Political Snap Shot




Written Jan 23 1:30am EST

   Pelosi, what do you not see as a leader of your Party, your demise? A leader sets in motion the standard, but the political climate you initiated made, now allows you to follow a freshman, really. How is that working for you? As you now know, you can not reign her in. Your problem, in your arrogance, you see little on your engineered perch and now she has connections, but the Party elders use her for their own political gain. She will use you to rise.

   Once she realizes, she does not need you, game over. So the direction of the DNC, is being directed by another and you think you are the leader? Few of you will hold positions if 2020 election comes, but that is another story. What is so sad, is that you are a follower while pretending to be a leader. Yes another directs your policy, that is a follower, no matter how you spin it.

   The Government shut down, has provided a unique opportunity for the Democratic leadership. So you pushed Senator Kaine to test the waters, great political move. Open the shut down for 2 weeks, pay everyone, including food stamps as the poor has no fall back or close it again if no agreement is made.

   How does this agreement if passed would work? Democrats will not be seen as weak, as they facilitated the opening of the government. Trump will get the money for the wall and win with his base. DACA will be given a new life. This is the compromise and all win. If the Democrats refuse after opening the government, they will seen as deceiving and the new shutdown is on them. As a point, Pelosi and Schumer will remove themselves from direct negotiations, but quick to take the credit. IT IS A GAME TO THEM. And you are the pawns, but they may see the light.

   Many are asking, why the sudden link of Trump to the NRA? There is nothing there, but speculation. Campaign contributions all are legal, as a seasoned corporation and their lawyers would not take that chance. Did they not files taxes? Did not the IRS scrutinize? So what is Mueller going to find? It is all about the investigation that increases the impeachment threat against Trump. They hope, he resigns.

   Mueller will find nothing. This is a tactic used by the new world order to pressure your weak politicians to take away your guns. Why, as disasters increase, their goal is to allow few to protect themselves. In a one world government, there are asking you to give up your sovereignty to a bunch of old white men in Brussels, France and Italy while you think Trump is your problem, fools.

   Cuomo in your great debate, it is one thing to wear a hat as our nation is built on free speech. On the other side, the language was threatening and abusive. This was the divisive event. You never verified the story and it exploited hate. Just asking, did the media narrative presented to America help, the Almighty or satan? You know the answer. They would have boarded their bus and moved on. Why wear the hat? Only because Trump supports pro life, but your minds could not figure that out? This is their right to agree with, that point only. Since when is it to agree with a point, that you are labeled to agree with all? God has a way of showing ugly and many of you were caught, learn from this. By the way, D Lemon was right for once in the past week, the kids should have walked away out of respect for an elder, right or wrong.

   Personally, I would have sue the media for the harm of your coverage brought to them. They are and do not comprehend the political consequences of wearing a hat. You need to step back and look at the big picture. All have a right to express their views. This is what this nation is built on and now you think an opinion that herds your opinion is just?

   You want to help the world, then change the circumstances that makes them flee their nations, but you wonít, as you place the burden of your decisions on the American taxpayer.

   Make America Great Again a slogan put in place by the Trump was to send a message to change the status quo, but most have no clue. The Democrats early in the election promoted Trump loves Putin. The truth, they are bitter enemies as he knows Putin had an agreement with Hillary to allow a limited nuclear war to where you the people of the United States would choose to join the new world order for peace. It did not stick, so they paid for the fake dossier prompting the Mueller probe, to this day, released nothing on Trump, but his recommended associates pinned for crimes years before. Is something there? It would have been released by now with a Democratic controlled House, the information would initiate impeachment proceedings. This is to continue into 2020 elections and to take back the White House with on ongoing investigations. This is their plan as Mueller has little.

   Letís look past the slogan and address the state of the nation. The Democrats promoting a perpetual under class needing social services that enrich those who provide the services. I ask Black people, has your plight changed? MLK said we shall see the mountain top, but all we have seen is the ditch. And it is almost fifty years and you still believe the pipe dream? Republicans has allowed the rich to get richer. Not so much with tax cuts, but ignoring overseas tax havens and more important the idea of globalization where cheap overseas labor replaces you. Your disposal income has declined as you live pay check to pay check. You only have to look at Federal workers, who you think, they have good jobs.

   Trump wants to bring all overseas money home and you look at a wall? Our allies strip you of your tax money to protect them, they have not protected themselves since WW2 and you have faith in your past leadership? For once do something that will help our future, reduced the maximum interest rate that predatory student loan corporations can charge our children, but you wonít do this. But billions are spent to house illegals. This is your government and it needs to change.

   The gravy train, which you have paid trillions for, your deficit needs to change and those hiding this will do anything to remove Trump. Call the wall racism, but you pay 500 billion for those who breached the wall over decades. Funny, this is your common sense. I will leave it here.

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