Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 28 2 am EST

   As the world fears the Wuhan Coronavirus, it will subside. Just like the fires in Australia, the volcanic explosions and earthquakes. Thousands who have already died, are well hidden. No nation shuts down entire cities to control a reports of only 100+ deaths currently. Nor an emergency need to build hospitals. Yes the disease is expanding exponentially, but all countries are cooperating to hide the true numbers. If let out, the vacant streets in China would migrate here. Your eyes do not lie, but your media does. If the Chinese population refuse to walk the streets, ride the trains, and fly, then what are they telling you the media is not? Your media is lying to you. It is about the money. This pandemic is just the start, as the Almighty has allowed it to happen, a folly of mankind. As if they can control the secrets of life. So much for containment at that level 4 bio lab in Wuhan. Several thousand will die on the books, but the true numbers will be in the hundreds of thousands hidden from prying eyes. Next the plague of the rats that will infect your children in the East will follow. You ask, why would God allow the innocent to die? To save their souls, if allowed to live in chaos, satan would claim them. Look at your world, and you need to ask why?

Update Jan. 29 2 am EST

   What is going on in China is now national security, as certain ranking members of Congress has been briefed in secret. What is a telling sign, is that towns in China are building walls to keep out outsiders. You ask why? In Wuhan, ambulances take away the dead that mount from several to a dozen within a few blocks every other day as prying eyes watch. Leaks coming in from Western media show only a little over 100 died, yet in some neighborhoods hundreds were carted away, and many more sent to quarantine never to be seen again. This is the word of mouth that has major cities barren of populations. They have shut down all contact, as it is death to walk the streets. Your eyes do not lie.

   The Chinese hope to get this under control, and then hide the true death totals. This is the current plan. Over 10k has died already soon to be 100K, and then it will stop, due to the Mercy of God. A vaccine will be allowed. Xi you are worse than pharaoh, you will be brought to your knees as millions will die in the future, and then you as an atheist will believe in God, as all is taken from you. This is a promise. Backtalk or threats, try it, and 100k will become 300k and strike home. It is your choice.

   I have warned you, that you the elite are not in control of this world, though it may seen that way under the power of the dark one. Australia has burned, Jakarta is sinking, the Philippines covered outside of Manila in ash, a volcano blows up burning alive tourists in New Zealand, Puerto Rico crushed by earthquakes, now spreading into the Caribbean. Iran hit with quakes near its nuke plants and Turkey crushed, locusts ravage Kenya. This is just the start. But you hope Bernie, Warren and Greta will save your world. These events was a warning shot across the world’s bow, but you do not listen. So now the Almighty has granted my request to elevate. Your liberal cities will have their shores scoured and the dead will float in your oceans for all to see.

   I told you Central America will be crushed and Dubai’s buildings will crash to the ground as the ground shakes. Now I am telling you once again, persecute the Christians and the Jews, and your oil fields will burn, and you will beg for water. Allah does not want the message of your prophet to kill. The world’s elite are the enemies of this world, not its people.

Update Jan. 30 1:45 am EST

   It has been obvious to the world China has a pandemic. Rural cities are walled to stop city dwellers and others just empty streets. During the SARS epidemic, they hid the deaths, and those seeking medical assistance. This is why, all nations are evacuating their own without revealing, the true threat. A worldwide panic would only crush financial markets. It is about the money.

   The new world order hopes to reduce the population of earth of useless eaters, and China with this pandemic that has dropped into their laps, was seen as a great start. They are using an act of God to remove their own, out of an infected area, as an act of mercy. But the sinister truth, it is to allow the pandemic to expand, as infected are allowed in to the general population by design, and the incubation period longer than the two weeks stated will infect millions. They report when they get sick, but walk around for weeks thinking a simple cold. This is the plan.

   All brought to the US are to be quarantined off shore. As the corona virus is spread by human contact, but also does spread airborne, a fact not released to the public. Millions will die in future pandemics, and know, your leaders answer to another.

   Will Xi and Putin send the army of 200 million to conquer in the Middle East? Yes, but they will be children. The event is in the Bible, and they will fall, as Jesus and I, humble servant will watch. And Jesus as God will conquer.

   Turning to this nation, Bernie may become the nominee, but early wins are no guarantee to the nomination. Warren is a liar like Biden, but Warren will never get the Black vote like Buttigieg. Bernie may get the young Black vote after the scandal in Ukraine, but the elders, no matter the media endorsements will fail. If the Democrats could beat Trump with their own, there would be no impeachment trial.

   Oh by the way, the Almighty will make an example of Australia s to the arrogance of the West. What your nation has faced with the fire and hail storms, is nothing to what is coming. You will drop to your knees and beg God for forgiveness.

   Side note Warren, a nine year old picks a Cabinet member, you are an idiot. Why not add Greta to your team.


Update Jan. 31 1:45 pm EST


   As we listen to the prayer today at the Senate impeachment trail, you asked God for guidance. He has given it to you, but many of your leaders listen to another. This is why your world will be destroyed. Heed this, as you vote today, especially Romney. You destroyed a lot of lives when you led Bain Capital, souls were lost at your hands. Choose wisely as hell is real. Trust me, I will be watching as your soul drop into the lake of fire, if that is your choice waving bye. Side note to the Democrats, America sees you for what you are, when the smoke clears. Who will be the adult in the room, to move this nation forward? Your current mix of candidates have no realistic answers.

   Student debt paid, but those who did the right thing, gets the shaft as they pay again, for those who did not. 150 million Americans lose a 20 K healthcare perk gained in union contracts, and it just goes away without compensation. Millions invited through our southern border illegally, but automation like self driving cars take away their prime source of income.

   Look around as you know this world has less than a year before passage of Nibiru, then what? Climate change will not fly as meteors strike the earth, auroras go crazy, volcanoes explode leveling cities, earthquakes are constant in certain areas, and seacoast cities scoured due to rogue waves. This is your future, as you are listening to idiots who will hide when events go south quickly. All that is evil will be removed, in your government look at who is no longer in power or dead since 2016. This was by design sanctioned by God the Father Almighty, not man.


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