Political Snap Shot


Written Jan. 27 8:20pm EST

   So most of the News organizations have viewed this as a victory, but told you are being set up as to the government reopening. You have been used from the beginning. Finally you step into news conferences, that you and the American people have won. Really? Your party and the Republicans has allowed the gradually decline in the percentage of disposable income for Americans, and have done nothing for decades. Now you project to the media you are their best hope?

   You can not lower health costs unless you get doctors to make a major salary cut. This won’t fly. Then reduce the costs of prescriptions? Really, there is a balance for drugs to be distributed to the rest of the world and you think their fees can be raised as prices in America fall? Again, you call these leaders? Nothing has change in a half a century and it is going to happen now? They lie to you. Why do you continue the false future knowing what is about to befall them? It you that is contributing to the lost of souls, and as held back all will be destroyed in their time.

   I understand Pelosi you hate Trump, but you have no clue of the plans of the Illuminati you are now bound too, but dismiss the rumors as conspiracy talk. You have underestimated the power of the one world government. You have under underestimated how your world may change under these words. You underestimate the power of God, my and your Father Almighty. They have your blood oath and you really think they can protect you From God and His prophets? Good Luck.

   You have been given every chance to change, but you still think your politics will survive and the Truth never revealed, Pelosi and the media. It is not about the truth, which will be revealed, but when the news flash is before your election that you think will never occur and it won‘t.

   You have been told, when it seems you have a slam dunk, as there is a balance in place. Events occur to reinstate that balance. You won’t change, so the earth will, forcing you and those who blindly follow you to their knees. It is your media message, that will inspire many to trek north, rather that fight to change their current environment. This will force many towards our borders, if there is hope, which you are expressing. What happens with our own when overwhelmed? A smart fence is the answer where none exists.

   So your brilliant idea is to not delay migrants so that more borders agents are needed to patrol unfenced areas. You are idiots. Please tell Pelosi, she is not that stupid, as I will write you off to the Almighty, so tempting as He has held me in check. Then it is in His hands and He listens to me. For once in your pathetic politician life, stand for America as you announced to the media and nation. You have no power except over lost souls, do you really want to test this? Broker a deal and do not allow souls to be lost.

   Continue your same path and their will be a race war and this is on your hands. Hillary pushed the race card on Trump as he is not racist. The Almighty would never allow a racist to work for him, but his background was clouded to get elected. Is Trump overwhelmed, yes. But he has been given strength as was told when events start and he can leave. Then you as a nation are on your own.

   You were told to make a decision by events that shifts to good and evil. You have not done this. It is when a majority have solidified a decision, changes will occur removing them in mass. That is about to occur. Now it is time to go back to the media and your base and find a solution.

   You have promoted a false narrative. Same sex marriage as they have no rights in the eyes of God, but they do in the eyes of the antichrist. Abortion that mankind terminates life instead of God. Do you consider yourselves as God, be careful? Pelosi I ask you for the last time, make a deal or. You have the file on me. I do not bluff. Lets not let the world see you fall and power handed to Schumer, make a deal. In your world all is not what it seems. It is you in the media that divides this nation as all act on your words, Pelosi. But you refuse to accept the Truth. Your world will be cleansed and billions lost, it is up to you when they are or not lost to the new world order, an arm of satan.

   I have asked over and over again to crush the politicians of this world who leads the masses astray. He stated to me, his mercy is endless, but now He and me as to the future of this world and His children have reached an end. I am not bound by the rules that Trump has in place. This will be a serious upgrade from when my spirit challenged pharaoh. My job is to save souls at all costs and all that taints their advancement shall soon be removed if needed. You have a choice, use it.

   There has been no border security presented by the Democrats, and no solution for the DACA children brought here illegally for decades. This has got to stop. They say a wall is immoral, yet it exists for a reason. Illegal immigration costs lives of your loved ones. It cost this government 500 billion a year and your false polls say we are for this? No one in the hood wants competition for jobs. No one wants a person to be employed with fake ID. No one in this nation wants millions here not paying Federal taxes, when you are. This is your future under the Democrats. Stupid freshmen say tax the billionaires, really, they will just move their money overseas. You are learning idiots.

They lie as you hear about increase wages, all this is a positive step. It comes with increased prices and the gain evaporates. It is about increasing disposable income, which few address. This is a game and you the public are none the wiser.


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