Political Snap Shot


Written Jan. 25 6 pm EST

   The Democrats have made a case to America. We hear words like, we need to stop Trump from cheating again. No collusion and the Russians did not change one vote in 2016. They lie. Hillary as the loser she was, just lost, but she was new world order and eliminated by the Almighty. So was McCain and Cummings. This is why they were removed. By my orders others will follow. Ask Schiff and watch his body language.

   The Obama administration allowed Ukraine leaders to steal billions, and set up oil and gas companies to strip the wealth of their nation. This is why the nation overthrew them. Biden was in charge to oversee this. When the people rioted and replaced the government the US protected, Biden threaten them. If the prosecutor was not removed, who was going after the deposed former minister, their were funds withheld. This is a fact.

   Trump was told by well placed sources, Biden by proxy through his son was making millions by insuring a corrupt company, and was still allowed to steal. This was the bottom line. Yet Schiff tells you there is nothing to see. So Trump is being impeached for looking into this, not inventing dirt. The company was corrupt. Hunter was paid millions, Biden used the power of his office to remove a prosecutor by withholding funds. In Trump’s case, they spun it, as to rig an election, that has not occurred. Biden is 1 in over 20 candidates, and has always failed. Dirt is only needed when there is a threat.

   Trump is not worried about Biden, but the release would have destroyed them all. They know that releasing information early is a waste of time as the nation moves on. The Democrats took the chance, and have lost. Biden will be looked into, and corruption will be revealed. The Party will distance themselves, and the heads that roll. Will it be Pelosi, Schiff, Nader, Hakeem. I warned all of you. Had Schiff let this go, Biden would not have been harmed, and the Ukraine officials leaked nothing. You will lose the election.

   You need to ask, how did the former Ukraine president walk away with over 40 billion while being watched by Biden? If the Russians were their enemy, why did the former president and minister who owned Burisma flee to Russia and are safe? Why does Schiff state Ukraine affects out national security, and how, since the Democrats allowed the annex of Crimea? Ukraine resells the arms we give them on the Black market, all in place since the days of Obama and Biden, and we need them? The Russians when ready will attack with hypersonic missiles just off our coasts. As for Europe they will just roll and no one will stop them, as the Germans already have a pact. Germany thinks the third time, is a charm.

   The information on the Bidens if revealed, would have crushed the Democratic party on a whole as their top officials were in bed the corrupt Ukraine politicians for money. The phone call showed nothing, so they go after innuendo, as if they know Trump and his intent. The money was released before the deadline. Nothing was delivered from Ukraine leaders in exchange for Trump‘s request. The arms if delayed would not make a difference if Russia invaded.

   Nixon did have operatives break into an Democratic office. Clinton lied about the blow job, but was busted when Monica’s spit out his cum and it landed on her dress, so nasty. And you think you will twist greed into election fraud that has and will not occur? You are idiots. Remember God’s army starts at the top to correct things.

   Your leaders are inept. Look at Australia as the eastern costs are burnt, then flooded, hail storms apocalyptic. Jakarta sinking, as the capital is being moved. Puerto Rico has constant earthquakes in cycles of ebb and peak. Taal in the Philippines about to blow, China’s pandemic, Kenya’s locusts infestation, and Turkey earthquake just a start for the Middle East, and events are just starting. You will be caught in a lie, and then all will question, why you were so fast to promote Greta, when you were told the truth over a decade ago. They used a teenager to spread lies, who knows nothing, and backed by the new world order, led by the dark one.

   For those I support, attend Mass tomorrow, as it is kick off to Catholic Schools Week. This is so important to Jesus and the Father.

   The Father just revealed a new Truth, and if I was the Democrats, I would close down the impeachment, while you still have a chance. Obama and Biden were planning on getting rich on the backs of the EU through gas leases in the Ukraine with now the defunct leaders in secret. Hunter and a Kerry family member was put in place on the board to observe. The plan was to preserve the former president and his minister in power. The people replaced them, and Biden improvised and used his power to make sure the gas contracts remained in place. The impeachment process has been put in place that this is never revealed. The Almighty is justice and it has been served.

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