Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 29 11:45pm EST

   Yesterday, Harris a Democratic Senator from California was thrust into the media spotlight by design as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. So one of your responses to audience questions was to address hate in America, yet you have not realized, little has changed since the sixties. Racism is nothing new here. It is just hidden in the North and in your face in the South where you know where you stand with a person. Do you forget that racism was forged by the Democratic party until they realize they can get rich offering social services to the impoverish they created? How many Democrats stood up for Obama when protesters gave him a joker face and a noose around is neck, did Hillary truly in her heart? She started the birther movement, not Trump, check it. It was your party that stoked the fears of racism as Trump did not respond to every crime. You can not change peopleís actions, by words. But you have none, that will heal centuries of a divide, do you? King tried to bridge that great divide with compassion & peace, and he is dead.

   Your DACA proposal makes no sense. It is one thing to give a path to the children, it is another to include the parents under the same plan. The parents will apply for citizenship like all others and go against the nationís quotas. You want to put them at the front of the line, state it for all to know especially for all that are applying legally. We do not encourage the acceptance of anyone who breaks our laws as more come. This is a fact.

   You push a Green New Deal, so I guess either you are lying or you were not briefed on Nibiru, which is it? The world is about to change and Climate Change will be the least of your worries. This stance will hurt you.

   Gun control does not stop criminals from getting weapons, it only creates a black market. You will never control this, but you will disarm law bidding citizens by design. Do you say, because drunk drivers kill over 50K people year, no one should own a car? I thought so. Background checks, yes but we already do this. Nothing new here.

   On Afghanistan, so we should spend trillions bombing a desert killing a few rather than enhancing our ports of entry? All while the military complex gets rich, the taxpayer poorer and this is your grand solution, more of the same. Just who do you work for?

    Why donít you do something useful, like offer student loan interest rates a point above prime, but you wonít do that as the goal of the elite who pushes you is to financially enslave the common man as they see it as it is in their best interest.

   Finally, you are asking hard working middle class workers to give up their personal healthcare paid by their employers and now more pay into the pool for Medicare. You are out of your mind. That shifts billions to the corporation as they no longer cover us and we are forced into pool of substandard government run healthcare.

   As for Gillum, I know this is your first day on Cuomo, but emergency visits by the poor, is there only choice as the must be accepted, but citizens get billed, illegals skip out so our bills are higher, again this is your plan? Welcome to prime time, I thought I had seen the last of you when you got crushed, sorry I mean your ego in Florida. Anyway, congrats on you new job.

   Be careful in the media about crushing Brokaw, under the orders of the elite who controls you and the corporation. You may be next. NBC you sided with the Democrats and their words bring everybody together and America grows. You branded Trump as divisive, yet your controlled media chastised Brokaw for calling for assimilation and illegals and legal immigrants embracing their new home, America as all would get along better. If all communicated with the same language, we would understand each other better and seek common ground, yet you crushed him as a lesson to others. It not about speaking Spanish among family and friends, this is your culture and is embrace by all. We all do it.

   With no or little assimilation, we cannot not come together as a nation. Without a common language and shared culture as American while embracing our native culture as to add to the diversity, we divide. English is are common thread. Is this your true plan as, we must ask this. Tom should not have apologized. For what, he spoke the truth. A guest in this country does not make demands only a vote can. To push this narrative comes from another under the guise of acceptance.

   When you come to this country, be humble and accept our charity and compassion, do not make demands as you do have the rights of a citizen. You are here to help America grow, not help yourselves or change our way of life. This is where the Democrats have it wrong. No politician puts an illegal before an American for any reason.

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