Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 23 1:30 am EST


   A quick synopsis as to current events, I do not have the time to monitor this event in detail due to its irrelevance. The funds in question could have been released anytime before and up to September 30 at the close of the year for funding, as not to be called delayed by law. Schiff stated the delay continued into the Fall, but the funds were released on 9/11. This trial is based on a lie. Urgent need for the government, national security, yet they did not know, the government of Ukraine, the funds were delayed. So what was delayed that Ukraine was so needed as a buffer to this nation against the Russians as Schiff stated?

   Ukraine was provisioned sniper rifles, shoulder rocket launchers, night vision goggles and training, profit for our black ops corporations as a kick back. As if this was going to stop a Russian invasion. Did it stop them in Crimea under Biden and Obama? They did nothing as the cowards they are. This gave the Russians a warm water port access to the Mediterranean. On top of that, 25% of the weapons sent are resold on the black market. This is how the former president and his minister that employed Hunter got rich, now exiled.

   Under the new president that vowed to remove corruption, the prosecutor under orders to clean up Burisma, was removed by a true Quid Pro Quo. This is a fact. This is the crime Trump wanted investigated, not dig up dirt that was suspect. Would this have affected an election, no. He would have to win the nomination first, but it would have brought a corrupt politician to justice. Under the Obama Administration the former president and his minister looted the treasury of the Ukraine for billions under Bidenís watch who was in charge.

   The Ukraine means nothing to the security of this nation. Russia does not need to attack the EU, it just needs to cut off gas supplies during a cold spell. Your politicians capitalized off of sweet heart deals by the millions, and you think Trump was seeking dirt to turn an election. You are idiots to think those who are Democratic, are watching this trial or understand the true nuances. The deep state advised Warren to bring up the allegations against Bernie about women to bolster her campaign, and then trashed both by revealing what was said after speculation. CNN had a choice.

   No one will beat Trump, as they hope The Iranian reward was to eliminate him. The offer is a diversion, as the true source only points fingers, if successful, as it will only be the Mossad that could carry it out with inside compromised intel. It shall fail, those behind this will fall from the top down.

   In this trial you can call Hunter, the Ukraine president, and his minister. This is the truth, as they called Monica against Clinton. All other testimony is hearsay and opinion.


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