Political Snap Shot



Written Jan. 30 11:59pm EST


   Ireland has allowed through referendum in 2018 to change its laws with same sex marriage and 12 week abortion, know this goes against the Laws of the Almighty. Abortion now legal in Ireland effective January 1, 2019. Saint Patrick is so disappointed as you are one of the premier Roman Catholic countries, but now many listen to another. You have been warned. Yes the law was passed, but you have a personal choice with abortion. No one has the right to take a life created by the Almighty. You are not God. You say it is my body. He says, did you will your life into creation? He is the author of life and only He can destroy it.

   You were told the soul binds with cell once fertilize as to bond with the mother’s soul, abortion breaks this. Only mankind thinks life starts when the baby breaths air, really is it alive in your uterus? Yes, use common sense.

   May is scrambling to save Brexit and save face. She has been told, the EU agreement offered is final. She has no leverage and you Mps know this. So why the time line of a farce? Will the EU offer an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland or impose a backstop? If so, it will be an unholy deal, and the public will never know about it. She is cornered by the EU and the MPs. What shall she do as time runs out?

   It has been leaked to the press, that certain leaders were trying to remove the gold assets that belong to the people of Venezuela out of the country. The Russian transport was there showing intent, but also look towards London. Did it occur? Some was loss, but much was recovered. Those responsible will be dealt with severely. Does the opposition leader offer hope? Yes, but with help, he will be ensnared to allow certain corporations to the state oil, compromising CITGO I the United States only. This is the status quo, and the people will get screwed again.


   We are hearing, our Intel states there is a problem and the president dismisses them. What you the public does not know, is the Intel agencies have two factions. Those aligned with the new world order will continue to allow war, thus financially enslaving a country to the banks as the our government thinks they are protecting us against radical threats.

   So lets give you this scenario. The British come in and colonize the Middle East and virtually steal resources, they (the Arabs) think has no value a black gooey substance. Then you facilitate certain families to rise in power and rule it subjects. In return you give them weapons and money to preserve that power. Then on top of that, you kidnapped very young poor white women and boys as sex salves from your colonies never to be seen again. When old (30) replaced and buried in the desert. The general population of these nations sees the Western influence corrupting their leaders and culture. We see a profit, but then they come against the people of the Western countries to inflict harm to preserve their way of life.

   So do the British companies just walk away from trillions of dollars of oil profits? No. They form an alliance with military companies, bribe your politicians to maintain war in the Middle East to protect the sovereign of the Empire. Millions have suffered, crimes hidden and hate rises and this is where, we are today.

   Walk away from the oil and it is over, but you won‘t. It is you the public, that pays for their choices and again these are your leaders. This is why they is an Isis, a Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran lying they want nuclear fuel for power, but Israel is held back from bombing them as if they know something, and North Korea who will not give up weapons, and Trump knows this. The point, if or when attacked, they had a chance for negotiation, but you do not see the grand plan.

   The Intel patriots, know China and Russia are greatest threat to this nation as the EU is the new world order and increased the military to repel an invasion. While your weak politicians preach peace, they have plans to hide in the bunkers and come out as overloads or so they think. One of Hillary’s emails was released showing agreement for a limited nuclear war released by Wiki Leaks, it was on web, search before it is gone. The Bible tells you 75% of mankind will perish, and you fail to heed this warning. No true Intel agency goes public to advise them of a threat or non threat. The threat is removed secretly. This is your clue.

   Tonight, Christi was correct, in that very bad people who were opportunistic, got into the inner circle of Trump. They were on the recommendations from those at the highest levels of the RNC. All crimes were in place before they came to the campaign, and Manafort was a tool of Podesta. This is the deceit. Then there was house cleaning. He was warned.

   The media now talks about lynching, due to revelations that an actor was attacked. This is how out of touch you are. Since when does it take, until 2019 to introduce a bill for lynching to be viewed as a hate crime, which was used in the South and some area of the North to intimidate Blacks of death, as a lifeless body hangs from a tree to enforce white supremacy, although the Civil War combined with slavery earlier ended in 1865? Again I say these are your leaders, very slow learners.

   Cuomo, you know you crossed the line pushing the God question, but your brother is out of control. What I have to say will not be pleasant, please talk to him, you 18 hours, and it must be in the media. Did you think, because you are a Roman Catholic, you have a right to that question. I told over and over again, yes he was the only one to stand up to the new world order, no matter his flaws. This is why he won. Hillary would have given control of the this nation to one as an offering of peace by a designed war killing billions. All under one as to avoid further conflict is the plan. But you know this in your gut. Under my recommendation, the Almighty has given you a pass on this one. Do not make the same mistake again as you influence millions.

   By the way you and D Lemon finally told the whole truth, the wall has two sides that needs to be addressed. We need a solution.


Update Jan. 31 11:59pm  


   As for Trump, you are at an impasse, Pelosi was given orders as to not to yield. She answers to another. She is to divide this nation to when it is all over neither party will be wanted by the voters, thus will seek another. Plan B, she states, she will not compromise, take on her word. You will fund the government the next time under progress as this 3 week term expires. In that temporary budget, full funding for border agents, increased security at our points of entry 30 billion, more judges to remove the backlog, e verify for employers and a visa tracking system funded fully until the election. You will give them a specific period of time to make a deal on the wall. You will win. They turn it down. It is over. DACA can be addressed along with the wall. Security of the border is key. I say it again all 40 million illegals did not come through our points of entry, they climbed over low walls or no walls, if so it is your politicians that let them in at your expense, the tax paper. They say America has a moral obligation to the world, while family is a pay check from disaster. Is this who you want to represent your concerns? Charity starts at home.

   You in the media have a short memory. All Intel chiefs under Bush told us, Saddum had weapons of Mass Destruction and you believed them and went to war spending trillions. They found nothing. The only thing today that has changed, is the faces. Support the military complex, no matter what they say in collusion. You are fools if you fall for this again.

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