Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 22 1am EST


   Last night, I listened to nonsense from the media. The Democrats had 8 years to change America, where those who you put in place by vote to change the direction of this nation? But you would know this by the media narrative. Affordable healthcare was unsustainable as several hundred a month premiums  for people who never saw a doctor? You call it a right for every citizen, but have no clue of how to pay for it. Again you offer an empty hope. The average cost for a single corporate employee is near 8k, a family plan is near 19k,and you offer a plan at least than half with more problems. Brilliant, as insurers fled. You really thought workers, living paycheck to paycheck in some cases, would want a quarter of their income taken for what they see as weak, as they do, really? This is where you failed to lead.

   Without reigning in hospital costs, out of control prescription prescribed drugs and doctor costs, excess medical tests, but you shift the burden to the consumer, again brilliant. This why your leaders are incompetent as a cheap plan was bait, but nothing ever changes.

   So I ask, your leaders. you have not secured the border as drugs come through the points of entry, not people, as they hop a short fence or walk through an open border. This is your leadership and it costs you, the American people 500 billion a year for the population already here as they say is manufactured. They raise your rents. They take away your starter jobs, again this is manufactured. You have leaders that can not comprehend manufactured from the real world, and again you want them as your leaders? You are idiots and just how long before the truth breaks, few will survive. Displace Trump before evidence of Nibiru, not a chance.  The best part is they say are in favor of this. Then on top of this, those working here illegally, send tax free remittances to Mexico, Central and South America. And this is in your best interest! Save the world, while you have problems paying rent and food. This is called deficit Democrats in the Billions.

   It seems, you need repetitive tailing points, as you are still repeating the new world order narrative. Just to let you know, they will promise safety, when you sell your soul, but never deliver. Satan lies. Again, I just do not know why, America follows you. Pelosi you are shrouded as a manipulator of people, but you can not get done legislation to change this nation, as you are compromised. You play the game to offer change and offer hope. You are playing against God. For once America, how much has changed since the sixties? A single mother not on welfare, could raise a family with any assistance, not today. You live day to day with a two family income and the shutdown shows those with good jobs fall flat in a month. Is this the American dream? What about those not in their position? Your leaders lie and it is a time for change. No longer will you listen the media narrative. No longer will accept words that divide on both sides. No longer will you succumb to leaders who promise a future, but enslave you in financial slavery. This is your world.

   The Democrats and some Republicans are letting clear thinking, cloud their minds. I told you, if the wall is immoral, remove it. Their statement is a lie, as none of them will stand by this. You the public needs to know, when you are being played by those who represent you. A wall slows illegal immigration, do we not have laws?

   Little has been done to increase security as drugs pass though our points on entry, but what has not been addressed is the vast amount of illegals, as they cross an unprotected border or jump a short fence. This is your world. Any barrier will create choke points, increasing a ratio of capture. Increased technology will shut down the flow of drugs. I hear words of defiance in the media, but no solutions. Again, the Democrats stated the border needs to be addressed, but after decades nothing has changed. If you had a worker that changed nothing to address a problem over decades, what would you do? This is your deception. Just know, the CIA and certain Senators and Congressmen will take a huge financial hit. This is why both Democrats and certain Republicans never put this in place. The wall is common sense, as those who fear it, will lose. Pelosi has been compromised by the new world order and the drug cartels, just like the Clintons and the Bushes. Check it. Schumer, has also just been compromised by the new world order. I will stop there. Pelosi you are given choice, nothing revealed, if you back down for America. This is you last chance, AND AGAIN I DO NOT BLUFF.

   Shifting to something lighter, D Lemon, what is with you. Am I wasting my time watching you, as to give you a voice here? I ask, how can you lie and where was your buddy Chris, oh respecting the holiday of MLK Jr., so I ask, why are you working? I thought so. The correction is to your report of the Democrats giving 25 billion to border security, this is true. But what you fail to admit, none of that money can be spent on the border wall. Fix it.


   May has presented her government with little change in the Brexit deal. The key point is the back stop at the border between North Ireland and Ireland. The UK wants an open border, but the EU sees this as to exploit trade agreements. Black market products would flow as long it is under the UK tariffs imposed by the EU. This is the problem. It is all about the money. May has no leverage and will fail.

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