Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 25 4pm EST


   We have two major developments today, Stone and the reopening of the government. We will address Stone first.

   Some of you are starting to question connecting the dots to the Russiansí and Wiki Leaks. As this is assumed, but not proven in a court of law. No one would dare to request proof in front of a Senate Committee under oath showing the CIA and NSA has proof of a data breach that leads back to the Russians. Again as there is no data transferred from the DNC location as this is monitored. Yet, you the news organization have not been told of this by design, be careful.

   Did Stone attempt to get the emails yes, but where you have it wrong, his services were not requested, when he stated he had them already, but offered nothing that could not be found online. There was no request, but an opportunity to get money or a favor out of the Trump Organization.

   You have been told the DNC was hacked from the inside, as the NSA would have cut the data flow to Russia. But I guess you reporters are faces with no brains. Wiki Leaks is a foreign threat that reveals the truth and has revealed a few of the emails deleted by Podesta under the orders of Hillary. So what was in them that an IT employee who was killed for his action was so important that he needed to steal the emails and send them to Wiki Leaks?

   It showed a coordinated communication between an outside group hidden by many layers to allow nuclear war to occur. Target cities, acceptable losses and a peace plan after that would usher in one world government for the sake of all and the elimination of all religions to worship one. Seth knew it was job to alert the world and he paid with his life. Was the Mueller investigation looking towards an insider, no he was directed by the many intelligence agencies this was a Russian hack. This will now change and fear this.

   Stone is aware he was caught as an opportunist, this is why, he has a smirk. Mueller is now aware he is being setup as a pawn of the DNC. The Almighty has had enough this as the Truth will be revealed about Wiki Leaks. Many at the top in the new world order has been eliminated and that will change. The middle level will now be targeted with exposure to their crimes against humanity starting with Podesta. Podesta you will not know when or how as you sweat along with the Democratic Party, but I guess they may take you out rather than you talk. For you it is a death sentence or worse, for the many reading this, just conspiracy talk. So for you and a justice that ceases, the message will hit home from the Almighty.

   Trump has opened the government under a bipartisan agreement to protect our Southern border. But CNN promotes no money for the border wall. Your reporterís analysis is false. The agreement would have never been made, if that was off the table, as this was a good faith agreement to negotiate, but you spin it another way. 40 million Mexicans did not over stay their Visas, which they cannot afford. They crossed the border and for you to continue this same rhetoric will label you incompetent. As for the Democrats shelving Pelosi and replace her with Schumer, it is a good start.

Update 6pm EST

   All is not what it seems. You in the press, do not even know when you are being set up. I guess you paid no attention to your warnings last week. So be it. Pelosi is no fool. Schumer you were given the stage again by design. Did you ever ask why Pelosi is not front in center in the news, but you say she has forced Trump to cave? This is a tactic to force Democrats into a corner. As the only reason the shutdown was given a 3 week extension was to negotiate in good faith. No progress will be seen as a deception to the American people, thus Allowing Trump to use an executive decision to fund the wall. Democrats, you do not even know when you are being played and these are your leaders. Leaks will continue revealing the Truth.

   For those thinking delays at LGA & NWK contributed to forcing a decision, really there are always delays there and no pressure comes on the first day. Beware as the Almighty tests faith and the Truth.

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