Political Snap Shot


Written Feb. 3 12:30 pm EST


   The government finally released a short police vest clip on the attack of Paul Pelosi. The clip was to dispel any or all rumors, as to the nature of the attack. It is not about a conspiracy, but it is about the truth. Now many have to say, if Paul was caught with someone he knew, any lie would be put forth to protect the Pelosií legacy. This is a fact.

   The video was graphic, but it did not show the hammer impacting the head of Pelosi due to the angle of the vest camera. You saw the hammer, as did the police and he was in a hold. Why did the police not pull their weapons? The hammer swing shown, most would have killed a normal man on impact with the narrow small head of the hammer to the skull. It is what was not was revealed and why the video took so long to be released, that needs to questioned.

   It is not public knowledge, on how the perpetrator got into the house by-passing the alarm systems or we were not shown the break in point. Why was the glass at the front door side window broken outward? It is not public knowledge, on why police protection was missing that night. It is not public knowledge, on where or who has the video on the outside cameras and more important those placed in the inside of the home. They were probably turned off. Now given the lack of real evidence, either this is a true break in and a real tragedy or crime of passion by an alleged spurned lover yelling to find his competition, Nancy. You will never know, nor will I reveal the truth.

   The classified document scandal has run its course. The raid at Bidenís beach home was a FBI stunt. The location was swept by Bidenís lawyers weeks ago and the FBI knew this. The point, FBI raided and found nothing, this was the designed narrative. The result was to lower media attention and it worked. Yes, they think you the American people are idiots.

   As for Hunter, he may not succeed in evading pay for play big guy narrative, but he may evade criminal prosecution. You ask why? Many of both sides of this government are guilty of this crime like the Clintons (the foundation), the Bushes (oil) and prominent members of Congress (State Dept. aid packages) who would be revealed in follow up investigations. America is not ready for this, so change it.

   Congress is debating on cutting spending on your benefits due to the budget deficit and the debt ceiling. But they have no problem spending hundreds a night to house illegals in expensive hotels, when they use to live in tents at best. They are evading poverty under the guise of asylum. In Ukraine they take your money and buy food at almost 5 times the cost to feed the army. Oh they are getting paid. Plus, the Ukraine ministers went on vacation in France and Spain spending your money. Prime suites, girls, coke, limos, boats, wild parties and unlimited dining bills. Only when caught, Zelensky fires them for US press optics and they get new side appointments with the same pay. This was not their first rodeo. You leaders are fools. What is worse some Americans believe Zelensky is about freedom, no it is about the money. Ukraine cost the United States over 100 Billion on the books in a year. Nothing is mentioned about what is funneled via black projects. There is a paid mercenary force. Again, if they are winning, why are their cities destroyed and what little you see is by design?

   Oh, the high altitude balloon from China, they should have shot it down with a narrow beam laser insuring a slow descent by leaks. But some of your politicians work for the Chinese, so let it float over. So how did they know it was Chinese? They tracked it and could have stopped it over the Pacific. With wind data, projected velocity of descent, the lay of the land below, this was like shooting a fish in the barrel. Do they not know where space capsules will land? A balloon descent could be pinpointed within a hundred yards from 100,000 feet. The point, was to allow the media elevate the Chinese threat and America might be powerless, new world order.


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