Political Snap Shot




Written Jan. 18 12:30 am EST


   Your government is facing a shutdown. The point is, that one side is putting the interests of undocumented immigrants before the interests of those who voted them in to serve this country. Yes DACA immigrants brought here as children do deserve an accelerated path to citizenship as they, through no fault of their own are here and the only home they know. This is only group that deserves amnesty, but their entrance shall decrease the quotas from their respective countries. There will be no chain migration for a decade and only 1 immediate family member (father, mother, full brother and full sister) every 2 years with a maximum of 6. This is fair.

   The Democrats will fund the government or else face the raft of the people, which will be elevated to such a level of furor, few of will you survive the 2018 midterm elections with disclosure and you know what I mean. Using the DACA people to hurt your own nation as we default will not work as all will see this. The covert effort of no budget to derail the State of the Union Address, also will not work as your intent is now exposed to the media to embarrass the President.

   You have a few days to make this work with the wall. The point is, you would rather continue the status quo with no change than admit the truth? Petty discussions about where the wall is needed is insignificant, as most in charge do not know the details as they have subordinated to brief them. All are welcome to the United States according to our laws and quotas and anything else is betraying this country under the false guise of compassion when it is greed or a better life. At what point Democrats are you going to protect the interest of this nation first and then you can become compassionate. Pass this, as it will not matter, as the earth changes will soon change your world. And then as leaders, you will cower and cry with no solutions as did those in Hawaii when your shadow government sent that deliberate EAS false alarm to test your people for impending death.

   So as the government reaches an edge within the next few days, you the American workers who live day to day employed by the government, some of you will lose your income during the shut down to protect those who do not belong here. Compassion is one thing, but they make you pay. Yes, they were brought here by their parents and through no fault of their own and they need to be considered. Charity starts at home first, if there is one poor person in this as law makers, you need to change this. This is what you were elected to do.

  Illegal immigration is by design as Ellison backs this without answering how this helps America. All are welcome to this country according to absorption rates and assimilation. The point is to never solve the problem of the poor as this has not changed over centuries, but increases a favorable voter base. Ellison, address that. This is the Truth.  


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