Political Snap Shot



Written 1/29 5 pm EST


   Some in the Republican Party and those in Capitol revolt are caught up with the site of QAnon as a start. You were told, that many main stream conspiracy sites are influenced by both the light and the dark, as to maintain a balance. You have to discern the truth.

   Letís review the point according to that site and others, that Biden is allegedly a double working for the light. You have no proof. Where is the DNA evidence? Why if the vote was going to be compromised, it was not stopped before public knowledge? Yes, servers can be manipulated by an outside source, but this can be reversed real time by the incumbent government. The information given was only to delay any response to the Biden win. You donít even know if the Donald wanted out and played the system or he got played. Where his words leading up to election that of a winner, or overt gaffs on the whole designed for defeat? I told you, that you are being herded by the new world order, by your choice and now you are uneasy, no matter which direction this goes. Release the truth if any, and the nation will not believe it. A revolution may occur if proof is given. What if Biden resigns, then it falls on Harris, then Pelosi, then what? That is the bottom line.

   So as the new Administration proceeds to build back better, what are their first signs? Your new Secretary of State Blinken is projecting a new policy away from America first. So some one you voted for, now is putting your interests behind other nations. Yes, we need to help others, build back bonds with our allies, but you are now the second class citizen? I ask, if America is attacked, would, what is left of NATO change things? You know the answer. This is your leadership, as they drift towards one world government and one religion that is not of Jesus. Exactly how does America second, third or whatever help this nation? What, we heal the wounds in the eyes of the world that Trump spoke. Do you think the average voter cares? The world does not pay their bills for protection and they talk behind our backs, no matter who is in there. Who is the biggest fool, one who calls out the free loaders, or the one that returns to the status quo? It is about respect.

   With rejoining the Paris Accord to slow down climate change, are you being told the truth? The Paris accord had many flaws, as many countries do not adhere to cutting true CO2 admissions, but depend upon Western nations to make the bulk of the cuts at a great cost to your tax dollars. Do you really think China will shut down all or even one of its coal power plants that do not even have basic carbon and sulfur dioxide scrubbers? Judge the polluters by their air that you can see instead of numbers.

   Biden is shutting down your oil industry to a point by executive orders. This is a fact. You have been told there is no honor among thieves, yet you and Biden should trust them? They do not even believe in God. Those in power, as seen with hints from the Democrats, reeducation is the only choice for those who voted Republican. Are you out of your minds? Where have I heard that before, oh Uighurs. For those who voted and lost, not death, but loss of job and shunned in society. The Party does one thing and Biden states he is president of all Americans, which is it?

   What is not being stated, is that there is an outside cause still not revealed to the general population. Second even if you reduce the carbon footprint, you have no controls in place for the rise in human population in the third world, which shall slow any advances made. I do not think third world countries are going to invest in solar and wind, which the cost would cripple their economies. They will use coal and burn trees through deforestation accelerating your climate change. You say the rich will help, this country cannot afford the transition and we can help others? Know this, the Biden Administration has not told you the truth on wind (AC) and solar that is DC based. These resources are only good locally as they do not produce enough amperage through transformer step ups for long distance transmission, especially solar. There is insufficient space in cities with dense populations and what happens when the wind dies? What about the immense battery waste? This is not a true solution. They are lying. Now what? Will you adopt the new world order initiative to reduce the population on earth to 150 million through a controlled nuclear war or pandemic? This is their plan.

   We hear that the shift from fossil fuels to green energy will create millions of jobs. This is true to an extent in the long run, but what is the administration doing now? Shutting down Keystone is the correct decision as a pipe break (earth changes) would destroy Native land and there are other ways. But to close federal lands to exploration and drilling before you have in place an alternate source of power or jobs is foolish. There are no job opportunities unless the industry is hiring or presently exists. What about relocation and education? I donít see large numbers of job openings in the green new deal now or in the near future, do you? Yet job losses in the thousands are occurring now. So now we stop exporting and start importing. How is that going to affect the poor and middle class as they are just getting by, under higher tax rates to pay for your plans? So are you teaching your kids, daddy I want to live paycheck to paycheck, so I can help the world. No, you would not, but your leaders are dictating this to you. You cannot bring the whole world to America. Fix the exploitation in their countries, but you wonít as if the CIA cannot take out the gangs and cartels. Someone is getting paid. Do you see the disconnect?

   The Russians will have a strangle hold on the EU and the Arabs on you. Oh, that is right American second, third or last. We have the morals to sacrifice your livelihood, in order to raise the base of the world. You fall into despair and your leaders get rich. America first was correct, as you believe in your own personas. Second place in anything you do is a lie? Yet the leader you voted in, states you are second class at best. You help others, but never take their place. This is what you face.

   So what are your warning signs with the new administration? We have the unemployment stimulus, but California found at least 30 billion dollars in fraud that they know of and these are your leaders? We hear the cry to forgive $10,000 in student loans. On the surface this seems like a good idea. It relieves some of the debt burden on our students as they start life, but look deeper. Your leaders wonít as they are on the payroll of lobbyists and donors both foreign and domestic. Consider the average student debt, currently at 30,000. But this is not the true picture. The number is smoke and mirrors to hide the truth, as 10,000 will seem to put a real dent into student loans of those who graduated. That number contains millions who do not graduate. They stay a semester, a year or two, thus lowering the true number, but they will not tell you that. So your idea is to bail out those who chose to fail or drop out on the whole? How does that help America? It does not, but it helps the banks trying to collect on those who dropped out? That is his plan. but many will still default.

   Most who go to private college and universities today, have a tuition that ranges 30,000 to 65,000 a year, many only get partial aid near 50%. This is the rule for households making under 120 k. If poor you get almost a free ride. So who is this going to help? An honest answer, it is the banks.

   They are infusing money into the banking industry to hedge their losses, if this is passed. Some with loans over 100 k, there is no relieve as interest payments are near or over 10 k a year every year until the principal on the loan drops. They will still try and collect. The burden is still there. You are fools.

   The Biden administration needs to offer 0% interest rates on all loans for those who choose to repay their loans, cost to the taxpayer, zero. Saving far more than the present offering and some what controlling the predatory student loan industry. Profits to the banking industry is stopped. Those who have no intent to repay can remain where they are.

   The Biden administration needs to offer an alternative education in the auto, electrical and plumbing industry on military bases to start. From a 2 year mechanic in the truck, auto and aircraft field to a licensed electricians and plumbers over 5 years. You want to change the lives in minority communities, do this. Housing on the base as they learn. Also set up these same majors at your State Universities. When they graduate, they really have a high paying job. Repairs on military bases are taken care of, a symbiotic relationship, but not one of you thinks to solve the real problem. Why? Because, you are just passing through.

   A warning to the general public, the investment industry is rigged against the general public. This has not changed due to a company like Robinhood, who backs them? If an investment vehicle seems to defy losses, it is a trap for most. The Bitcom by design rose and I told you, the elite took short positions until buying ceased. They cover their positions as the price falls. You lose and you think you held to long, as it was by design. They are playing on the emotion of greed. Now we hear AMC and GameStop are rising as if the common man has a stash to buy stock in a pandemic. Those who go short on the NYSE have to borrow it before selling short. They legally cannot, as was said in the media, the stock was short 140% of its existing shares. So the tactic here pushed by Robinhood was to buy all available shares, which are few, as the shorts control the vast majority. Their flaw and they have learned from this, shares in short supply easily rises. Those will to sell are hoping for a higher price and they got it. As the price increases, this forces margin calls on the shorts. For every dollar rise in the price they have to put up 2 as they paid 50% margin of the cost of the stock. Or they have to cash out by buying the stock back, thus increasing the price more and then more shorts have to cover. You get the picture. This is the squeeze.

   On the NYSE you cannot borrow from what does not exist. This is illegal. On the NASDAQ they do it all the time, it is called naked shorts. Nor can the general public out finance hedge funds, they have billions to trillions in some cases. In GameStop there was push back with some rule changes at select firms, but not on the whole. Thus limiting losses, but not enough create the market is totally rigged against the common man, which it is. Greed revealed their true intent. They are lying in the news. It is a trap, when a designed opportunity appears in another stock, they will be prepared.

   So why setup a firm that championís the private investor? You donít. The elite can crush any stock at any time, just by Bezos alone. If you are told to go long look at who bought call options in GameStop. It will be by proxy to hide the investor, as this is the clue. It is an insider directing your moves. The purchase would be over several days as to not attract attention and keep premiums down. As interest dries up, they will sell the calls into buying strength to hide the market move and then purchase puts on the signal the volume of buying decreases, yet the price is still rising. As the decline starts, it will be swift and very profitable. As for you, you will told you had a chance, but held too long. This is how they work.

   So you have doubts. Remember Wall Street that was made into a movie. The principals bought warrants on the house stock the brokers were pushing, as the stock hitís a predetermined point, the warrants moves dollar for dollar from that specific price point and they cash out for millions. You the consumers are the new brokers caught up in the frenzy. Those behind Robinhood got rich on options and you are none the wiser.

   Those behind the new world order has in excess of 750 trillion dollars stolen from the US Federal Reserve since 1913. Interest charged to banks, the prime rate on printed money lent to them that had no value. And you think you can win. They let you run up the stock, as who will you sell to? You can not make a profit if all buyers dry up, and they will. Just know, all of you who think you are so smart, by placing market stop loss positions, they will blow through them, as those positions have been leaked by all firms. This is the key to cleaning out many accounts, as panic selling is initiated. You can buy, but never considered the earnings reports, this is game over. Consumer patterns have changed, as many seek a secondary sources in the resale game online market. You are being herded, the general public never wins, but it appears to be that way. You were warned.

   The Biden administration has dreams to increase vaccine production, but ignores common sense. Many companies have been trying to develop another Covid vaccine, as this adds billions to their bottom line. So what could be done? You could tell Pfizer and Modena through an executive production initiative to sub contract Merck, Johnson and Johnson and others to produce the vaccine instead of research, as a third, Novavax may be considered to come online. The point, over an additional 100 million vaccines could be available without being charged overtime by the primary 2, but you wonít do this. Vaccinate America before you ship overseas. Germany did with their PPE, check it.

   What America needs to realize is that many people were tagged as Covid deaths before the election, but were not true victims, check it. Thursday the AG of New York State came out and said the Covid death count may have been under counted. Covid patients moved from hospitals instead of isolation on the ship or Javitsí Center was the mistake. No sane person would move infected patients into a nursing home that cares for the most vulnerable. You need to ask why? When there was an alternate safe site.

   The numbers in New York State were set to explode once infected patients were bought within nursing homes where isolation protocol were not in place at that time, check it. The death count was inflated as almost all deaths were related to Covid. The numbers the AG presents is far under those numbers released earlier this year, that was suppose and did to some extent impact the election. Financial incentive to hospitals if the death was Covid, leading to alleged fraud, you check it. Autopsies look at the lungs.

   Many keep asking if Trump did not call in the National Guard, then he must be guilty of insurrection. The truth is that the Capitol police turned down help from the DC police and the FBI when called. These were the first responders hours before the breach of the Capitol. You need to activate the National Guard that is under State control, not Federal. They would have been too late. You are being fed lies. There was paid insurgents that most followed. Yes it was planned by the insurgents backed by the new world order as a false flag operation, some of those who supported Trump just naively followed, others got caught up in the violence. There is no excuse for what happened. No word was spoken to attack the Capitol in a speech. This is why impeachment will fail, but they already know this. It is character assassination that is in play, but you do not see this.

   Those who descended upon DC on Jan. 6 have learned their lesson. Infiltration can only occur if they can hide among the masses, so Jan. 20 they chose to stay home. Who in their right mind would go against almost 30,000 troops with orders to shoot to kill. So insurgents who would be opposed inauguration aborted on Jan. 20th.

   With the National Guard still in place, the likelihood of domestic terrorism is nil with the guard still given orders to use deadly force. Just remember the violence was pale compared to the riots in the Democratics cities. Domestic terrorism in the case of the Capitol attack was about location rather than the true threat. No rioter had the means to breach the secure area of the Capitol, protecting Congress. Again not one in control of Capitol security called for help. As for the Biden Administration on policy for the Capitol attack, they are clueless on how to stop the division.

   Now that the Biden administration is in power, China has told the world that if Taiwan seeks independence this means war, so there is silence from the Administration. They can do nothing as the West did nothing with Hong Kong. Do you really think China will allow its citizens to immigrate in mass to the UK and what about the racist push back from the Brits, as if you do not see this coming?

   China will lay claim to the island, as they bet no one will have the balls to go to total war. Sanctions when you have all your factories there? They can crash the bond market with a dump. You have no cards to play, just as you have no true leaders, as they are all afraid.

   There is an ominous warning coming from Germany as the AstraZeneca Covid drug is not going to be given to those over 65, as they have been written off for now. They are the most vulnerable. Is this a precursor of things to come? It is foretold the EU will fall to the new world order and elimination of those not useful will begin.


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