Political Snap Shot




Written Jan. 29 11:30pm EST


   There is a lot to reflect upon which has happen this past week as this nation continues polarize. I have explained what seems right is wrong and what seems wrong is right. This you were told to in advance years ago so that these times might awaken your sleeping souls.

   The goal of the powers to be is to divide this nation and with one of their many divisive fingers, with immigration they have succeeded for far, as black lives matter did not stick and now many are at each otherís throats. Few know of the true issues and consequences. Yes we are the land of immigrants, but needs change over time and the past is the past. Anyone could come to America from Europe that was disease free. This would not work now. This is why we have quotas and a fast track for the skilled. There is compassion and there is common sense. It is this narrative that the elite (the owners) pushes the media (their employees) and certain spokesmen to exploit. Hillary promised to keep the borders open in her closed door Wall Street speeches. This is a fact and few ask why.

   America has welcomed all except blacks and the Chinese need not stay after building the railroads, as there was a need when our nation was growing and land settlements were needed to displace native populations. This was the goal. It was not about compassion as the history books will tell you. The immigrants were looked at as cheap labor and those here hated them. Nothing has changed. With slavery abolished and the reconstruction of America needed, immigration was cheap labor. This was the bottom line. So you ask, what is the need now? So all of you Blacks with few jobs and Latinos that left the fields for pennies per hour, now want those who are illegal to take your job? This is what you are marching for? Then you white middle class, the day is coming when your way of life is shipped over seas or terrorist takes a family member as they hate capitalist America. Oh, I forgot, this is happening now. Yes vet the good ones like displaced women and children as compassion is needed, but you are a fool to let all in as this has not worked in the EU and will not work here. Assimilation is one thing when you come to America, but a change to our values will not be welcome or accepted in the end.

   The elite have used politicians to allow workers undocumented to enter the country for a reason. They come to escape poverty of regimes maintained by this nation in corporate agreements for resources. The agreement is cheap resources, labor and the flow of money back in enriches the few, but this is only their faÁade. The influx of illegals in this country depresses wages of those laborers already and trade agreements negate and marginalize the power of the unions. This is the Truth. The population of this nation, has a disconnect with the concept of a trade deficit adds to the national deficit. Any businessman would not enter a deal that loses money. This is what your politicians have done with our government trade deals and do you ask why? No. Short term all are happy as there is trade and this is promoted. On the backside the deficit rises and the financial noose tightens around the neck of this nation. The banks control this nation and the elite control the banks. It is game over as all ignore the long term goal. Arranged wars and trade deals have not changed the bottom line in this nationís financial plans or future and if was elected Hillary, it would be more of the same, but you donít see this. Nothing changed under Obama, but you have a health care plan with a high deductible and rates you now cannot afford. The sad part is the gun to the head of the insurance companies to stay with massive financial losses. If they can not control Trump, and they cannot, it is game over.

   You in the media should ask why does Trump see you as the opposition? Ask why do your producers give you certain guidelines? Ask why does it seem the world is against Trump? The deceit comes in that you are told to down play certain events and push others. Signs in the sky will come that will break even the best of you, but it will be too late.

   Immigration is not a right in this country, but a need. We allow others to be let in that will contribute to this nation. Yes we accept refugees, but the war is allowed by design, the military complex profits and millions displaced, there is another agenda. Not one of you would protest in Iran, Somalia or Yemen. If so you would be beheaded or worse. Create the problem, and then offer the solution. Do you not see this?

   America has morphed from a land of immigrants to where now most are citizens. Our agenda in the past was backed by a need, now we have laws to regulate the flow if immigration by numbers that can assimilate, preserving the core nation, allowing another culture to blossom and compassion for those disenfranchised. We are not a haven, because you feel poor when you realize the wealth in this country. We are not a haven because instead of fighting for nation you would rather run. Cowards need not come here. Skip the immigration process in place and you are stealing from the American people in fees, taxes, and abuse of our socials services offered to those who deserve. You speak of compassion yet their own kill them. Iran protests entry to our country and they hate us while harboring terrorists. Yemen and Somalia killed our soldiers and you have compassion?

   The wall does not stop those who can come here legally. The wall stops criminals and those who hide behind children to steal resources they are not entitled to. 60 years of seeing jobs and middle class wages decline and the debt rises in this nation. And this is what you fight for! Yes the immigration system needs to be tweaked as there are exceptions to the visa ban, but the increased vetting only protects America. The public is always wrong when it comes to direction this nation needs to take like the stock market. The public reacts and does not lead. This is a fact.

   I understand that we as a nation must heal, but I will not allow the forces of evil to dictate the path under the guise of freedom and the rights of others. This is their plan and always has been. You were told the world will polarize and it has. You were told most of those in power are not your friends and it is here. You were told all will talk peace, but prepare for war. It is here.  If all go against one, then there is your truth.

   I ask why all this passion over the wall, when your politicians send your jobs overseas? I ask why do have such passion for a woman right to abortion. So now your is that belief life begins with its first breathe. This is how limited your knowledge of the creation of life in this universe is. Life begins at conception as this is all that is needed, except food and protection of the mother during development. For the religious, they know the breathe of life is only a transfer from the internal supports system of the mother to independence. The soul does not enter upon birth as ill-informed minds assume as this comes from the dark side. It is there at conception as this is how the mother/ baby bond, continues to enhance. The soul binds to a cellular unison of human flesh; development or size of the life form is not a factor. Do your premature developed into full conscience? If you do not believe in God, then the life you assume comes at birth is from breathing air? Abortion is killing a life and only those seduced by the dark one thinks other wise. This is the Truth.

   Is there one of you in the media that will take their head out of their ass and investigate. This website is blocked and the numbers diminished while others no matter how wild promoted, ask why? I have played these same games for the past 16 years, and are still around. This message is to help humanity move to the next level with God, your inheritance. I can drag you fighting and kicking, but the final decision rests with you. Your days are numbered as the signs in the sky will come suddenly may be then you will consider the message.

   As for the voter fraud allegations, you have proof with the Michigan recount showing manipulation in Detroit for Hillary, but it was suppressed. In California it was allowed to proceed. It is here I would ask for a recount, specifically in the Los Angeles precincts and your proof will come. But this will not come about as negotiations behind closed doors will shut this down. If the public were told Hillary had an organized movement to covertly change the vote, the Democratic system of this nation would be compromised for some and others would go into denial. They will pay a price, but not in the public eye.


Update Feb. 1 3am EST


   Letís review the rebuttal to the immigration ban, now those who would help identify threats may not cooperate. News flash, if they do not get in here, there is no need for information. The EU let them in and all live in fear of a shooting and bombings. Tent cities of squalor, rape of woman as dress codes does not cover all. Yet you ignore this.

   The earth changes will render the oil fields in the Middle East worthless and even the Saudis will starve and cry for water. You should have blown the refineries up, but greed allowed Isis to grow as you wanted cheap oil for your bottom line. This is how the elite dismiss you the public. Illegals or immigrants have no rights to enter this country period. This is the ridiculous statements coming from the media. If there was a Muslim ban, then all would not get in and this is not the case. So immigrants are now more important than infrastructure, school systems, wages, jobs did Democrats fight for those issues? No if they did they would have been elected. Care starts at home.

   You check the backgrounds of your employees, renters, and those taking loans and now vetting is wrong? You are fools following a pre planned narrative to divide this nation. Do you have common sense? The media lies at the expense of the safety of this nation.

   Here is information on immigration, after WW2, no country wanted the Jews that survived the Holocaust that were not nuclear or rocket scientists. The Allies knew of extermination of the Jews through their spies and photos for years, but did nothing. All acted surprised when soldiers found the camps and denied all knowledge. They lied and six million died. Train loads of Jews leave and no one asks why no one returns? This is fact.

   Where the Jews offered resettlement in Germany their home, Europe or England? No. England (the colonial empire) took land from the Palestine without compensation as they were a colonial power controlled by the bankers knowing war would come as Jewish refugees were resettled fueling the military complex to preserve peace, they designed to fail. Most were sent there. After the 67 war the US that made sure of a win allowed a takeover of territory in dispute. This was done to bring on the 73 war. Now the resettlements will bring on with Syria WW3. This is the Truth.

  For Parliament, the House of Commons please vote to cancel the Trump state visit and when Germany joins Russia and China in 18í then takes over the EU as predicted in the Bible, Revelations. You are on your own and will be crushed and your Bank of England and the puppet master knows this. The royals will just run. They have learned lessons from WW2. As for the Jews in Israel, all of those in the Illuminati know they are toast.

   Pelosi on CNN Tuesday night talked about stagnation of wages. Economics is about supply and demand and you allowed the border to be open. You act as if the Democratic Party has a disconnect with Wall Street, but the transcripts of Hillaryís speeches state otherwise. It is this policy that has depressed wages in this nation and allowed migrants flowed into our labor system off the books over loading social, education and health services. Nothing has changed during the past 8 years as she offers we are all in this together as an answer. She pointed out that the pay between the worker and the CEO has increased ten fold under Democratic watch. But you now offer solutions as if you were not in control, but you were. Are there enough jobs here for our own? Who is paying for their health care when we have our own that need it? What about the debt created on 650,000 refugees? Are they going to live in your neighborhood? Did you really think this through? No and that is why you lost the election.

   The Republicans are going to present America with a new health plan and allow those who are with Obama care to stay in their plan by design. Given a choice many will abandon what is now offered for a better plan. It is here that the Democrats will eat their words as all leave what they back. This is your future, embarrassment and defeat since you want to play hardball.

   A warning for the Democratic Party Hillary was so confident that the rigged polls would shape the American vote, but the blacks stayed home. The arranged fraud failed by the interference of patriots, but evidence left in place in states that always go Democratic. Personally, I would crush you for your deceit, but Trump has a heart. Approval polls are again slanted, but again the people will vote with their heart. If the 2018 election occurs with your present stance, you will be crushed. Many stay quiet as to avoid confrontation. You have lied on Climate change. Knowing what is coming, but not prepping the cities as they suffer massive loss of lives. For once stop listening to the spokesmen of the Illuminati and for once in a long time represent the people of this nation. Time for change is short.


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