Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 20 11:59pm EST


   Kim’s meeting with Trump presently is a delay tactic, as the world sees them as a rogue nation and “the” primary threat in Pacific Asia. The Word of God to save mankind references in Revelation, that both the Bear and the Dragon, as described in the Bible, is your true threat.

   A two hundred million army, there is only one country that can fulfill the prophecy, China. But your leaders have built manufacturing plants allowed shared technology to be stolen, all the while, allowing a trade deficit to built mounting in the trillions. And these are your friends or allies? Remember, it was new world order led by Kissinger who set this up in the seventies under Nixon when China was still a feudal nation. Again this who leads your nation.

   Kim of North Korea is willing to slow nuclear proliferation to secure economic support for certain segments of those he rules. He knows, no missile will threaten American and maybe one may get to Japan, Guam, and a pipe dream Hawaii, again maybe. The point, those in the CIA know that his tactics are to support China. So how can he achieve this?

   The plan is to launch against Taiwan and the Philippines in the near future under the leader of the new world order. Anti missile system in Guam and Japan will not be able to stop them. The current plan is to state Taipei and Manila are the targets, but this is a lie as the Chinese want both cities intact. The low yield nuclear missiles will stray off course by design to the east in both cases and detonate in the deep oceans to let little radiation drift over the open seas. The US will place in the news that North Korea had inferior technology for targeting. This is their current plan, but now instead of leveling North Korea in a limited strike, the US will strike the source of the plan, now shelved if Trump is removed. This is what you face.

   Trump is aware of this, a will not start a global nuclear war as predicted over the actions of North Korea, but will wait for movement by Russians as they cross the eastern EU border in a mechanical blitz inn the near future. When war comes, and it will, they, your leaders will be in the bunkers as their plans are opposed by a vision that all share under socialism, which is communism, but you see how that has worked in past governments. For the innocent, they will be vaporize, and the blast shock will kill billions as no one will come to their aid as they rot in the open, but God.

   In Mexico, they have a crisis and the only way, we the commoners (serfs as the pope Francis now describes you) know about this, is that their own citizens well above the 70 plus reported in the false media were incinerated for stealing gasoline. Many more have died. Why is that? Mexico is one of the world’s leading oil and gasoline producers, and they do not have enough to provide for a nation with a below average ownership of cars as they are poor? Do you not question this, as this is just another aspect that forces migrants north. Yours and their government is connected with by greed. This is a crucial reason why their own flee.

   In Hungary we have the workers massing in force in public squares, facing tear gas and arrest to protest work conditions, but the media here does not cover this. Workers are by a new law put in place by their government, allows employers to force laborers to work up to 400 hours of over time per year, but defer their payments for 3 years. Do you stand with them? No you back the EU.


   The Buzzfeed story captivated the media last week. Again all media outlets had the same talking points, but few ask why? Did this come from Mueller, who has convicted Cohen for crimes of greed outside of his association with Trump? No. In fact his associate denied the allegations Friday evening. Did you ever consider that the usual leaks come through the New York Times or Washington Post? The point, it was effective as few covered Mueller’s response until the today’s Sunday news programs. This is your deep state, but in the days ahead, it is you, the common man, that does not want to sell his or her soul to the devil that when we will face a crisis. Oh you think he does not exist, but this is your flaw as you cannot protect yourself from harm if you do not think the source exists.

   This news released from Buzzfeed accomplished two things, it herded all of the media to spout the same talking points, and without questioning the source, is grounds for impeachment. They are now prepared to go ahead with this. If it was not for Mueller, who shut it down, those that politically separate this country would have continued to use a false narrative. Buzzfeed claims its source is someone in the Mueller team, but has been since rebutted by its head. So the media thinks if the Russian investigation was false, he would have shut this down. Again you know nothing until the the facts of the investigation are revealed.

   Mueller was pushed into this investigation as a request put in place by the Hillary campaign and DNC to discredit Trump. She never thought he was going to win as did Trump. This is why his business deals in Russia went on until the last days. If you do not expect to win, you do not abandon your deals as there is life after a campaign. This is common sense, not collusion.

   The Mueller investigation found all sorts of crimes committed by those who were close to Trump, but all were due to greed outside of the campaign. Mueller has been pressured by the Democrats to continue the investigation as insiders, and drips out a little information over time, but the latest scandal in the media now proven false. So now what?

   Mueller is torn, tell the truth on collusion or purposely delay the investigation until the 2020 elections as Pelosi and Schumer wants. He has little to nothing on Trump and it does not lead to a crime, as it is his job to protect this nation. This is the quagmire. Friday was a definitive break and it will go down hill from here for the Democrats. A paid dossier to start the investigation renders all evidence gathered as invalid. The investigation should have never started. Is Mueller an unwitting tool of the new world order? Yes. Just exactly would happen if Mueller releases his report before 2020, which they all think will never come?

   They say Manafort gave confidential information, but it was polling numbers that can be bought from any firm. Manafort along with the Podestas were exploiting influence from Ukraine. He was placed to continue this as Trump’s campaign manager as Trump did not have a clue. This is how your politics works, the point little changes for you the common man.

   We have another drop of intel, stating there was an attempted hack of the DNC after the Midterms. Exactly why would the media reveal this? Why did the DNC not learn their lesson from the previous alleged attacks? What was taken from them before was done by an insider and transferred to Wiki Leaks. The source unfortunately is dead. A breach is kept quiet, until who is behind is caught. If nothing was transferred to assumed Russians, why reveal this. The point, to continue the narrative of Russian hacking when it did not affect one vote.

   Pelosi you are really starting to piss off the media by your lack of actions for America. You who speaks that the wall is morally wrong, if so, then remove it. But you will not, because the wall protects this nation. Why do you lie? Yes we need added security at our points of entry and if I was Trump, this is what I would push under national security ASAP.

   You may ask why? Because it closes one of your loop holes, and Pelosi will not come at you or expose the truth. This will force the cartels and smugglers to seek another way, your unfenced border access, which the Democrats voted to fence in 2013, but did not. Now Pelosi, may be your memory on where you use to stand on the border is confusing now in your time of life, but all remember your words and vote. For once realize that calling the wall immoral sends a message for all to come, but I guess you are not that smart.

   I told you Pelosi my patience is wearing as a representative of the Almighty, I do not forgive like Him. Pushing your Party to impeach Trump on a false Buzzfeed story, shows your incompetence as you did not check its source. The new world order is setting up both parties as leadership will fall to them, but you do not see this, as you hope you will lead. Do you know satan is in charge and once you give power to him you will perish? What did you think you were giving a blood allegiance too in Brussels if you had made the trip?

   Pelosi, now I know the allure of being the first woman president intrigues you, but it is not going to happen when all seems normal. If after the warning, you will wish you were never born as you face the Almighty‘s wrath. This is a promise, again I do not bluff. You do not want to follow May’s path as she has weeks.

   You have an offer to save face. The delay on DACA and TPS is for 3 years and you are so confident you will win 2020, then change it when in power. The media is softening as they can not see, why no compromise. Is it that any wall is a Trump wall and this is why you crush American workers? Contrary to the polls, few oppose the wall in America except that which is reported in the media. You really think Americans want no wall so all can come into this nation on the backs of American taxpayer? You are idiots if you continue to believe and promote this. Do not drink the Kool Aid from the new world order. Protect this nation from all threats, foreign or domestic. The border is an economic threat and to lie that there is no cost is a lie. Conservative estimate are about 250 billion, but closer to 500 billion per year.

   Todd you almost blew it, on your close for the show, your red slip could have been much worse. Consider this a gift, continue your path and you will be looking for a new job for what you say. “There are people who want to exploit this. They want to see us be put this way, and they are just doing this for exploitation purposes. So lets not give them the ammunition. Thank you all for today. Thank you for watching and trusting us. Have a ha.. happy and safe Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, get your ice skates out here in Washington.” Check the tapes.

   The Almighty speaks, “On Feb. 22 2012 it will be Seven Years since My Son, Jesus opened His First Seal. You as mankind will fear the Lord, I your Father God Almighty will shortly bring change to your world to bring you home. You have not listen to my prophets, but you will shortly listen now.”

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