Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 2 2:30pm EST

Updated Feb. 3 3:30am EST


   The release of the Nunes memo was devastating on our political process. Yes over 90% the FBI defends this country at all cost including their lives and this is what America must respect. Those in the FBI on the investigation level told you that the their were many at the top muzzling the truth in conjunction with the media. This is just the tip.

   Carter Page was picked as he was already targeted as some one that the Russians were interested, thus a foundation. The Steele Dossier bought and paid for by the Democratic Party was never revealed and used to acquire to get the FISA warrant to the judge that granted the request. This is a fact. When this was revealed and known that Trump was going to release this information, the FBI fired McCabe and not Trump. This is also a fact. Now The FBI on the whole is not a partisan organization, but those at the top are as they never thought Trump would win and thus their crimes would never see daylight as Hillary would be president. This was the plan.

   Now you say we did not see all that the Intelligence Committee based this memo on. Yes that is true as aspects are still classified and the all Committee members did. This again is a fact. The McCabe testimony will now be made public by Trump to crush the Democrats and their lies. You just could not leave this alone, so now you will pay a price. Democratic memo will try and spin this if released, but know this. Walk away and lick your wounds as if you try and further deceive the American public the Almighty will make this personal and you know what I mean.


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