Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 24 11:59 pm EST

   Pelosi has pushed back against the State of the Union, as if the Secret Service cannot protect those who are there. I do not know why Trump gave a her pass on this one. This is a lie, pointed out in the media many times, and by the agencies that protect our leaders. Now you promote the view of the Federal agents union, this is dangerous? Unions protect their own, discounting the facts.

   Yes there will be a lapse of security at low levels, but not with the President, Congress and the Supreme Court at the State of the Union Address. Most of your elected leaders are nothing more than cheer leaders, who you elected due to popularity of what you hoped. They offer little insight that would solve the problems of this nation against the Global threat, new world order as many in power are compromised.

   As a leader, I would not care about Pelosi, just right her off, as others will replace her shortly. The State of the Union Address can be done in the Senate Chamber, where she has no control, even at an off site with the Joint Chiefs and the Supreme Court, what will Pelosi do? Tell all not to attend? Then there is no rebuttal to Trump. This move is weak as Trump will get the stage and you will have no response, but he withdrew. I ask why? You are a fool, Pelosi as you think you can out maneuver a representative of the Almighty, no matter his faults who has many? He was the only one that took on the mission. All others failed like Obama.

   Never present a false narrative, as you are all protected day to day and now at the State of the Union, when it occurs, are you vulnerable? No! Why do you lie? Exactly who are you trying to fool, not me, oh your followers, who do not comprehend the political environment, but hang on your every false word. You can play America, but you cannot play me.

   For once Nancy put the needs of the nation first. Your chances are diminishing, you need to use them wisely. The game with the wall as Trumpís priority is true, but there is a greater picture. You will be caught. The Almighty and His representative have agreed to raise the stakes. Solve this, or the Almighty will cut short the life of a liberal Supreme Court justice, due to natural causes as He is the Author of Life. This is not a bluff. Remember the Almighty could have taken you, Pelosi as a old dinosaur. But He wants you to solve this, can you? Remember I am only the messenger.

   Few realize, the schism in the Catholic Church now occurring, predicted in the Bible as the End Times is coming to a peak. Allowing a gay couple to address a congregation? We accept all, but we do not accept sin. This is the difference, this is what your false pope francis is promoting. He is the false prophet. This is why your world is polarizing and why it shall be cleansed.

   It was predicted, there would be blood in the streets, this is now occurring in many nations in Europe and others on other continents. Many have realized, the elite and their politicians place the goals of the new world order, financially enslaving you in front of protecting you that you elected. It is to control you. You have a popularity contest with few skills, just look at Ocasio. It is grand to spread the wealth, but it is they who fund your campaigns and controls the media. You can offer radical change, or be replaced. You have a choice, give a little and follow the status quo. Ocasio this is your decision. Side comment, look out for the sexual predators in government, thank God, Hillary is out. Doubt me, ask Huma.

   Again, why do we have to address old news, as if you the media try to spin old news. Let put this in a prospective, that all will understand. No group of young white Catholic students would go up against a group of Blacks, who are grown men yelling racial insults. The result if taken with their numbers, would be a beat down. They are not stupid. You call them privileged. Let me educate you.

Those who choose to send their kids to Catholic School, pays a price foregoing, free public education as a middle class family. I did it, and the cost was 180K at a minimum as not counting other fees to educate my children under the Word of God. This was my free choice. That was almost my house paid for in cash. I am proud to have spent that money, while being taxed to support public education. This is not a privilege, but a sacrifice that few of you would make for your own children. Looking back, I would do it again as I have no problems from my children. Not one has come into my face to defy my opinion in daily life. Not once have I heard the words I hate you. Can you say this? No curse words are said in my presence by design. I spent all that I can to elevate my children above me, can many of all of you state the same in time and money?

   Now addressing our government impasse. It is time to go after those who over stayed Visas as they can be traced. It is time to enforce E verification at all corporations and stiff fines for those who do not comply. It is time that all who have false documentation as grounds for automatic deportation. It is time to enforce the laws of this nation.

   I ask Democrats how do spend 500 billion, on those who should not be here and say it is a moral obligation? Your job is to protect the American people and our budget as a political representative, and is there is something left over, help those who elected you.

   Wake up call, your nation is 20 trillion in debt. The wall stop some, this is a fact where there is none? You are idiots, as you know they tunnel under the wall in border cities, but never funded sonic detection that expose tunnels. You spin what is caught at the points of entry, but the porous border is the true source as they are not caught.

   Cohen states he was threaten not to testify. Again there is witness protection and if proven true, as Trump would be impeached. Who dropped this story, and why again is the media covering this? We can continue to play this game or solve it for the American people. 40 million illegals are here due to failed policies and nothing has been put in place to stop them. The poor do not have Visas or fly and overstay. So you are telling me that our computer systems can not target false Social Security cards? You are telling me after all these years, you have offered no solution? This is the government Pelosi leads.

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