Political Snap Shot


Written Jan. 15 3:30am EST


The UK is in a dilemma, thus trapping Parliament to yea or nay on Brexit. At stake is the power of the nation, as few of the common man would understand the hidden complexities that still tether the UK to the EU. This is what the Mps have challenged, but it is about votes that can not be compromised. Those opposed seek a better deal, and they are right. But the deep state, new world order will make an example of May, and crush her. Your opposition government, shall temporarily rise. You may in your error ask for a new Brexit vote, hoping to gain power, but instead of backing a hard line exit, the people will reverse course and the UK will stay in the EU under a dictatorship. Again if I can see this, what it shows, you do not need to lead a nation.

Today the opposition wins if May fails to pass Brexit. Today the opposition wins as presenting the present government as weak and call for a vote of no confidence. Today a thin passage wins for the opposition as resistance to change will topple those in power. This is what the UK faces.

The new world order is going to make an example out the UK. There will be no compromise, Norway was an exception under inept leaders in the new world order, which has been destroyed as an example as to not fail, and not to be repeated. With the economy crushed during earth changes, the people will be herded to one choice, the new world order. One world government that solves problems across the world. Yes, the EU, Russia and China have already been absorbed. This is written in the Bible.

Erdogan, heed this, unless you are a fool. If you have met Dunford, you have been given an ultimatum. Decide to proceed with ethnic cleansing on any level, this will lead to termination of your life and all that support you. You believe in God? You will soon shall. If Dunford gives you a pass, take it, as I have recommended to the Almighty, who gives and takes life, if one falls under your order or those beneath you as to the Kurds, many shall be removed, please test me.

For the Chinese that has passed a death sentence on a convicted Canadian citizen, it is their law and has to be respected. No Westerner has the right to profit in another country to addict their citizens or those who visit. But is there a wiser solution? World opinion will see this as barbaric, but you as a sovereign nation has the right to protect your nation against the diseases of the West. Commute the death penalty to 30years and let him die of naturals causes in your jail as he gives up.

D Lemon, you keep asking what is Trump hiding from America with Putin in private meetings. Trump stated in soft terms, he is a competitor. Just for you I will reveal it. They are talking about the end of this world, but you know this. Trump told Putin he is not Hillary and those associated with the new world order. He stated if the US is attacked agreed by the DNC and many Republicans, he will level all of Asia under the influence of Communism. Under no circumstance will the approach of Nibiru, causing global warming will be allowed to fulfill the prophecies in the Bible under him. Go ahead D Lemon reveal this and you will be dead like the IT inside tech transferring data to Wiki Leaks from the new world order. The sad part is that you put on this façade to get a place in the bunker, just how long do you think your safety will be preserved? Ponder, with food scarce, do you think, they will waste it on personalities that cannot give birth? You are fools.




Last week on your program Cuomo, you stated, if one life of an illegal dies, who pays the price. Now I know you and D Lemon are smart men, but putting your self in harms way, migrants with the hope to move out of poverty at the expense of the American is not smart, as it comes with risks. Do you talk about how many are killed, raped, or sold into slavery? No! This is a personal choice and not our responsibility. If so, the world would be at our door.

Cuomo have you read the UN mandate on asylum? I think not. Poverty and domestic violence is not a right to grant entry to a country. Is your answer is to let all who come here at the expense of the American tax paper? Many Americans say let them in, but in their ignorance, do not consider the costs. It is hundreds of billions of dollars, that could improve your schools, neighborhoods and infrastructure. Charity starts at home when this country is broke.

What about our homeless, those who can not afford health care and in the media you support those who skirt the law to get free services? I ask, do your representatives protect those who are illegal or you? What I am so surprised is you fall for the narrative. If there was no problem, then how did 40 million people get in most untraced? All who over stayed their Visa are documented and can be deported at anytime. Illegals hide. This is the Truth.

The coordinated media narrative is that most drugs come through our ports of entry. Hey, they have sniffers and little gets through. Do you really think the millions of kilos of drugs passes easily where our border ports of entry is reinforced with technology? If so, you are a fool. So you are saying our detection systems are inadequate? Again this is a lie, as nuclear weapons can not pass and you think drugs in volume to feed this nation can come through?

Most drugs do pass through our Southern border, but they have help and intel from our own agencies. We have laws in this nation to protect American citizens and you have those elected sticking to talking points that is coordinated by the media controlled by the elite. It is immoral to have walls to protect this nation and slow migrants to where they may be caught instead of just walking across open space. Oh and you politicians are experts on the border, but your agents say a wall will help. For once as an American look past the obvious the message. We hear it is sympathy of children being separated from their family, yet more than 80% are single men. The drugs are not to be stopped as they control and destroy minority families and communities. They financially enslave whole groups with poor schools, billions given to support illegals and they increase demand for housing and jobs and you are told this contributes.

This policy divides this nation, not the messenger. As the shutdown proceeds, you see that government workers with so called good jobs are a paycheck or two from disaster and your policy is to invite the poor of the world on the backs of the American tax paper?

The media does have it right, the wall is not a fix all, but the constant media promoting the caravans and the covert support busing thousands here? Poor people do not drive, feed clothe thousands for almost 2000 thousand miles. It is organized by the elite under the guise of the poor giving when they have nothing. Yes it is true many overstay their VISAs and they are all traced. Those crossing the border are not, as there is 40 million or more are here. There are immigration fees and waiting list and you back those who skip the line? You really think that denying the wall will give you a victory in 2020. The earth changes will relieve you of power as the polarization takes place under the will of the Almighty. Choose, wheat or chaff.

Some state in the media, that Trump thinks he is king, and they want to hear what he and Putin discussed. No one in the public will hear the words between them. What is painted in the media is completely false. Did Trump want business in Russia, yes. Most in circle went to jail for crimes before Trump.

When are you, the public are going to realize you are being played by the media. A Russian investigation started by a FISA warrant that was arranged by a fake dossier paid for by the DNC to promote Hillary. Then a FBI investigation looking into Trump working for the Russians. Now it is leaked some years later with no evidence. All are innocent until proven guilty, yet you in the Liberal media promote an air of guilt. I ask, why the collusion and the same adversative or talking points? If independent, all would not repeat the same controlled words. Now I am offering forgiveness to the media as you are controlled. I ask you reveal nothing, but to go home and love your families. Given a directive, but no evidence as you influence millions. Last chance as your actions to influence the weak shall stop. But you think there is no wrong doing as you slander the presidents reputation which was the goal of this leaked release from the NYT.

So again you the media are being played. If there was no charge, then why did your superiors ask you to push this? The FBI leaked every thing to crush Trump, but now with no charge? Exactly what was the FBI looking for that was a crime if not caught?

The Mueller investigation has little on Trump, but the snare net caught many with crimes of greed before being associated with Trump. This is the problem. Dig too deep and it will lead back to the DNC and the Podestas‘. This release was to discredit nothing more and those behind it have the most to gain, the leadership controlling the new House. Look there.

The point, that few of you do not cover the charges were false, as he would have been removed from office for treason. The narrative is to keep the Russian association in the news. Trump has threaten Putin with all out war instead of the planned surrender that Hillary and new world order Kissinger had agreed too after a few cities were targeted to be nuked as a cowards. Does Pence have this same arrangement, yes. This is why they, the new world order wants Trump out.

Representative Steven King has captured the media’s attention with good reason, as his racial rants are just that. Now I will present both sides as to why King would state in the national media what has been recorded.

There are two choices, if King is a true racist that has been hidden over time is out of the closet, and feels that the media portrays Trump as one is getting crushed due to his actions. For King, the move involved little thought as to the consequence, this has labeled Trump as he is now suppose to be, unelectable. Is this Trump’s true nature? No, for the most part as Black, brown or others makes him a profit. He sees no color. This is a fact. If those were your (King) true views as you thought the nation was ready, your political career would be done. Racists, saw an opportunity and what is Trump to do? Reveal he is for everyone and change this country, then oppose the extreme and ignore the rest for the greater good?

My opinion is that King has been compromised by the new world order. No standing Congressman would stand up for “white nationalism”, knowing how this would reflect on him, the Republican Party and Trump. This was by design and the timing Democratic Congress takeover along with he FBI bombshell investigation was coordinated, but you do not see this. Ken Starr you and I concur. King has been disgraced. King has been rebuked by his own Party. King has loss his Committees assignments. I ask for what? King has been compromised and a warning too all. It will not stop here. As I gave you 2 choices as the Truth and allow denial. Just to let your media pundits of where you are off base, there are “white nationalist” and “nationalists”, one is a racist and the latter cares for their nation. Know the differences Cuomo.

It is time to revisit the government shut down. Trump has dug in, but few of you in the general public knows why? What is suppressed, is the drug mules and tunnels along our southern border. Trillions get laundered by your banks. Many politicians like Clintons and Bushes got rich as planes landed in Arkansas, protected by Governor Clinton and the CIA, which Bush still had strings as its former leader. Again I told you, the conservative estimate of illegal immigration cost 250 billion dollars per year and you are crying over 5.7 billion, just how much health care could be provided for poor American children? If millions of illegals were removed from just NYC, how much would rents drop for the common American man or woman? Ask about the premiums you pay for health insurance for those who exploit emergency services. What about auto insurance rates? The lack of starter jobs for your children. An underground labor market that pays no taxes except sales and it is your socialist Democrats that wants to share your income with those who do not belong here for a potential vote to maintain power. This is who you elect? You say the rich. Trump is taxing overseas shelters, which has been in place for decades. You are blind.

Pelosi states illegal crime is a price we have to pay. Again this is your dinosaur leader. Illegals are a net drain on this economy, no matter how you spin. One life is too many and until a politician’s loved one is taken by that all common man experiences, which they promote, then this will continue. Democrats when they leave office, head social services funded by the government. Yes they get rich by maintaining a permanent under class. Nothing has changed for poor Blacks since the sixties. This is the Truth. This is their lie.

Public schools in LA are facing a crisis as the teachers with a budget deficit, thus have to make choices. Rather than be subjected to the inept policies of appointed leaders who know little , but cash in for political contributions of those who won. You know the drill.

Liberal policies have encouraged illegals with sanctuary cities. Teachers needed to provide smaller classrooms are transferred to bilingual. The tax base has not expanded as many live in the same apartment or home. So now, you refuse to pay your teachers for the mistakes of your politicians? The truth will come out, then what?

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