Political Snap Shot





Written Jan. 11 2:15am EST


   The polarizing debate over DACA and illegal immigration has divided this country as this was the plan. Democrats prey on the sympathy of helping others, yet do they do the same for you. Offering free health care to an illegal family costs 20K in the system, yet you as Americans must pay. This is why your premiums are so high. They are spouting the contributions of illegals in their taxes, but most make under 30 K if they file an illegal return and get a refund as many are off the books in an under ground economy. Most illegal immigrant family’s homes average over 10 children and the cost of education is over 100k compared to 10 to 15k in property taxes. The cost to the American public far out ways any benefit for the rich that employs them and their tax contribution. Currently businesses use them to lower costs, pay enough, the job is filled by an American and Democrats support them to enrich themselves on social services and a vote. This is the Truth.

  On the news Tuesday night Javier stated the DACA children have a better rate of employment than the country at 91%. This is a lie as the number is reversed only to look good. Part time jobs as many are in school, but 91 from 100 is 9% unemployment when the country is at 4.1%. The truth hurts.

   A Federal judge states DACA must stay in place. The Obama executive order that pushed this into motion was done by a man, not by Congress and should not stand as it is not law, but a privilege granted and shall be taken away.

   This country’s work force varies on supply and demand. If a source skirts the system by design for the agricultural, restaurant and hotel industry, the poor from other countries will take those positions. It is greed by the owners; otherwise they would have to pay a fair wage until people fill the jobs at some point based on salary. Illegals are cheap labor, put a strain on local governments and infrastructure and depress wages. This is the plan, in place for many decades. We benefit little from the few, 1% that pick our vegetables and fruit as you are led to believe. You say they report crimes, but if they were not here there would be nothing to report.

   Illegals come to this nation to pursue an escape from poverty and will skirt the fees amounting to 10K per person in most cases by slipping through the border. So you Democrats want to pay the legal fees for immigration offenses, give health care, write off fees to enter this nation on the back of taxpayers? Is this the party who has your best interest America? Given time your party would lose grip on the same people you let in to support you, but you won’t have this. As there are just months left before this world changes.

   The children of DACA must be protected, but also there must be common sense. A hold on chain migration for 10 years and shall be limited to immediate family members of 1 per 2 years. All must pay immigration fees and give back all social services while not a citizen. There will be no gain on tax payers for those seeking an escape from poverty. This is materialistic, not compassion. The wall built to stop mass migration from the earth changes now upon us. Congress was put there to protect this nation from anything foreign. This is your only job. Yes help does feeing danger, but change the source. Set up homes of their birth first, before creating pockets of people that do not assimilate in our nation. Diversity is welcome, but all must become Americans and speak one language, but retaining language roots among family.

   Now for Oprah, is she smart? Yes. Would the Democratic Party allow her to run? No. There is a pecking order for those, now in place to rise to the Presidency. Oprah would be compromised by Democratic insiders limiting her power to change things as was done to Obama who eventually became part of the elite and their agenda. She cannot handle the deceit on a world wide level or control the shadow government.

   The Democratic Party wants to be in power in both the Senate and the House in 2018. They are hoping the earth changes will still be muted enough so that when change does come and cleansing of the earth accelerates, they’re in power, but the won’t be even with decisive victories, God will.


Update Jan. 12 7pm EST


    The events of yesterday set a new low for the president. Trump, you were not authorized to call Haiti and Africa shit holes. Is it true for some areas, but not all, yes? But it is not your place to turn souls to the dark side with words that hurt. This is your problem and we need not have this conversation again. Yes, all that have brought this up in the media or politician in furor would never, and I repeat never live in the squalor of Haiti and not all areas of that country is distressed. Their own political situation in 3rd world countries over decades created the poverty there as leaders raped government funds. Hillary where is the money you collected for Haiti through the Clinton Foundation. The Haitians did not get it 8 years later. Oh yes in a Middle Eastern bank that doe not have an extradition treaty with the United States, why is that?

   In Africa, the new world order exploits 3rd governments under crushing debt in return for their resources. Their leaders steal what ever they can from their population and if you disagree as man you disappear or float down a river for the women they are just raped.

   Greed by western nations created this disparity and now you want the United States to take in what was created by your leaders. This nation has compassion for the weak, but we are not fools. World leaders spout angry words against Trump as deserved, but the world has done nothing to change the situation. So who is worse, the man who tells what he sees or those who speak words of condemnation and change nothing in their countries. Those immigrating today from Africa are mostly the cream as they have the money to pay the fees to immigrate. It is only in a crisis that the weak come in. This is the Truth.

   None of you has changed the 3rd world for the better as you exploited them and now you stand up. Now that Trump crudely describes them as all black people in this world on the whole are poorer than whites, you are up in arms. None of you give real help to change the status of the poor, but offer programs on the surface that seem to help, but just enrich yourselves through proxy ownership or bribes. Not one of elite would allow them in numbers into your community and many others. Do we need to release your true thoughts from smoke filled rooms recorded covertly? You are hypocrites and will pay a new price for lying to the American public, while Trump gets a slap on the wrist for exposing this, which was ignorant. What have to realize a closed meeting is not closed as you were told new world order is among you in Congress (Graham). Trump, do not do this again as you raise the level of hate with the Truth. There is always another way. I would apologize and walk away saying nothing.  

   Congressman Lewis will be not attending the State of the Union Address. Is this a wise decision?

   Pressure from the CBC is pushing him along with the public comments from Trump that directly affects the Black Community. Your status has not changed since the sixties and you think your leaders have your best interest. It is a game to remain in power and provide legislation that seems to help. They have been compromised and the weak are exposed with taking bribes without hurting those on top. Lewis is a hero and incorruptible, but like Obama muzzled.

   Contrary to Trump’s tweets of backing off, he did say the words in private, but in truth most in government back this, but they speak with a forked tongue, almost all. I mean all laughed at what he said in that room, all. What you have realize, is for those words to be said all were in agreement and of like thought as this was not the first time, but the first time that an insider reported what was said to depose trump as he thinks the same way, but deflect the blame to another for political gain. As a traitor to this nation, it was leaked. You were told new world order backed Hillary and Trump cannot be controlled by elite. So he will be removed by any means necessary, any. Remember wolves are posing as sheep.

   Censure is not the answer. For the Democratic Party, please try and censure the president before he completes his mission. Then as the Almighty’s servant, I will witness your fate.

   For the media this was a poor choice of words by Trump to describe a class of people as poor and uneducated has no color or race for him, this is what you need to know. But Trump is still wrong with his delivery that was not suppose to go public and you need to let this go as you advance the agenda to the dark one, which is race wars. For once step back and ask yourselves, what will the inner cities and what you call Trump’s base think. Where will this lead? Think. Do not become a tool of the new world order and you can not say I did not know, because now you do.


Update Jan. 14 11:30pm EST


   Many are stating that the executive order should be upheld put in place by Obama and not Congress as a law. The federal judge blocking Trump's decision to eliminate DACA is legal, as it is not law. Illegal children have no immigration rights, but they are to be protected as human beings. This is constitutional law and can not be removed. They will be given the right to apply for citizenship that will decrease the quotas for their nations. This is fair and chain migration will halt for at least a decade for them.


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