Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 17 5 pm EST


   The Warren - Sanders confrontation was meant to come to a head at the debate by design. Warren revealed a personal opinion of Bernie, that related to the present status of the 2020 race, which no woman had declared they were running at the time. Ask who pushed her to reveal this? This was an opinion at that time, not a blanket statement, as Warren used to bolster her campaign. Bernie was right, as the present field of woman have dropped like flies with 2 left. Amy has yet to gain traction, and Warren if facing Trump, will be destroyed as a liar. Her DNA heritage to get a job at Harvard, her pregnancy leave, how to pay for health care, just to start. The sad part, she like Buttigieg, has little to no Black support. News flash, the Black vote is loyal over time, and that has not changed. They do not vote for new comers. This is a fact. If Biden is out, they will stay home. The DNC is in panic mode. As few Blacks and Latinos will vote for an Independent who is not Democratic from all white Vermont, no matter what he promises AOC. Oh yes a bar tender is a Cabinet member for what votes she can deliver, instead of what she can do for the country.

   Warren betrayed Bernie, by leaking a private conversation, that should not have been brought into the election. You can not trust her, as the move was decisive. Bernie did say a woman cannot win against Trump, not that a woman can not win the presidency in the future. Trump would destroy Warren and Amy in an election, and all know this. So, no matter the spin in the media, Bernie was right, and Warren should have kept her mouth shut. Just why did they leak the sound of the confrontation? Neither was helped. Neither is wanted by the new world order. It is about status quo and Joe.

So lets look ahead, Bidenís son will be revealed as an influence peddler, Biden will lose. Buttigieg no matter his vision for the country, most Blacks and Latinos are not comfortable with the idea of the first man (antiman). Warren reminds the nation of why not to get married, as she whines all the time, so annoying. Amy, most will pass on her. Tom and Bloomberg are rich and new, so there is a disconnect. Bernie will be destroyed once again by the new world order. So now what? This will unfold.

   Impeachment will fail as Parnas was a plant. Rudy, I warned the Administration on plants, did you think it only applied to Trump? An insider that heard Trump give the order to fire? That is a lie, as only a few in the inner circle hears his commands. Parnas referred to the Obama Soros administration on CNN, which was a clue to the deep state connection. He was not there when Trump fired the Ambassador, a blatant lie, as if he has a security clearance to be in the same room as one of many aids of Giuliani. You want the truth, then call the dismissed Ukraine prosecutor, but you wonít.

   CNN stated the administration, did not report the concussion injuries. They said, the official release stated no casualties. This was true, as no one died, but you used this. The link to injuries was fake, as no one loss a body part and was not a casualty. Did you consider, a few may have reported injuries as a plan to get paid and discharged, like the false work place disability claims in the US? Be careful how you spin this.

   Finally Trump defense team is first class. Starr knows how the prosecution will react, and Dershowitz will crush all that challenge Constitutional law. Trump, the Almighty approves.

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