Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 6 11:59pm 2018 EST


   Currently we have a plan proposed by Republican Senator McCain to reform our immigration system. I have told you, he is new world order and his proposal mimics the Democrats who have been compromised. No one presents a plan on their own without approval from the top. McCain again is allowed to speak with the restraining boot are you idiots?

   The media is so fixated on words, rather than solutions. This is one of many problems with human society. General Kelly stated some are in fear. This is true. Others are lazy. This is also true, even if it is just one. As the word all was not mentioned, but you perceive this to the general public about all DACAs when it is a lie. For once let your passions inspire you to do what is right to solve the problems of DACA and stop the flow.

   As for MS-13, few in America thinks that all illegals are part of a gang as you paint this picture. The wall keeps those out that skirt the legal process of immigration. This needs to come under control. You donít want to change it, and then sponsor them at your cost and when they become citizens; we will welcome them with open arms. This is not the problem of the American taxpayer and is the bottom line. Can your guests Don tonight do that? I offer my sympathies for your sister as she is with God.

   The media and Democrats keep saying there was a Russian hack on our election system, with no proof of how. When is someone going to stand up? The lies presented by the media states, we were hacked, but our election system is a closed to the internet. All polling locations are secure by dedicated PIP and fiber optic lines. There is no exposure to the public communication networks, but you are led to believe this by the compromised media. Unless you think a few adds on Facebook change opinions? Check it.

   With the dossier showing it was bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary and use to obtain several FISA warrants, the Democrats have released their version while serving on the same committee. Remember all of you were on the same Intelligence Committee with the same briefings and now you want to speak when you said dire consequences would harm this nation if the Nunes memo was released? Today you say the memo was a dude, really. So now Grassley drops his memo filling in some of the blanks and CNN does not even cover it. You only maintain your position to hold tight the secrets of the inner workings of our government as McCain turned on his own. This is what you held dear. The bar will be raised again until you fold. Test the Almighty, if you dare.

   The Democrats now have released their memo to the Trump Administration for approval to release it publicly, but inserted classified information that has nothing to do with the Steele dossier. The Trump Administration will either have to have redacted parts of it as if they are hiding something or not release it. This is the current Democratic tactic. The Trump Administration can release an adjunct memo as to address the subject of the blacked out spaces without revealing the content in this chess game

   Over the past few days the new world order took a bold step by using the banking system controlled by the pseudo name Rothschild to crush the stock market at the expense of Trump. The Federal Reserve is no longer under control of the Bank of England, but their vast wealth the created an arranged sell off thus hoping to crush, the gains under the Trump Administration as this was and still is the plan. Speculation is for the weak. The market reacts to true numbers, not those planted excuses to cover another agenda. Those in the know went short with the Puppet Masterís blessing. I ask you, if you were just given a tax cut releasing billions, would the banks in order to increase business need interest rate hike cutting off a flow of capital?

   There is little evidence of inflation over the last 15 years? If anything our portions on food products just get smaller to hide those increases. The Federal Reserved has been purged of all Bank of England ties by General Dunford. The media planted this story as a guise and all in the new world order were positioned to go short as the gullible public continued to buy. They leaked their positions to key people as they would follow suite and like a house of cards in a swift breeze, it collapsed.

   This tactic was behind the sharp decline affecting the markets, but they have to stick within parameters as the best provided a floor for drop and the covered their short positions. Those who followed the deliberately release inside information were late as they never knew the point the elite was covering through a series of oscillations where the break out was hidden and most broke even. The key is that the primary motive, was profit, as the public is told to hold in times of volatility and secondary discredit and destabilize Trump Administration as the market dipped, but few realized this was a small set back due to the rebound. The new comers may have to ride the next level down incase Trump does not get the message.

   Yes, it worked as the public is none the wiser. With the media push by Trump, the stock market was on fire, it suddenly collapsed. This is now suspect. The Federal Reserve now controlled by the US Government under Dunford no longer allows the Bank of England to siphon funds under the guise of interest rates increases and the prime rate. You can blame President Wilson for selling out this nation. Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy paid the price with their lives against the bankers.

   This is your second warning as the new order sent a message to the Republican Party after they released the memo. The new world order sanctioned a parked garbage truck on the tracks and placed unresponsive bodies inside the truck as a cover. No one stops on the tracks and does not exit the vehicle with warning horns that go off well in advance of a crossing. This is why there was no motion to escape and if the truck broke down the occupants would move to the sidelines. There is always a front end camera on the head locomotive. Where is the tape from the locomotive?

   I have told you that satan incarnated as a man walks this earth and his time is now.


Update Feb. 8 12:45AM EST


   Don, do you really want to exploit Kelly for the sins of another? You have a sin, which I need not explain. Is your eternal soul worth a tainted love? You present a White House associate now accused of abuse of his wives. This is true, but people do change and the law no longer holds him accountable. So if I get this right, your prison system cannot offer rehabilitation. Is this the narrative you want to present to America?

   The Almighty has authorized me to expose the sins of all icons you hold dear. Do we really need to walk down this path? All of you have secrets from your past and I will expose them through a gift from the Almighty. Yes the aide needed to resign as physical abuse towards women shall not be tolerated. It is not your place to recommend the resignation of another when it was not on his watch.

   You have a choice; leave Kelly alone as he is not responsible for the past mistakes of a team member. People change and his actions of the past are not his present actions. This is how he should be judged.

 Conspiracy, no, but the ability to exploit the weak with information is there agenda. Use what is available to you as information is power. This is the Truth.

   Let me say this as you have forced me to raise the bar. Fear this. Icons who have served in Congress will be exposed as to their manipulation and sexual abuse of their interns. When you play the game expect to get burnt as I work for the Almighty and you are men. Letís see how your satan protects you.

   For Trump, release the Democratic memo as I specified and call their bluff. As for Obama asking for all information within the leaked texts, this is true. It is not that he was conspired to help Hillary, but he did not trust her and wanted a heads up to anticipate her moves. Obama never expected the FBI would betray democracy at the highest levels to push a candidate while t6he rank and file never question orders, but they did.


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