Political Snap Shot

Corona Virus Update


Written Feb. 07 2 pm EST


   As the world faces the Coronavirus epidemic (soon to be pandemic) letís examine why. What your nations are telling you, is a lie. The common Flu in the Unites States alone since October 2019 until mid Dec of the same year, has infected up to 2.5 million and hospitalizes almost 30,000, and 2500 have died. They have preventive vaccines and still cannot control it. Key question here, have they shut down cities to confine its spread? No. China has, as what they face is too terrible to reveal to the public.

   You have a false patient zero, as there where many before him miss diagnosed. The doctor who warned the general public is now dead from the disease if you believe them. He had knowledge to the start and certain details to the push back (cover-up). This is why he is dead.

   There were designed plants in the media, that the virus started at a wet market, but a disease that spreads by contact, would have exploded. What they do not tell you, is the food products were tested, but a link to the Coronavirus was not found. If so, China would have been in possession of an original sample of the virus DNA for replication to engineer a vaccine. But another country lies it has it. The virus is mutating as to not allow a vaccine to be created. This was not a biological leak from the level 4 bioengineering facility in Wuhan that escaped containment and dispersed downwind, as patients would reveal a pattern that spreads as a variant of weather that enveloped their residences. You ask, did the new world order plant this? No, as it needs the red dragon to fulfill scriptures.

   The new world order choice would to have released this mutated virus in the EU first to force consolidation of the west, then sprinkle it about the populous cities of the poor to reduce the general population of the world in a pandemic. This would have been their sinister plan.

   China has chosen to let certain cities to die in totality, many will be saved by natural immunities, but watch as they emerge, and you see an absence of old people. No one will comment, as only designed video feeds will be allowed from China showing. What they want you see, produced by what you think are rogue citizens telling the truth. This is the reason for the lock down, as the disease is airborne spread by respiratory failure of the lungs, and contact to infected dust that adheres to general surfaces on the whole. Masks do not filter out infected airborne molecules. They are contained in the water vapor exhaled that is trapped for the most part in the masks, but evaporate over time or when discarded over time. Flash burning in an airtight space is one way to stop reintroduction of the virus into the atmosphere. This is localized and explains how there is an increase rate of infections on cruise ships, but not explosive. The disease spreads, but also is inhibited by cold temperatures of the air condition systems, that allows some air to return in a closed loop system, rather then cool totally new humid air. Correct this and the disease that spreads will be minimized.

   What is not being revealed, is that there are many that are natural carriers, who are immune. And the disease also adheres to larger particulates that expands the spread slowly. So what does this mean? You can spread the disease, but never exhibit symptoms. As for the large particulates a simple touch from a weak immune system, gives no trace as to the source. This is your nightmare. Just know it is the Angel of Death that is behind this, and your archaic science and beliefs, will not offer answer to mankind. Fall to your knees and honor your Creator. This event will stop, but only by the mercy of God. Heed this as others more severe will follow.

   Tens of thousands have died in China and is hidden by design by all nations. The numbers coming out are suppressed, as to show in is under control. China is out of testing kits, so many that are infected will die without being tested. The WHO is lying, and outsiders are not allowed to access the severity of this plague. This will be behind the decline of infected and deaths in what is a pandemic. Tokyo is only concerned with the attendance of the Olympics. They will lie. No one shuts down cities for deaths under a thousand, does the US with the Flu? Few are being cured and deaths under reported, the End Times are here and this is just the start.

   FYI do not think drought to rainfall in one day that amounts to months is a God sent. Just wait as locusts will scourge your lands.


   Now lets focus on the political situation in America. First, I told you Pelosi prays to another, as she is not talking to Jesus or the Father as Romney. Cuomo, the mafia went to church and prayed. They are new world order. Deep reflection, really did you, Romney atone for the thousands of lives, you destroyed in your corporate takeovers, as satan blessed you with millions and power? I told you, if you lie to America using the name of God, as you push the agenda of the new world order, you will suffer. So be it. Like pharaoh, you are an idiot, as the signs are before you, have been ignored.

   Your fate (soul) and those associated with you, has been sealed. You made a choice that affected many others again. I, as authorized by the Almighty, was to deliver to you, this message. As He alone is the author of life, and His Son oversees Judgment of this world. I am only a messenger. You will be an example, and hopefully fewer souls shall be lost in your blunders. You will have nightmares as to your future, and you will cower in fear, as to when it will happen. Can you change, yes, but you wonít.

   So what do we have in this election process, as the corrupt DNC that delayed the results of the Caucuses by design with a failed app insiders hacked. So we are to believe with thousands of volunteers and a little over 200 thousands votes, especially the last 7% takes days. Now an extended offer to re-canvass to suppress that most see as an election filled with fraud? Buttigieg was told, he was going to beat Bernie in advance. That was why he declared victory. They key was for him to gain momentum. How, by with holding the total vote.

   The big Mo was he was beating Bernie by a margin and by holding back key districts that would show a virtual tie, that would have pushed Bernie in Hew Hampshire. So with the subtle vote manipulation, there was an acceptable .1% difference. He just like Hillary, which is true, did get the popular vote. The hope is, no recount as Bernie closed the gap. What a plan, and you are going to vote for these guys! You want to stop the fraud, send a copy of the vote card back to those who cast it. It only took 10,000.

   Just a side note, if they have run your cities and now most are cesspools of life, why let them take this nation down the same road? Nothing has changed since the sixties, but you hear words of Hope. They hope the message of Russians stick. They hope you look pass how the Clintons and Bidens got rich selling influence. They hope you look pass cities that crime is rampant, rents out of control, drinking water tainted and poor schools. This is the future they offer you.

   The present mission in the DNC is to stop Bernie, first a Jew and then a socialist. Just know socialism is based on communism. You are adapting the same system of the Bear and Dragon, and do not even know it. Yes this nation has elements of racism, and no Republican is voting for him, period. He will win New Hampshire and place strong in Nevada, South Carolina will destroy Bernie, Warren and Buttigieg. Biden will see some life, then fade who is corrupt as his son profited in the Ukraine, and all know it. Warren who advanced her life by exploiting a native American Heritage. Buttigieg is a sacrificial lamb as the Black and Latino vote deeply Christian, and are not shifting to the rainbow, and the Party knows this. Excitement will not win an election, neither a media preaching to the vulnerable who trusts, what you call wisdom. This is the current plan of the new world order and its tentacle the DNC. Just know the Almighty destroy 2 cities for homosexuality, elect a gay president, and this nation falls by the hand of God. This is a promise.

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