Political Snap Shot




Written Jan. 24 11:45pm EST


   All of you in the media are wondering about, why the sudden change for Trump to testify in front of Mueller under oath? He is privy to all the investigations plaguing both sides of the isle. All that is rotten will fall. You were told all that seems may not be true in many parts and are not in the common manís interest. So it will unfold swiftly as majority opinion driven by the few (you were herded) leads the general population down an ominous path. It was the left and some right that paints Trump as a racist, but he invites many Blacks to his private parties. Check it. Racist house holds would never invite Obama and he was president. Michele just how many pure lily white Democratic DC organizations invited her to speak? This is the Truth. Please check it, as they will say scheduling conflicts, but over 8 years. They are lying.

   Letís move to the leak caught in e mails through the communication of Lisa & Peter in the FBI leaked by the NSA with more to come. Donít even try to assassinate the source as they are protected and if you come after them as there is more than one, I have asked the Almighty to terminate your life as a threat to the well being of mankind, which He has granted. They talked about a secret society needing to have a meeting as all must be on the same page after a surprise Trump victory. This was true as they were sloppy in their communications. That secret society was the Illuminati aka new world order as the Clinton lost set back the plans to invoke a nuclear war and suppress the knowledge of Niribu, which is still not known to the majority of the general population and has infiltrated all governments, many corporations, the Vatican and other religions. This will change shortly, as there was a synchronization of 4 geological events on Tuesday approximately within an hour. Volcanoes exploding in the Philippines and Japan in conjunction with Java Indonesia and Alaskan quakes. Heed the signs as they will accelerate quickly.


Update Jan. 27 5:30pm EST


   The communication between Lisa & Peter is now being made to seem like a prank. Why would CNN bring this up as it was fading from the news? Those in the Illuminati excise absolute control and secrecy is their protection. They cannot kill Lisa & Peter like Seth to make an example as all would know they spoke the truth, which they did. So they use the media as lackeys to dismiss the leak to the general public and create doubt for those in the know. No sane person would text about secret societies inside of the government as they know the penalties, death. May they meet with an accident months down the road, maybe? This is their plan. 


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