Political Snap Shot

Written Jan. 24 11:30 pm EST


   You were told here, Biden was taking classified documents during the Obama Administration before that was public knowledge and now the FBI has found them. You were also told, this abuse of classified documents had many steps. What was not expected, that documents from when he was a senator, were also found. Now what? The Democratic narrative has turned on them and the liberal media for blindly backing it, is nervous. This is nothing new in the media and why CNN has started a change seeing the writing on the wall. MSNBC and the other major networks will not be given that choice.

   What you were allowed to learn by evidence instead of media spin, is that the removal of classified documents has occurred over decades by Biden. This was an engineered pattern and not a misplacement with filing or memory lapse. No one would search the home or office of a Senator, VP, or President. Oh, except a president that pretends to oppose the new world order now exposed. The search at Mar-a-Lago was by design, good politician, bad politician. This is the game they play. Trump had the power to declassify the documents, but did not. Why? His internal staff is on point and make few mistakes, unless this was desired. I told you, to judge by actions. I also told you, the new world order hopes to destroy both parties, as then the population would look to another, a global leader in time of distress.

   Biden had no authorization to remove classified documents from Senate or White House briefings. They are collected upon leaving for a reason from all that attended, no exceptions. So in essence, he removed them from the table put them in his brief case and walk out with them. In Corporate America that would be stealing of proprietary information, worse in the government it is stealing Classified Information. This was a planned crime of treason, but you fail to realize this. This is a fact. So to call this an innocent mistake is a lie, it was by design so many times. What have not been told, is that most of the documents are related to the State Department and their assessments of the Middle East, China and former Russian states like Ukraine. If this is revealed to the American public, they will connect the dots and follow the money. They have dodged a bullet metaphorically so far. You say how if they have the documents? The Democrats knowing what the release of the documents would mean in the 2024 elections have already replaced what was incriminating with others contributed by others and on record. So you say, how can you prove this?

   Most that run your government are not that smart. The documents they replaced for the real ones found, you will find Biden did not even attend the meetings or was to be informed. So how did he have them? He never did, but you are meant to believe he did, as a cover for what was found if the contents are revealed. Plus many more were found and then scrubbed from the total your DOJ will reveal. This is also a crime. Whistle blowers please come forward.

   The documents recovered were left for others to find in the family. This gave a play for play influence for those allowed to see. As countries could tweak discussions with the State Department in their favor. This also provided deniable for the one who left them. It does not take much to trace the contents of the documents and cross check them against those countries offering Hunter business or jobs. Check it. What was smart, is that Biden allow Hunter to pay his bills. It is Family help instead of receiving money that could be seen as a bribe. A senator does not need help from what was and still seen as a loser son in the eyes of the American public.

   What you have to realize is politicians offer the short side of the solution instead of a long term plan. Spend over a hundred billion in Ukraine and nobody knows where some of the equipment promised is. We cannot afford this and when it stops, Ukraine falls. Worse this nation has an equipment shortage. This is a fact, we have seen so many times in the past. Biden could have sent what was left in Afghanistan to Ukraine. Paid mercenaries are fighting the Russians, not the Ukrainians. Allow illegal immigration to fill jobs Americans will not take. With it comes a crush on housing with rents rising and schools that have to divert teachers to for English classes, that is a net loss. We have an immigration system that allows those who would like to come and assimilate. Not an uncontrolled flow under the guise of asylum. They are running from poverty and gang violence. Defund the police to please the BLM narrative exploited by the George Floyd death and crime explodes in minority communities along with cities that burn and looted. Give away money to survive Covid. Much is stolen, the population becomes lazy and inflation increases in proportion to printed money to fund it. We need fresh candidates to change policies. How, when someone fresh comes in, they are refused key committees and told their next election will not be funded? They fall inline or loss the next election. This is how they control those you hope offer change. The top is rotten. This is what you face in America.


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