Political Snap Shot



Written Feb. 8 2am EST

   I will say this. Proceed with your investigation against Trump and his family. Collusion with Russia, will be dismissed. Those certain insiders were recommended to Trump by the RNC, as he was new with no political connections or a serious political plan for attaining the presidency. They are now proven guilty for crimes before the campaign. Many have and will be prosecuted. But you in the media, have yet, to connect the dots.

   Manafort went to the Ukraine to secure a deal, that would enrich him and the Podestas. He was along with many others, were placed in the Trump Administration just in case he won. As an insider, he was one of many sources that leaked. You know some of the others.

   This why Mueller, gave the Podestas immunity to talk, hoping to bring down Trump. Mueller was played. As he gave up the true crimes of Manafort and the DNC to get to Trump. This has failed. And Trump will complete his task, slowing the new world order plan to globalize the United States.

   I told you the black face scandal would expand. It has expanded across both parties, but it shows the Democrats, as hypocrites. When it is one of their own, they protect them, just like in the 1950ís when they protected Jim Crow. This is a fact. What so funny, is that one of their own is caught wearing the KKK hood and racists support Trump who does not behave that way, is seen as the same.

    Racists, I think you need to support your new leader, Northam, as he embraces the hood which he wore, and Trump says nothing. I told you in the Democratic Party, they have refined the art of hiding racism, in the deep south they tell you, where you stand as a person in your face. I would rather know someone hates me, than someone who stands up for minorities in public, but mocks and laughs about me, behind closed doors.

   They offer help, that does not advance. Over 50 years, and nothing has changed! This is what you have, and Black people have still not, figured this out. In the past, a single black mother could work at an entry level job in the sixties, and support 4 children, that is not possible now. What is being offered now is a lie, and will only get worse as you pay for illegals. We can save the world, but we save home first.

   The media is promoting, that the findings on the Russian Collusion by the Mueller team, it will not be released. Trump wants the files released to the American Public, why is that? What the Mueller team has found, is that many in Trumpís inner circle recommended by the RNC, had prior crimes, and this is what you see in the media. The Democrats know this, and will fight hard to keep Muellerí findings secret, thus creating an element of doubt.

    So what was going on in the Ukraine, that Podesta and Manafort were so interested in? With the fall of Crimea, the Ukraine wanted support of the United States and weapons as the Russian influence is expanding. This was seen as a win-win. Stability on the Eastern front of the EU and kickbacks from the military complex for weapons sales to the Ukraine. It was all about the money. With Hillary destined to win the 2016 election, Podesta sent Manafort a Republican as not to lead back to the DNC to secure the deal. If caught Podesta had deniability, which he used, and you the media are none the wiser. The problem, Trump won.

   Manafort was placed in the Trump inner circle as a control. The DNC and RNC answer to one, the global elite. Trump was told to clean house, as those placed there, was for his demise. He listened, and this is why some were forced out. Manafort was thrown under a bus, by Podesta, and Mueller got nothing promised. So he was made an example for his crimes, that all look the other way in past, until now.

   Let me repeat, the few ads, several thousand dollars worth in social media, that few saw, did not compromise our election system. The hacking of the company, that provides the software controlling some voting systems, does not mean Russians affected the vote. You were told over and over again, the transfer of votes from polling places to the state capitals that counts. It is by dedicated secure telecommunication lines, not connected to the internet, and cannot be hacked. Trump is guilty by association, that is it. These are the lies, you are fed by your media.

   I repeat, and consider this a gift, remove the top three in Virginia, or the release of racial or financial information that shall bring down many others, will accelerate. This is your choice, to change, or see many more fall, to where it hurts on both sides. And to make a point, the Almighty will start with Ginsberg and call her home. As this is His right as God the Father and another woman of power will also fall. You are out of control.

   You in the media keep bringing up Nixon in comparison to Trump. Nixon orchestrated a break in at Watergate. Trump is being labeled guilty by association. There is a difference, as no proven crime was committed. In America, all are innocent until proven guilty, but you in the media, do not seem to understand this.

   Ocasio, today you pushed the new green deal, and the idiots that they are, jump on, not considering the details of the plan. So Booker and Warren experienced politicians are going to back a plan shot down by Pelosi with shade, as a feather in their march to the presidency. Please let us know more, followers. By the way Ocasio, Pelosi stopped your appointment to a powerful committee, just to put you in your place. And you thought once in office, you would be treated fairly, wake up out of your illusion, they are using you, unless you displace them. Good luck.

   So lets look at the effects of the new green deal. How will you deal with the tens of millions in America displaced, that cannot be retooled? Who is going to reeducate the rest of the world to stop climate change as if it only us, your efforts are worthless. How will you deal with the Middle East, as the elite of the Arab nations will inspire the people to say, death to America as their main source of income stops? What their options in a desert? What about the greed of the oil corporations, trillions over time. What about countries like Indonesia, Venezuela, and Nigeria with few options? Financially enslaving mankind to control, and you think, as a little pup in Congress, is going to change the world? Get in their way, you will not get reelected or worse. Yes, they were surprised you won, and it was allowed to continue, but Pelosi will continue to muzzle you as a threat to her power. Try and buck it, and you will get a visit, just like Obama. Build allies first and when a weakness occurs, pounce.

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