Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 6 2am EST


    Democrats cheered for the children who were accompanied by an adult, then separated at the border. Many are not with their legal representative. This is why they are separated, to make sure that not one child is exploited. Separation, DNA testing and a background check is their only safety net. Yes all are not, but just the one, is one to many. It could have been you.

   But you now back babies lives to be cut short, all the way up to the point of birth in New York and proposed in Virginia? The law passed in New York, but there are reports of aborted babies surviving the procedure, who are outside the womb of the mother, now can be terminated, but the Democrats rejected the law to protect them recently. A baby outside of the womb breathing air with a soul is an individual protected by the laws of our nation. This is murder and none of you speak on this. This is why the Almighty is going to crush your world, oh and the LGBT community.

   Trump laid out his plan, challenging many problems this nation faces, as all of you do. He spoke about unemployment rates falling after stabilizing in the last year of the Obama Administration, then with Trump the rate drops again. Has he lied on unrelated issues, yes, but so have many of you. This is your reservation on the ideas presented in the speech. Many things you can agree with and hold him to his word. Infrastructure, lower drug prices, stop the incarceration of minorities on non violent crimes. It is time to stand up for America. You speak of compromise, start here. This is your last chance, come together or events will make you. You know were I am going.

   You say he is a racist, no, all he cares about is America and money, some that support him are racists, this is not his responsibility, especially as many of your own feel the same way in secret. Your Va. Governor is a racists and you can thank God, Trump did not mention this during the speech. Now I gave you an ultimatum and you have not address this, and so you will pay, as time is up.

   The Democratic rebuttal was weak. Stacey your family was no different than mine, all fight to advance. So was your response to inspire compassion, when we need solutions? You offered none. Nothing has changed for Black people since the sixties. Where are your solutions. Oh, allow millions to cross the border seeking the American dream at the expense of our poor with jobs. With our limited low income housing, now is overwhelmed. Rents will rise. Schools overcrowded and you pay for this. If they are off the books, they do not pay taxes. If they are on the books, it is identity fraud, and they make too little to be taxed, like an average American, choose. Again, sales tax does not compensate for the 10K cost per child to educate. This is just to start.

    Your personal spending has been declining for decades, and it has slowed the last 2 years, but no one states this. You do not address student loan debt. Your Federal workers live pay check to pay check, when they work and this is the future of America? You talk about socialism, but the rich will flee or find loop holes and we the middle class pays for your idiotic ideas.

    I told you Google shapes opinion as they herd opinion covertly. This is where there idea is seen is your idea in your head. Did you speak on the Virginia Governor on why he wore a KKK hood on his yearbook page? His hatred of Blacks would not allow him to wear black face. Again I state, if you are willing to allow a KKK hood and a black face on your page, no way are you the black face. As that the prank would say is that you, the nigger? This is the Truth. You are a cheerleader as you have no new ideas, but read from a script. Words to not translate into actions.

   They just spoke about El Paso. With an economic decline, you really think Mexicans would not walk across an open border in an city? This is why 40 million are here. Another point, we were told the US would become was the number one oil and gas producer. No one has bragged, when this was in place for several years. The media only confirmed this after the election, no matter the alterations on the web. Socialism is Communism, it does not work. That is the bottom line. As for the US sending in troops to Venezuela, no, let them fall as to create a new puppet. All will revolt when state oil goes to western corporations. This is the plan of the elite.

    The Democrats are trying to change safety nets to a transfer of wealth, this is socialism. I ask, you invite the world, but you can not pay your own bills. I told you are being herded and you are screaming let them ion and we will pay. The funny thing almost all of you are living pay check to pay check with a good job. This is hat you fail to realize? By the way, I told you Hillary is a traitor to this country, and Trump is the only one that can not be compromise by the antichrist. That is the bottom line. As for the LGBT community, they will be saved or destroyed, it is their decision. All that is in Revelation is true, beware.

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