Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 4 11:15 pm EST


   So we will concentrate on the State of the Union, but Trump spoke in a lower tone of voice by design. We saw that AOC as a no show, coward. Clyburn shaking his head for a positive suggestion. You are an idiot. Are you for America, or your party? Pelosi looked confused, looking down for no reason at prepared notes, she read so many times. And this is your leader?

   The Democrats sat down, when Trump stated our allies should pay their fair share instead of passing the cost to you, US taxpayer. Did you observe the body language of the Joint Chiefs?

   The rebuttal from Whiter talked about infrastructure, but your Party controls the cities, which is in disrepair. What happen under Obama? You speak about coverage for expanding healthcare, but you can not afford it. The source of change is not coverage, but reducing insurance on doctors, reducing prescription prices.

   Working people have always been taken advantage of. You can not raise the low end of workers with an open border. Raising wages are a smoke screen, as those who hire will raise prices.

   Climate change is a lie, as the source, has not been revealed by design. Life is started by God, and is not a woman’s decision to end. You are out of touch as a Party. Late term abortions, is against the Laws of God, and they sat. We stated America first, but they again sat, as they answer to another. The Democrats will not protect you in the threat of war. As they stand down for a false peace. You did not stand, when stated, all are created equal in the eyes of God. America saw you for who you are.

   By the way Pete, will loss all Black votes, as their preachers are not about a male president who goes down on another of the same sex. We will not have a first man. What about the whole first row in your Buttigieg rally, all Black, but they only compromise 4% of the population. You are a suck up, as you planted them for a hopeful political advantage. Your in your city hate you, and you think you win? If the churches agree, the Almighty will destroy their faith. This is a promise, as He has done this before.

   Pelosi on the hand shake as the event started, was extended after Trump turned out of her view, by design. The tearing up of the speech on camera, was again a designed stunt arranged by the deep state in agreement with many Republicans. The new order becomes an option when the current government offers no solutions, when war comes.

   Just know Trump, you have been told in prep for war, but they are replacing current warheads with low yield alternative in our subs. You need to ask why, if you are at war, you tie a hand behind your back for peace? Peace is attained, when you win with no mercy in the End Times. The new world order when started war wants a calculated risk, warhead replacement gives them that. Heed this.

   By the way Trump, presenting Guaidó as the legitimate president at the State of the Union, took real balls, that was your best moment in the eyes of God.


Update Feb. 05 12:15am EST


  So exactly what happen in Iowa? What the public does not know, is that the app was tested and worked. Then was corrupted by design on orders from the DNC. Did not the creators work for Hillary at one time? This was a fail safe measure put in place if Bernie rose to the top, the system would shut down. The vote tally showed this. Biden was the choice of the DNC, but fell too far short to prop up the numbers in a fraud. He burnt bridges when faced with the truth by concerned voters on Hunter, he said, vote for another. They did.

  The app had Bernie ahead, which would have been a disaster, so the DNC closed down the vote. The embarrassment was better than a Bernie victory. The plan was to replace certain paper votes to reflect the tainted victory of Buttigieg. The point, a slim margin will not to be contested by Bernie, backed by replacement paper votes. This is what took so long, and the slow trickle to 100%. Like the rise and fall Beto, Harris and Warren, Buttigieg will fall for another. Bernie will win in New Hampshire, but fail like Buttigieg in South Carolina, and a new leader will emerge.


Update Feb. 06 2:15am EST


   Romney exactly what did you expect by siding with the new world order? You are toast and doomed your family to God‘s wrath. Now moving on.

   The video leaking from China, showing bodies piled in public spaces show all areas that could hide the death count are overwhelmed. Tens of thousands have died in the initial weeks, and it is worse. Crematoriums can not handle the load, so mass graves is now the only choice. Is there proof, yes US sat photos show the movement of refrigerated trucks at night transporting a cargo with no heat signature to remote areas and disturbed dirt at daylight.

   Currently there are many stating loss of loved ones and many sick within families confined in close quarters, as hospital beds are reserved for wealthy. Infections are already in the millions, but not reported as hidden. So Xi, do I have your attention in the Name of God, as you lie to the world? I said you will drop to your knees, so be it. But I can double down. The choice is yours.

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