Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 2 11 pm EST

   Letís reflect back on a week of impeachment. Remember when acquitted, you are innocent of all charges, but the media has convicted. Schiff gave you a comparison Quid Pro Quo for Trump, and a hypothetical engagement with the Chinese. He stated that Trump would offer to betray American farmers for information on Biden. So Schiff, the current trade war does not equate into your scenario? Biden will not be the nominee, why waste his time? Did you think your words through in your mind before opening your mouth?

   America wants to know why you, Pelosi and Nadler did this, knowing you had no chance of winning? The world will not see your pain Schiff, but those watching Nadler will. Working for the new world order was a choice, all three of you took. Now you will or have paid a price. For Nadler just know events your family is facing, are on you.

   China is being purged of evil through pandemics where millions will die, so yes a 200 million army will come to the Middle East and slaughtered by the Hand of God as written, but many will be children as most adults will die the present and future pandemics.

   Consider a Bernie win as the Democrats cringe, and he is an Independent. Corporations will move operations or go bankrupt. Leading to more multi-nationals like Amazon, Google and Facebook controlling all aspects of your lives. No compensation for your union healthcare, when removed. Again you talk about free college when Asian nations that are in high school are 4 grades in front of this nation. Fix the basics, but you wonít. No tests and everybody gets a trophy. Oh yes, that plan will lead this world. Free comes with responsibility, eliminate predatory interest rates, and loan forgiveness based on graduation in a real field of need. The far left are trashing Hillary, and you think, this is going to win?

   The Democratic Party needs to educate this nation to lead the world, not get by. The Democratic Party needs to embrace what is needed to make this nation a leader, and shed the baggage of appealing to all. That is the problem with unions, as sometimes they protect the bad, that should be fired. You appeal to what is right, and others get in line. The Democratic Party needs to help and protect all who are here first, before offering services to others, who break a process.

   Trump puts America first, by closing down the trade deficit, he stopped wasting our money to protect others, who can protect themselves. He plans to close down wars that only empower the military complex and the new world order. If you wanted to win an election, help those who may elect you. But your sinister plan is free services that enslave a nation under debt for what seems a noble cause. The deception still not seen by the enraged voter.

   The Democratic Party will not win with Bernie or Warren, as old school Blacks will stay home. Buttigieg is worse, as it is not about the rainbow in a Baptist church, no matter how you try and spin it. You need to face the truth. The Democratic base is not familiar with Bloomberg who will be seen as another New York billionaire. Amy, Steyer and Yang, lets not try and laugh. Biden if he makes it, has baggage. You will lose the presidency, the Supreme Court will shift again to the right as Ginsberg is removed from earth by design, and the House will shift back to the Republicans. Your government will still be in a gridlock, as many Republicans and all Democratic leaders are new world order.

   In the vote for witnesses, Collins who was just ill informed, but Romney knew what he was doing, and was given a warning. You have sealed your fate. When you plummet in extreme fear and pain, just know, you were given a chance, as you took my advice as a joke.

   To the media, your leaders are lying to you, about China as not to set in a panic. Does the Trump Administration know the death total is well above 30K, yes. They are hoping for a vaccine, but until then, mass graves will show up on satellite photos hidden from the public view. No one wants to hear, these are the End Times.

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