did not flinch. The only witnesses needed, was the president of the Ukraine and the fired prosecutor, but that would never happen. You are now told, it was about time to gather more evidence, but it is hearsay. The true reason will shock the nation.

   The delay was a covert effort spearheaded by the DNC and carried out by their lapdog, Pelosi to influence the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. The new world order does not control Bernie Sanders, and this is a true threat, as he surges in the polls. The delay now removes all Senators from the campaign for a Senate trial at a crucial period where Biden can solidify his lead in their absence on the campaign trail. This is their plan, and you are none the wiser.

   What the Democrats and media fails to justify, is why not take out the general when opportunity is there, instead of a spin of a deflection of impeachment, that will not happen. Is not 600 hundred American lives killed horrifically enough? You ask why has the administration keep changing their story? You were told what was a need to know by design, but you keep pushing back. The Trump administration wants to protect sources, so they released more information, to satisfy those questioning again by design. The story did not change, it just you have access to more intel to justify their actions. A point will be reached to where all info will stop. For the media, know the difference between allowing more information and changing the story.

   The general controlled proxies who carried out his missions, such as the recent attack on the US embassy, but you turn a blind eye. Opportunity dictates a strike, not discussions and politics. What your actions shows, is that Democrats leadership would sit on an opportunity, when a timely decisive action is needed, and you do focus groups with people outside of the loop to arrive at a decision. We are doomed if you win.

   When Bin Laden was taken out, did the Muslim world unify and escalate? No! There was a temporary bump in push back from Pakistan, but like all events, the impact subsides over time. The general was a terrorist, no matter his title. The world is better off and Iran stood down for now. They have a choice live and work with us, while continuing to undermine us through proxies or be destroyed with a response to save face. For now they folded. When you go into a fight as a pacifist (Democrats), no matter your mission, you get your ass kicked. The Bible has warned you. All will talk about peace and love as a deception of satan, and war will come to bring about one world government. Now you can believe a terrorist nation and the communists to stay true to their word, or believe God and His Word in the Bible.

   John Kerry talked about a nuclear deal, really one that was being cheated on unknown to the general public. Iran has huge reserves of oil and gas, so exactly why would they need to build nuclear plants, and who is providing them uranium or yellow cake. We do know that members of the EU provided them with the centrifuges and extraction technology for enrichment, so we have a double standard here, and you wonder why Trump withdrew? There were warnings sent to Iran by the Almighty, the next time it will be a search and rescue, but all scientists in the DUMB and the program will be dead. This is a promise since politicians in America, have failed to solve this issue. The Almighty will.

   One last thing, why has the media downplayed the alleged missile hit on a passenger plane? Now either the video clip was doctored, or the media is giving a terrorist country a pass on innocent lives. Just know if the Trump administration hit a plane by mistake, you know the result, just saying.

   By the way to Netflix and those behind the film portraying Jesus as gay, will be removed from this earth shortly by the Almighty, and you will know who is God. Make peace with your families.

Update Jan. 12 11:59 pm EST

   Events have swiftly changed in the Middle East as the students and others erupt at Iranian leadership due to lying about a plane crash. Many of their Military leaders knew the a missile was fired, as the initial excitement was, an American plane, drone or cruise missile was destroyed. But the debris field and civil aviation radar loss of a Ukraine flight led to a cover up. It was human error at the highest level. Not so much for the poorly trained personal who fired the weapon, but the lack of communication from civil air operations at the Tehran airport to the military and the missile batteries to stand down, as flights were taking off. American adventurism as a replacement for incompetence, they killed their own does not fly, thus the riots in the streets.

   Exactly what was meant by smears from that 12pm Sunday show? Why are you offering your personal opinion to the American public, as if they know or follow the particulars. So we are at a new standard, kill 600 Americans, wound thousands and only if intelligence shows a new threat and the how and when details, consult with Congress, ask a focus group on the ramifications in the media only then we go? Soleimani has been planning the destruction of our nation as an ultimate goal, and you want to give him a pass. The offer of peace is only to be exploited. This is why the new world order will blanket this earth.

   To the media, tens of thousands were chanting death to America and the Democratic response is the hit should not happened now? When, after more die, and opportunity is missed. As the cowards you are, it was a strike opportunity, not a political opportunity, and this is why, you are so inept. For once put politics aside, but you can’t. If Russian missiles showed on radar with a minute to decide, you would wait until a city was incinerated and then offer a late response with a limited response, as that was Hillary‘s plan. It shows. So after a dozen cities hit, 50 million dead (useless eaters) in our country, then you agree to start peace offered under one. Your leaders will betray this nation.

   I have a serious warning for you. When the general public finds out climate change is a farce, you will face crowds just like in Iran asking for your heads, but you will be in hiding like Greta. Tick Toc.

   Puerto Rico is facing a crisis as the a USGS representative stated after the 6.4 quake on a national TV show, odds for another large quake was 3%. So much for that prediction after yesterday morning. [Standard knowledge on tectonic plate movement is that a quake releases pressure on a fault, but in many areas of the world, quakes are intensifying at the surface, defying logic.] Change has come and the quakes will intensify and become more frequent with no explanation. Your scientists will lie to you, at first you will believe them. The Caribbean over the next year will crumble and some areas (islands) sink. Puerto Rico at best will experience constant quakes ebbing and peaking with some over what has been experience there in the past couple of centuries, prepare. The worst, the island will be uninhabitable just like Central America shortly after.

   The Almighty has finally got your attention with events in Australia, Jakarta, and the massive political uprisings in the world. This will continue until mankind drops to his knees and calls out for forgiveness in prayer. The Bible states ¾ of mankind will perish, it does not have to be this way. Again I state, all is not what it seems.


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