Political Snap Shot





Written Jan. 12 2 am EST


   Division between the American people is almost complete. Few of you have listened. Look back, and for once filter out the noise, the media, and use your eyes and common sense. Racism has always been a part of the American culture, sorry to say, but it was the media that stirred the pot over the last 5 years. Referring to certain nations as hell holes was not appropriate, as it is foolish to point fingers at poor nations, when they were exploited and held down by European colonization. But not one you would move there or even visit. That is the truth.

   The British captured the slaves in Africa and sold them to America, as less than men. Compare that to India, where they were sold as indentured servants, due to their straight hair and culture. In grained over centuries, as just an economic asset to be used over centuries, a culture passed down from father and mother to sons and daughters and this would change over night? Democrats were Jim Crow in the fifties to the seventies, lynching, school and social separation, they just hid it. Now you believe the old changes his spots? They have and will continue to offer social programs with nothing changing. People change only because they have to as a façade, the heart never changes unless they seek the Lord. They just lie.

   We have Democrats wanting to keep the status quo by the façade of welfare, affirmative action, social programs, but decades later just look at the poor neighborhoods, is there change? But the flow of money into those given the task by design, has not stopped. There is no better gravy train than the job to help the poor, when the government funds it. It is ripe for fraud.

   On the Republican side, they value the trickle down and tax approach. Industry given breaks to expand, hire the poor, that puts a floor under labor expenses through tax breaks and when the make it, close factories and move them over seas. Trade deals agreed on both sides that favor another nation, rather than your own. Why is that?

   2020 has allow you to see your nation for what it is. America is still the greatest nation on earth since the dawn of time on earth. The Democratics under the death of George signaled to America, racism must end, and they riled the population to stand up against a racist Administration, which they did. Your cities burned, respect for law and order out the window. Anyone in disagreement beaten to a pulp front of all to see. In the violence those caught were released. Democrats asked to disrupt, but not to destroy cities and kill people. The riots took on a mind of its own, but you did not comment on this, but encouraged it in the media, as a welcome change.

   This past week, those on the Republicans’ side, told those who would listen to rise up and fight for their rights. A video from Georgia showing hidden votes being counted when closed to observers. Trucks reported from New York delivering votes in the night to Pa. Rumors of the dominion machines being allegedly hacked with no proof presented, pushed the right to descend on DC. Trump was the side show. No one gave the order to attack the Capitol, but planted insurgents did. The general public listens to rhetoric from both sides. Both sides where infiltrated from one source. This is not what you see, as you are so focused on power, and all of you will fall down the same rabbit hole.

   You focused on some Mexicans are rapist when Trump first won. This was one of the starting points of Racism against the Trump Administration. Applying the term to all, when some knew it was few, that infiltrated the good. Many woman are picked off that migrate north either raped or forced into the sex trade. This is a fact, not racist. So some are, but the vast majority of men are hard workers just seeking the bounty of America illegally. The poor can not afford to pay the fees for legal immigration, but is willing to give a service to this country. If they can benefit the businesses and corporation, then remove the burden to the taxpayers on school, housing, medical, social services and infrastructure.

   You spout, they do the jobs Americans will not do, but do not think the process through. That is true, employers pay them little, your laws empowered them, but you as Americans house, educate (over 5k per child on average), feed and provide medical services, for their children and most adults on the backs of taxpayers. That is no bargain. You are passing on wealth to those that employ under the guise of low cost food, but back charge the tax payer on the other side through free social services. You are idiots.

   You have been playing this game for over a century. You do not invite, when your own are in the streets. You may call it, as the right thing to do. I call it incompetence, as you have not set a limit. Offer amnesty to all, and 40 million will flood your offices as your number for illegals, 11 million has not moved since the sixties, but you already know this. Do I hear new voters? Remember West Germany took on East Germany. They almost went bankrupt, and they were one people.

   You allowed the cities along our coastlines to get over crowed, as illegals sometimes live 20+ to a home or apartment due to greed in the real estate rental business. You allowed your schools to be overrun, but never investigate, why this is occurring? You allowed an influx of people seeking entry jobs, but it drives down the entry labor cost by design. Now as you raise the minimum wage, that will equate into inflation. Yes we need a living wage, but raise the wages of those who work fairly. But you won’t do this. Corporations will pass the cost on to the consumer. How is that going to work with the illegal workers, they get it also? What about the underground workforce that payees no taxes, oh I forgot sales tax, only down and out due to Covid?

   The Democrats makes sure to offer hope to the minority poor, but they never have a sufficient education, as this has not changed since the sixties. This is a fact in their controlled cities. The Republican are busy bribing or with donations grabbing most spots in the elite universities, yes few of you see the coordinated approach, as you are none the wiser.

   Your cell phones monitor all speech and movement. All your business is on Facebook and you gave it up voluntarily, only in America. Algorithms now predict your responses when faced with danger. You were warned of these times, that even the elect would be fooled. This is now an understatement. As you fight among each other, your so called frenemy will attack, then what? You as a people are so gullible. The elite and your leaders call you sheeple, I wonder why?

   Again I ask, examine what is the long term goal of shipping jobs overseas. How do trade deficits help our nation or is it a betrayal? Repatriations sound good, but the only reason it would be given, as most would be returned to the elite through fraud and mismanagement or buying what someone cannot maintain like luxury products.

   What you fail to realize, Biden’s family is rich as they see it, the Trump name is toast. Speeches, not happening for the Trump family, as the companies will be boycotted. Now if Trump was one the boys (new world order) his wealth would grow just like everyone else. I told you all is not what it seems.

   You have a choice to change your world. You can step up or fall under the guise of what you see as right. Time does not afford you to read the Bible and gain insight to what you face. But to start for a relationship with Jesus is a start. Life is not in the hands of woman as its essence is present in the first joint cell. Love is universal, but the sacred bond of marriage is between a man and woman. This is the Truth and His Law. Do not think when warned in the Bible, His Raft will not descend upon mankind.

   Little has changed in your ways, and presently the Warning is right on schedule. All that is rotten shall fall. You have lost to right to practice your faith. You have lost you right to free speech, as they are repercussions. Take the right to protect yourselves may be final, but the Almighty’s Warning is now set in stone. I hope it wakes up this nation, as many will die.


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