Political Snap Shot




Update Jan. 30 12am EST


   Today FBI deputy director was asked to resign, but could be fired due to a memo that was voted upon by the Senate Intelligence Committee to release it to the general public and now sits on the president’s desk. Sign it Trump and the cards fall where they shall. Bring the deep state in your State of the Union as this is the greatest present danger. The Illuminati launched a rouge weapon (no radioactive signature) with the intent to play you in Hawaii, call them out in code. The Democrats state this release of the memo harms our intelligence system, but this is an internal investigation linking the Hillary campaign to initiating the Russian collusion to throttle trump’s ascent to the presidency and it almost worked. So we are to believe the truth will harm us? No it protects those still hidden. The Intelligence Committee both Democrats and Republicans were able to view the classified information on the decision to release and not expose those involved, which the memo is based upon and the minority leader Pelosi knows this. Is she covering her ass, you decide?

   The FBI basically fired one of their own outside of Trump’s influence and you are protecting McCabe? Pelosi as I watched you on CNN tonight on Cuomo (good show), and you still do not have a clue that what you represent will be destroyed by the Almighty as it is rotten. You talk about our children’s future when you know you have a bunker and there is maybe a scant 2 years left to where most life will perish on earth as a passage by Nibiru transpires. You are so weak, as you only think of yourself as if you are a true leader. I will watch you cry when this nation is crushed with disasters and you hide as you have no real leadership.

   You have stated they have crossed the line, really for telling the truth. You stated a dark cloud is hanging over the US Capitol building, really is this because many in Congress and the Supreme Court answer to the new world order as Clinton. The Democratic memo only was brought to light in response to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s release. You were force. Be careful on choosing your words. Retract your statements or I will ask the Almighty to reveal your darkest political secrets. Please test me as this is your choice.

   For once represent those who voted you in. Change things those who live here first and when you succeed then we can embrace those here by circumstances. Is this too hard to do?

   Finally Van Jones, you are a smart man and stand up for all the right reasons, but all is not what it seems to be. All in power plant deep state operatives to maintain power. This is a fact. Trump has no friends, thus is undermined constantly and you know when the scale tips too far one way then it is wrong, just a tip. Congratulations on your new show and I did not watch it, sorry. Change at CNN starts with the few.

   By the way Trump, modify chain migration as to it goes against the total allotted from a country. Yes we want families to unite as we are humane, but there is a limit as this is our country and we set the limits according to assimilation. not politics or opinions from the undocumented as they have no voice, not the left who want dependency, just ask the Blacks as their jobs disappeared, not the media who paints this as good for America, but who pays the bill? This ends now.


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